Fix: Starfield New Atlantis Ship Technician Vendor Missing Bug

We all know that Starfield is a game of things like Spaceships, Stars, and similar relating to Space. Here since the release, the game has showcased numerous additions to the players. But especially for ships, the New Atlantis Shipyard made a huge contribution. If you don’t know Atlantis is a city in the Alpha Centauri Star System, known as a major political power in the game. You will be surprised to know that this is the major ship provider in this game. You will see Ships like Constellation give birth from this Shipyard too.

Apart from having such a privileged Shipyard, we have plenty of customization features that all happen with Technician. But hurdling with the customization feature, in the last few days players found a bug with it. They are saying that when they want to design their ship in line with the Technician, he disappears from there. For this thing, developers have not made any clarifications. But Yes noting down the probable causes we find a few reasons why it happens. Meanwhile, here we will guide you to fix this bug.

Fix: Starfield New Atlantis Ship Technician Vendor Missing Bug

Fix: Starfield New Atlantis Ship Technician Vendor Missing Bug

Being a bug, for sure there is a concern from the developer’s end only but if it can be resolved from the user side then it would be more perfect. Because who knows when developers will address this bug and provide a permanent solution? On that note, we tried to figure out the most possible causes and found that problems with your device, corrupted game files, and outdated updates, are the major root cause. In contrast to this, we have around 5 possible fixes that you can try and fix this bug at least until an official patch. So, let’s look up each of them one by one.

Attempt a Fresh Start

The foremost thing to deal with a bug is to restart the entire process from scratch. However, it does not mean you lose your In-game progress. And you will be surprised to know that some players do the same thing and they got this bug fixed. Meanwhile as a priority, first save your game progress and restart the game to run the programming without any lag.

Look for Game Updates

Another possible reason that indicates towards bug could be Game Updates. Because mostly such games are updated automatically. But if somehow it is left outdated then such a game version starts showing problems with native game actions. Like here Ship Technician is missing. So, look for Game updates and accordingly install that newly found update and check whether the bug is resolved or not.

Verify the integrity of Game Files

The third thing you can look for is game files. Because In any manner your game files got corrupted or not in line with the game actions then it also shows concern like Ship Technician vendor not appearing. For that matter, you should do is verify the integrity of Game Files. So that the game can sync with the required files and maybe if any file relating to Ship Technician is missing can resolve such a bug. If you don’t know how to verify game files then follow these steps.

  1. Launch the Steam Client on your PC.
  2. Then look for Starfield in the library.
  3. Next, right-click on it and select properties.
  4. Now Click on the local files tab and then verify the integrity of game files.
  5. That’s it, you are done.

Make a visit to another place

This is not a logical fix as the previous ones but we added this in our guide because it is a proven fix. Some players tested and found that while getting Ship Technician vendor does not appear in the game. After that such players visit to another location and again back to such Ship Technician vendor place. The bug will be more likely to be resolved. In case you don’t find any fix from previous solutions and must try this hack.

Teleport Ship Technician vendor location

With this fix, you will for sure succeed however you need attention over there. Here we are using a command to teleport you to the Ship Technician vendor location and such a command will work on the console or PC. Meanwhile, especially console players have the right way to resolve the bug. All you need to do is use the teleport command and run it to fix the issue. To understand more closely follow the below steps and fix this annoying bug.

  1. Simply, Open your console.
  2. Then type the command “player.moveto 1767422“.
  3. As a result, you will teleport you to the Ship Technician’s location.
  4. That’s it, you will see the bug has been fixed now.

Besides that queue of solutions, if any user still facing the same bug then at last you have the only option is to raise a help request to Bethesda Support. They will certainly guide you better or may suggest the exact solution, after all the permanent solution will be rolled out from their end only. I hope you understand what we have shared with you. So, with that set even after this if any user has a query with the above fixes then feel free to ask them below.

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