T-Mobile OnePlus 6T Android 10 update is coming soon

We all remember OnePlus 6T made its grand entry last year in the US by teaming up with T-Mobile.  OnePlus has been immensely successful with all its devices. Now that OnePlus is getting busy with rolling Android 10 updates for its global variants of OnePlus 6T, the T-Mobile users are wondering when the T-Mobile OnePlus 6T Android 10 update will drop.

Well, let’s break this good news to the T-Mobile users.  On its support page for OnePlus 6T, T-Mobile has confirmed that Android 10 for the device is currently under development. OnePlus is working on the update. We have a screengrab of the support page of OnePlus 6T.

T-Mobile OnePlus 6T Android 10 update

As you can see the Android is under development phase. Next, it will begin the testing phase once development is over. We may expect beta rollouts to a few selected users in the testing. After that, the stable Android 10 update should roll out to T-Mobile OnePlus 6T.

OnePlus did push the Android 10 to OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro earlier. However, due to the bug issues, the rollout was stalled. It was patched with a quick hotfix software update.

We must remind you that beta software updates bring features and bugs as well. This is the reason why it is a Beta version of the software. Normally, if you use your device as a daily driver, then it’s better to wait for the stable update. In case you install Android 10 beta on a device and experience bugs then it may affect your daily activities which require the smartphone.

Android 10 will bring features like system-wide dark mode, improved gesture navigations, better privacy options for data sharing. Also, it will bring smart reply, swift security patch update via Play Store. So, T-Mobile Oneplus 6T and 7 Pro users.! brace yourselves for the upcoming Android 10 update.

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