Steam Deck Internet Keeps Disconnecting, How to Fix?

Having a Steam Deck allows you to connect to the internet and play your favourite online multi-player games. However, sometimes you may experience poor internet or WIFI connection issues while playing games. It can easily ruin your winning moment or a good running game. This is a common problem in Steam Deck. Know how to fix Steam Deck Internet Keeps Disconnecting?

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Reasons Why Your Steam Deck Keeps Disconnecting

There can be several reasons for your Steam Deck disconnecting from your Wi-Fi abnormally.

  1. Faulty cable – If you are using a wired connection to your router, properly examine that the cable is not faulty. If it is then exchange it for a good one.
  2. Distance between router and Steam Deck – Your router may be too far away from your Steam Deck at the time of gaming, so it can not send a proper signal. In this case, you should sit near your Steam Deck.
  3. Too many devices connecting to your Wi-Fi – This can happen if you have multiple phones, tablets, or laptops all connected at once. If this is happening then you will need more bandwidth or remove the devices from the network.
  4. Network interference – If you are living in a densely populated area, or if there are other networks nearby, then signals of your router become too weak to maintain a good connection with your Steam Deck.

These are the most common cause of disconnection of your Steam Deck from the internet.

Methods to fix Steam Deck Internet Keeps Disconnecting

1. Check your network connection

If your Steam Deck isn’t connecting to the internet, check that it has an active internet connection first. Try connecting directly to your modem or router with an Ethernet cable and see if that works.


If so, then there might be something wrong with your network configuration or settings. Users have reported having better luck using Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi for their Steam Decks.

2. Check your cable connections

If your cable modem is plugged into the wall with a power adapter instead of plugged into an unswitched outlet, try plugging it directly into the wall instead of using an extension cord or power strip.


Make sure that all cables are securely connected on both ends and that they are not frayed or damaged in any way as frayed cables can reduce performance.

3. Change to a Different Network

While connected to a particular network, like their home Wi-Fi, some users reported experiencing Steam Deck Wi-Fi not working or disconnecting. However, when the network is changed, the issue disappears. You can see if Steam Deck downloads games more quickly if you switch to a mobile data hotspot instead of using your home or office network. Proceed to the next solution if you still experience Wi-Fi not working or disconnecting in Steam Deck.

4. Improve Your Wi-Fi Speed

If you are having problems connecting to Steam Deck Wi-Fi, you may be able to solve it by moving your router closer to your Steam Deck, so you will receive strong signals and be able to reconnect to your Steam Deck. Choose a wireless device that operates on the 5GHz band rather than the 2.4GHz band.

5. Change Channel on Your Router

Users who are experiencing Steam Deck Wi-Fi not working or disconnecting issues have tested and recommended changing the channel on their router. In those areas where wireless devices and routers compete with each other for the same frequencies, you can improve your wireless performance by following this process.

You can change the channel on your router by following these steps:

  • From your web browser, log in to your router page.
  • Change the channel of your router by choosing the wireless band (3GHz or 5GHz) from the menu.
  • For your chosen frequency, click on Wireless Settings.
  • From the Channel option, a drop-down menu will appear.
  • Then select Save to create a new channel.
  • Now, check if Steam Deck Wi-Fi is not working or disconnecting issue gets fixed or not.
  • Also, if you are still facing Wi-Fi not working or disconnecting issues, then you can try the other channels or choose the default one.

6. Disable Wi-Fi Power Saving Mode

It was reported on Reddit that disabling the Wi-Fi power-saving mode fixed Steam Deck Wi-Fi problems.

Here are the steps you need to follow since it’s a tried and tested solution:

  1. In Settings, right under the “Library” settings, you’ll find Developer Mode, which you need to enable first.
  2. There is an option for Wi-Fi Power Saving in the Developer Mode tab.
  3. After you disable it, check whether Steam Deck Wi-Fi does not work or disconnects.

7. Contact Steam Deck

You should contact Steam Deck and ask them to perform the necessary repairs to the console if the Wi-Fi on Steam Deck is not working or disconnects after performing the above fixes and force rebooting.

So, that’s all for today. For more troubleshooting guides, follow GetDroidTips!

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