Stardew Valley Prismatic Jelly Location Where to Find the Prismatic Slime

Stardew Valley is here with the new 1.5 update that brought a new community board with a special delivery quest to keep your journey active in the Valley, the Wizard wants a Prismatic Jelly, So what is this Prismatic Jelly? How can you get the Stardew Valley Prismatic Jelly Location and where can you find the Prismatic Slime within the game? All these questions will be answered in this article, but before we move on to the answers, let’s talk a bit about Prismatic Jelly & Slime.

Stardew Valley is an open-ended country-life RPG game. In this game, you have been assigned your grandfather’s old farm plot Stardew Valley. You are given a few coins and some tools, your goal as a player is to overturn this overgrown field into a thriving home. But with every new update, there are new and challenging quests that are waiting for you and one of them is the Prismatic jelly for the Wizard’s list for endless experiments.

Stardew Valley Prismatic Jelly Location Where to Find the Prismatic Slime

Stardew Valley Prismatic Jelly Location Where to Find the Prismatic Slime

Before we get to the location of the Prismatic Slime, first we have to know about it, Prismatic Slime is a unique monster in the game that can be found in the Mountain Mines, Quarry Mines, and even in the Skull Cavern. They do not exist until you accept the Wizard’s request so that you can collect them and get the Special ORder board in return.

This might sound easy but it isn’t. All the Prismatic Slime have varying difficulties and that depends on the area or the floor level you are in the game. The weapons you have might feel very weak in the first season to hit these monsters but as you progress through the game, your weapon will change and you will get the Galaxy Sword or the Infinity Blade or the Hammer to vanish out these monsters.

Stardew Valley Locations for the Prismatic Slime

You have only seven days to find the Prismatic Slime as once you accepted the Wizard’s request to get the Prismatic SLime, you will be given seven days and it is no surprise that most of the Stardew Player will rush to get this slime, and get the reward from the Wizard. But, if you know exactly where you can find these PRismatic Monsters you can have a great chance of getting the Prismatic Slime before other player gets it.

To get the Prismatic Slime players have to go to the Mountain Mine and you have to make sure that you have reached level 115 before you accept the Wizard’s request. However, you can see the Prismatic Sliem randomly before level 95 but only after you take the Wizard offers.

To find the Prismatic Slime Quickly first of all, go to the elevator and jump to levels 95, 105, and 115 from floor zero. These are the best place to go to get a good chance of finding Prismatic Slime as these are the proven location for it. If you do not find the Prismatic SLime on these levels, you have to try again as these Prismatic Slime are very random and there is a chance that once you try again you will be able to find this Slime in no time.

Once you complete the task of finding the Prismati Slime you have to go to the WIzard’s tower ad get the 5000 g and a Monster Musk recipe. This recipe increases the spawn rate of enemies in the local caves, skull Cavern or the Quarry Mine. Monster Musk is very useful if you are finishing the Monster Eradication Goals or extracting the Ectoplasm from Ghost.

How to Get Prismatic Jelly in Stardew Valley

To get the Prismatic Jelly, you will need the Prismatic Slime as we have already mentioned above how you can get the Prismatic Slime once you see the Prismatic Slime, hit it whatever the weapons you have until it mow down. Once the Prismatic Slime is killed, you will get the rainbow jar of the Prismatic Jelly.

The Prismatic Jelly will be picked automatically if you have the room in your backpack.  You have to be careful near these Prismatic slimes as these creatures are very tough and you will need a strong weapon to shoot them down. If you do not have a strong weapon, go to the Marlon at the Adventure Guild and purchase a good weapon to kill the Prismatic Slime.

Are Prismatic Slime rare?

So you have difficulty finding the Prismatic Slime and it makes you wonder, are these slimes really rare. So the answer is both yes or no as these are completely based on luck. You can find the Prismatic Slime even on the first try or you might take 7 days to get it. However, the rarity of you getting the Prismatic Slime is over 1% and also depends on your daily luck.


This was all about the Prismatic Slime and the Prismatic Jelly in the Stardew Valley. This article has talked about everything from the location of the Prismatic Slime to the chances of you getting it.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that, even after getting no slime on the first try, you should not let yourself down and you should try again as there might be lucky slime waiting for you. Hoping that this article was helpful.

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