Fix: Tesla Model Y Not Charging Issue

The Tesla Model Y is a battery electric car manufactured by Tesla, launched in March 2019. It was known for being the most famous electric car in the world with its sleek design, advanced technology features, and high performance. With the Tesla Model 3, owners can access features such as Bluetooth, Internet Connection, Wi-Fi connectivity, traffic navigation, and more. However, most Tesla Model Y owners have encountered not charging issues which can be annoying.

The owners have reported the not charging issue on several platforms, including Reddit, Twitter, etc. Thankfully, there are some possible solutions available that you can take to solve the problem easily without having any difficulty. In this guide, we will discuss why Tesla Model Y is not charging and how to fix the problem by trying the troubleshooting strategies mentioned below.

Tesla Model Y

What Reasons is Tesla Model Y Not Charging Anymore?

Tesla Model Y not charging issues is caused by several factors which prevent the proper charge. Here are some of the most frequent reasons you should know:

  • Defective Onboard Charger: A defective onboard charger is a major cause for not charging a Tesla Model Y car. If the onboard charger malfunctions, your vehicle may not be charged.
  • A Faulty Battery Pack: It’s possible that your Tesla Model Y battery pack may be faulty or damaged, which prevents the charge from not working. A damaged battery pack loses its ability to store the required energy, resulting in more than 20% loss in driving range.
  • Loose Connection: Like any other electronic gadget, your Tesla Model Y needs a strong connection to charge properly without any loose connections. The Tesla Model Y not charging issue is caused by a loose connection between the charging station and the vehicles.
  • A Blocked Charging Port: There may be a reason why your Tesla Model Y is not charging, and it seems that the Charging port is blocked by some dust and debris, which prevents it from charging. When debris blocks the Charging port, it might result in a damaged connection between the automobile and the charger.
  • Outdated Charging Software: The issue is also caused by outdated charging software. Tesla consistently provides software upgrades for the vehicle to improve performance and add features that might bring good results. In some instances, upgrades may be required to ensure compatibility with the Charging station.

Tesla Model Y Not Charging Issue, How to Fix?

If you have your own Tesla Model Y and have an issue with the Charging, don’t worry. You can easily fix the problem by trying possible troubleshooting solutions, which may help you. So, let’s have a look.

Restart Your Car’s Computer

The easiest way to resolve the Charging issue on your Tesla Model Y is to restart your car’s computer. Restarting the car may help you to solve minor bugs and glitches on the vehicle. It’s possible that your car is not charging due to software bugs and issues, and restating the car’s computer might help you. To restart your car’s computer, go to “Safety & Security” on the Tesla Model Y’s touchscreen display, and tap “Power Off.” Now, wait for a moment before the car turns back on.

Check for Loose Connection

It’s possible that your Tesla Model Y isn’t charging due to a loose charging cable which prevents it from working. To verify that the connections are secure:

  • Check the connection between the automobile and the charger.
  • Verify that the charger is properly plugged into the electrical outlet of your vehicle and there are no loose connections.
  • Unplug and re-plug the charger, make sure the connection is secure, and you can try shaking the charger cord to determine if any is loose.

You must also check the power supply and ensure the Tesla Model Y is connected to a secure connection without any loss.

Check the charging cable for any damages.

A defective charging cable might be the reason for not charging your Tesla Model Y vehicle. Make sure to check your charging cable for any defects. If any damage and faults appear, the vehicle can’t be charged anymore. You must replace the charger with a new one and ensure it is compatible with your Tesla Model Y vehicle.

You also have to check for damage to the onboard charger. A malfunctioning onboard charger is the most common reason your Tesla Model Y is not charging. Try to check your onboard charger for any damage or defects. If any damages appear, you must take your vehicle to a Tesla service centre for a comprehensive inspection and repairs.

Check the Charging port for any dirt, debris, or damage.

A secure connection between the charger and the Charging port is important for successful Charging. The Charging port is on the rear of your vehicle, covered with no usage. It’s possible that your Tesla Model Y is not charging due to debris or dust present in the Charging port. Your vehicle may be unable to charge if debris or dust obstructs the connection.

You must clean the Charging port to remove the dust and debris that may obstruct the port’s connection by detaching its cover. You can use any sharp objects or a can of compressed air to remove the debris or dust clogging the Charging port. Once you have removed the debris particles, connect the charger to the car charging port to check if the issue is resolved.

Physical Damaged Battery

Another thing you have to check out is the physical battery of your Tesla Model Y vehicle. Ensure the battery isn’t damaged or faulty, preventing it from charging. In most cases, the battery is damaged and defective, which prevents the Charging from working. Suppose the battery is physically damaged or the liquid runs out. In that case, you will have to replace the battery with a new one and ensure the battery is compatible with your Tesla Model Y vehicle.

Check for Software Updates

A software update is essential for boosting the efficiency and performance of the vehicle, and it removes any software bugs and issues for better prospects. However, you should update your software version if you are experiencing a not-charging issue on your Tesla Model Y. You must check for any available software updates.

When Tesla releases the latest software updates, a pop-up menu will appear in the middle of your car’s touchscreen with an installation choice. You may also check for the latest software updates by selecting “Software” under the “Control” option on your Tesla display.

Perform a Hard Reset

Attempting a hard reset on your Tesla Model Y is the last step if your vehicle is not charging after attempting the above-mentioned solutions. A hard reset will remove any temporary issues that might be causing the Charging issue on the Tesla Model Y vehicle. To perform a hard reset, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, ensure your car is in the park and the charger is disconnected.
  • Navigate to “Safety & Security” on the Tesla Model Y’s touchscreen display, and tap “Power Off.” Now your vehicle’s system will be rebooted.
  • Wait at least two minutes, don’t press the brake pedal, open the door, or activate any lights. These might conflict with the reset procedure.

Note: Getdroidtips members are not responsible for any damage or issues that may occur during the troubleshooting process. Always consult a certified Tesla technician if unsure about the solutions mentioned.

Contact Tesla Technical Support

Suppose you have tried the above-mentioned solutions and still have an issue with the Tesla Model Y vehicle battery. In that case, you should contact Tesla Technical Support for better resolution. In most cases, conflicts with the software or the technical components might stop charging the EV. You have to prefer the phone technical support at 1-888-518-3752. Make a call and talk to a customer support agent to describe the issue you’re facing on your Tesla Model Y.

You can also contact Tesla support via the Tesla Mobile App and make an appointment with a technician. This method should help you to solve the battery not charging issue with your Tesla Model Y.

Final Words

Tesla Model Y must charge for performing the activities and other necessary steps. You can’t access your Tesla Model Y or any computer system without Charging. However, if you are addressing an issue with the Charging on your Tesla Model Y vehicle, try the solutions mentioned above. If the issue persists, you should contact Tesla support for further assistance.

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