How to Switch Bluetooth Device from Control Center on iPhone and iPad

Apple iOS 13 comes with significant improvement such as the Control Center functionality such as the toggle feature, which allows you to change or switch Bluetooth quickly, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode among other small windows over the primary app. Meanwhile, the main focus on iOS 13 is to adopt the Dark Mode, and Network switching allows users to quickly enable Bluetooth without opening the Setting app on your device.

Whereas, the iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 gives you an option to toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Setting to control open setting directly. There were some small changes. Nobody likes to exit their primary app and then open the setting to just open Bluetooth settings on their device. Likely, this feature can be easily accessible with the Control. If you are owned an iPad Pro and iPhone X series, then you need to pull-down from the right to open Control Center, and If you are on Older devices, then you need to pull-up from bottom to access Control Center.

How to Switch or Change Bluetooth Device quickly on iOS 13?

Switch Bluetooth device

  1. Open the “Control Center” on your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Then, touch and hold the four-icon platter to expand.
    (It placed on the top-left side of the device, Keep in mind that the long-press is not related to force touch instead it means Haptic touch on iOS 13 replaced with 3D touch.)
  3. Now, the icon for Bluetooth appears alongside Mobile Data, Wi-Fi and Airplane Mode.
  4. Touch and Long press the Switch Bluetooth device “Bluetooth icon” to open a screen for Bluetooth.
  5. Choose the Bluetooth device and Tap to connect or Switch Bluetooth devices.
    (Currently connected Bluetooth device will be at the top on the list of Bluetooth network.)
  6. If you want to switch networks, then click on the network that you want to connect.
    (it switches with newer Bluetooth device immediately.)
  7. That’s it.

Open Bluetooth device setting with Control Center Quickly?

Switch Bluetooth device

It is quite similar to Bluetooth switching but with just a small tweak.

  1. Open the “Control Center” on your iPhone or iPad.
    (Swipe-down from upper-right on iPhone X or iPad Pro and Swipe-up from the bottom on older devices.)
  2. Touch and hold on the four-icon platter in the top-left to expand it.
  3. Then, Touch and hold on the “Bluetooth icon.”
  4. Then the Bluetooth device appears in a small window, tap to connect with that device.
    (Click on Bluetooth setting… to visit the Bluetooth Setting page without the opening Setting app or exit app on your device.)
  5. Where you have more advance settings to control Bluetooth devices.
  6. That’s it, and an exit will not revert to the home screen; instead, it remains on the primary app open that you left while opening Control Center.

It seems to be a handy feature as it delivers more conveniently, While some feature is ditched such as the auto-brightness from Control Center. Where you can’t be able to enable or disable the auto-brightness from Control Center. However, the Bluetooth Quick toggle is one of the most awaited features on iOS for several apps. Now you don’t longer have to exit the app to connect or disconnect Bluetooth device from setting.

Hopefully, we assume that the article is helpful for you. Noteworthy, Airplane Mode turns off the connectivity such as the Wi-Fi, Cellular and Bluetooth connectivity unless you turn on them again while in Airplane mode. We assume that you can now access the quick toggle on the control panel. We like to know your thoughts or if any queries let us know in the comment section down below.

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