All Starfield Constellation Missions and Rewards

Looking for a list of all the Starfield Constellation missions and rewards? Starfield, the newest space exploration game has been gaining massive popularity since its recent release, with some reviews claiming that the game is “out of this world.” The action RPG has an expansive open world with over a thousand planets, and you will be able to build a settlement on any of them. As you explore the galaxy, you will come across plenty of non player characters who will assist you on your journey, and some of them are part of a faction. In this guide, we will take you through the list of all Starfield Constellation missions and rewards.

In the game, you will be able to explore both fictional and real planets, and they even have moons. This is paradise for a space lover, as you can basically build a life in this game. There are all sorts of resources that you can collect from these planets and build your very own settlement. After customizing your character to your preferences, you can add traits to make your protagonist feel unique before you send them on missions, which all factions will offer you for rewards. One of them is the Constellation faction, so without further ado, let’s find out what the Starfield Constellation missions and rewards are.

What are the Starfield Constellation Missions and Rewards?

All Starfield Constellation Missions and Rewards 1

As you embark on your journey across the Milky Way, you will come across several factions, which have missions for you to complete. By going through these faction quest lines, you will be able to gain plenty of XP and credits for yourself, so they are definitely worth doing. The Constellation faction is one such faction which allows you to complete tasks for them.

There are five factions in Starfield, which are Crimson Fleet, United Colonies, Ryujin Industries, Freestar Collective, and lastly, the Constellation, which is what we are discussing in this guide. In fact, this particular faction is the most important group of them all in Starfield. The Constellation has missions which are considered to be the main story quest of the game. There are 19 missions waiting to be completed, so let’s go through them one by one and check out what the rewards for completing them are.

Full List of Starfield Constellation Missions and Rewards

1. One Small Step: Upon discovering an ancient artifact related to interstellar travel and unfolding the main story, you will receive 400 XP, 8,000 credits, a Lodge Key, and a Constellation Pack.

2. The Old Neighborhood: After rescuing Moara, a missing member of the Constellation, from pirates and finding the Beta artifact, you will receive 400 XP, 8,000 credits, a Constellation space suit, and a Constellation space helmet.

3. Back to Vectera: Upon saving companions Barrett and Heller from the Crimson Fleet, you will receive 6,000 credits.

4. The Empty Nest: After traveling to a planet, facing a hostage situation, and gaining the maps of the Chi Artifact to join the Freestar Collective, you will receive 7,200 credits and a Modified calibrated rattler.

5. Into the Unknown: By helping Vladimir and Andreja find two ancient artifacts on different planets and unlocking the new ability The Powers, you will receive 9,500 credits and an updated map.

6. All That Money Can Buy: Accompany Walter Stroud to meet a seller of cosmic artifact parts and learn about the Starborn to earn 400 XP.

7. Starborn: Upon learning about the history and motivations of the Starborn and delivering artifacts to Constellation Headquarters, you will receive 5,000 XP and a Calibrated Constellation Space Helmet.

8. Further into the Unknown: While the Starborn try to stop you from traveling to find cosmic artifacts and questioning the Constellation’s purpose, you will earn 750 XP and 7,200 credits.

9. Short Sighted: After repairing The Eye, a Constellation ship, and learning new skills, you will earn 700 XP, a Semi-metallic wafer, a Tau Grade Rheostat, and a Microsecond regulator.

10. No Sudden Moves: By persuading or using force on Captain Vladimir Petrov’s scow ship to get a cosmic artifact, you will earn 750 XP.

11. High Price to Pay: After choosing between defending the Lodge or going to The Eye, removing the cosmic artifacts from Constellation Headquarters, and storing them elsewhere, you will earn 800 XP, 11,800 credits, and a Calibrated Constellation Pack.

12. Missed Beyond Measure: By conducting a dignified funeral for those who died during the Starborn attacks and enhancing the use of dialogue, you will earn 750 XP.

13. Unity: After making a journey to Sanctum Universum, learning about the Starborn’s intentions and origins, and receiving a clue for finding answers, you will earn 800 XP.

14. In Their Footsteps: By finding out more about the danger of the artifacts and going on two missions, you will earn 750 XP and a Lunar Base Key.

15. Unearthed: After finding NASA on the old Earth, unraveling clues, and learning about the dangers of space-jumping technology, you will earn 4,500 XP and 11,400 credits.

16. Final Glimpses: By finding out more about the cosmic objects and investigating a distress signal, you will earn 800 XP.

17. Entangled: After discovering a laboratory where time works differently, investigating, exploring, fighting, and finding the Lambda artifact, you will earn 800 XP and 10,200 credits.

18. Revelation: By manipulating and using temporal anomalies to fight several enemies on the planet Massada III and retrieving the last cosmic artifact, you will earn 5,000 XP.

19. One Giant Leap: Upon assembling all the pieces and creating the Unity, exploring the phenomenon to see the possibilities ahead is your reward.


That’s all for our guide on all the Starfield Constellation Missions and Rewards. Now that you know what each mission entails, you should have an easier time navigating through the quest line. The Constellation faction is part of the main game experience at Starfield, so make sure not to miss out on it. We hope that this guide helped you figure out the questline and Starfield Constellation Missions and Rewards. Don’t forget to check out more of our guides on the newly released Starfield on our page.

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