Tell Me Why Door Combination

Dontnod Entertainment and Xbox Game Studios have come up with a new narrative adventure video game called ‘Tell Me Why‘ recently in August 2020. Although it’s only a first chapter out of three that are expected to come out by the end of this year. Now, coming to the story, twins have the supernatural bonding that they can unravel their childhood memories. This is all about unveiling the truth by going back to their past, unlocking secrets & puzzles, and shaping their future. But the one of the first Mary Ann’s Door Lock Puzzle needs to the solved. Here we’ve shared the Tell Me Why Door Combination.

Mary Ann was the mother of twins, Tyler and Alyson. She had a quite unique door lock system that twins have to unlock first to gather more information about their past. Mary Ann wrote a fairy tale book called ‘Book of Goblins’ with her kids. Now, the door lock has a riddle that can be solved by reading one of the stories from the book properly.

So, by spinning the decorative wheels on the door lock, you can open the door in the gameplay. Although for a newly released game, it’s quite hard to guess or understand the riddle, here we have provided the solution for that to save your both time and effort. Now, without further ado, let’s jump into it.

Tell Me Why Door Combination

First of all, when you reach Mary Ann’s door, you will notice that the door lock can be only opened using some kind of combinations that you may have found in the Far Cry series as well. Although there is no letter or number available, you will find some creatures drawn or painted on the wood.

Tell Me Why Door Combination

Now, it can be possible to just break the wooden door but you may not want to destroy that kind of designed door and even at your own house. So, in the memory of Mary Ann and her book, you should try to unlock the riddle in a proper way and that will also keep you interested in the whole gameplay. Isn’t it?

Now, each of the dials has five creatures or animals (image) that you should see and understand. Such as Bear, Frog, Pelican, Moose, and Muskrat. Whereas the ‘Book of Goblins’ has around 100 pages. So, this is something you may not consider to unlock a door combination. It’s better to just narrow your reading to only find out the actual points that should help you out.

Alyson does the job perfectly and goes to the “Princess’s Party” title on page 15. Here you can find out three symbols on the title page that contains the Torch, the Magic Sword, and the Bag of Coins. These three symbols are quite related to the door lock images. It indicates that:

  • The Torch can enlighten the path
  • The Magic Sword can cut anything and protect bearers
  • The Bag of Coins can always help you out when in need

What is the Solution?

Now, you will need to read more of the store to find out which of the animal friends of the Princess’s gave her gift. Then you will find that her animal friends are the Bear, the Pelican, the Moose, big Frog, and Muskrat. So, let’s dig out these animals’ nature or character first.

Tell Me Why Door Combination

  • The Bear – The Bear invited her to ride on his back, promising no wolf would harry her path
  • The Pelican – There was a buffet of seafood the Pelican had served from her never-emptying beak
  • The Moose – The air was filled with winking fairy lights the Moose had arranged
  • Big Frog – The companion-loving Frog mixed up fizzing drinks
  • Muskrat – Did nothing for the Princess

So, from this description, we can simply choose the Moose, the Bear, and the Pelican. So, as we’ve already mentioned, door lock symbols are related to the Princess’s Party title symbols.

  1. The first dial is related to the Torch and it should be The Moose (fairy lights).
  2. The Magical Sword will defend its user and it should be The Bear (protective).
  3. Finally, the Bag of Coins will always come in handy for the bearer’s needs that should be The Pelican (never-emptying).

That’s it, guys. We assume that this detailed guide was helpful to you and you’ve unlocked the Tell Me Why Door Combination. Feel free to ask in the comment section below for further queries.

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