The Best Android Tablets For Kids In 2022

What kind of tablet do kids want? The answer is varied, just like a child’s oil painting is multi-colored. For example, my 5-year-old daughter’s requirements for the tablet are firstly a drawing board that can be a platform for drawing art; secondly, an indispensable cinema, playing Queen Elsa that it likes; and of course, the indispensable is fun Mini-games, such as playing as a doctor, playing as a model, etc.

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Another potential factor is appropriate compactness, as being too heavy and too large is a burden for children under 6 years old.

What kind of children’s tablet do parents want? In the impression that tablets are fragile, expensive gadgets, and Internet platforms without restrictions and protections, these are the challenges that parents pose to children’s tablets. More than 80% of parents want children’s tablets to be inexpensive, durable and protected, child-friendly and intellectually developed.

It is precisely because of this demand that the children’s tablet came into being. A good tablet for kids is different from a good tablet for adults: being thin, light, and fast for an kids tablet won’t be a priority.

We’ve picked out one of our favorite Android kids’ tablets here – the XGODY T88, an Android tablet that balances affordability, durability, and suitability for most young adults. And this T88 is definitely the most cost-effective Android tablet for children in 2022 that can get a surprising return on a small investment.

The best tablets for after school

Why is the XGODY T88 Tablet the best tablet for kids after school?

We noticed that T88 has built-in dual mode, and the children’s system has a dominant position in the field of tablet computers; the reason is that the children’s system – IWAWA, represented by XGODY, can be found in major e-commerce platforms. Dominance means it’s supported by most software, has super good market feedback, and easy access to tech support. The children’s system is equipped with many interesting and free functions, such as brain development, role-playing, karaoke, taking pictures, painting, etc. Of course, there are also learning APPs, such as foreign language learning, story reading, alphabet learning, mathematics, animal display, picture books and many more. These features are certified by experts and provide friendly assistance for 3 to 11 year-old.

Of course, specifications still matter

Don’t assume a kid’s tablet should be junk. Sufficient hardware specs will keep the kids at ease, after all a frustrating crash or stutter is likely to make the kids riot (my daughter is the grumpy type). And our team also recommend a larger screen size and resolution. The 8-inch, 1280-by-800-pixel display is great for watching videos and drawing, so make it a must-have benchmark.

Also pay close attention to the storage size. We recommend 32GB of storage instead of 16GB. This amount of storage enables you to install more apps and take more photos and videos. The microSD card slot serves as an ammunition backup, leaving enough room for a big movie, after all, it’s hard to find internet outdoors.

Buy more than 2GB of RAM (hint: XGODY T88 Kids Tablet is 3G RAM). This amount of RAM helps apps start and run more smoothly, especially when anything else is running in the background. Battery life is another factor to keep in mind—battery anxiety can be felt even by small children; And Amazon’s 7 or 8-inch kids tablets do the worst, typically with only work 0.5 – 1 hours.

Best Android environment for kids for kids

Android is synonymous with great value or free, and even 90% of parents feel that it is great value for money. The Android tablet will always have the most diverse apps, will grow with your kids, and can double as a pseudo-laptop for schoolwork (hint: the XGODY T88 Kids Tablet is dual mode, normal mode and kids mode). Kids Mode’s OS has more tools that allow you to monitor the tablet usage and keep tabs on which apps they’re using and for how long. The T88’s Kids Mode also features parental controls to block apps, filter content, and block purchases, which can be used to prevent your kids from spending money without your permission. More importantly, this mode is completely ad-free, which is also a necessary purchase condition for kids tablets.

The most correct choice in 2022

As a 10-year-old brand, XGODY credit is guaranteed, at least much better than those unknown or unnamed brands. And this year’s new 8-inch kids tablet from XGODY is not only cheap, it’s a patented look, with a one-piece rubber case and an unquestionable two-year warranty. As of this writing, the XGODY 8-inch Kids Tablet is just $73.99

I personally think this kids tablet is better overall than Amazon Fire, and it’s $65 cheaper.


XGODY tablet has a lovely interface, efficient parental controls, and IWAWA, which is basically a giant bucket of kids’ content. Parent Dashboard lets you track your kids’ activities and limit their screen time. You can also set up different accounts for multiple children and monitor them separately.

Why Android Ecosystem

Why is the Android system children’s tablet more suitable for children?

First of all, the price is cheap, because the children’s tablet is the same as the children’s clothes, which can usually only be used for less than 4 years, and the requirements on functions and craftsmanship are not high. So there is no need to buy an expensive tablet. Second, if you and your family are primarily using Google services and the Android environment, an Android kids tablet can seamlessly fit into the family life, and it’s not locked into Amazon services like a Fire tablet.

Of course, when it comes to children, the software part of Android applications is more diversified than Apple’s, and it is easy to achieve the desired needs.

In general, XGODY T88 Kids Table is my recommended Android tablet for children, at least on Amazon, it has absolute advantages, such as 8-inch high-definition screen, dual-mode, good environment for children, 3+32GB large configuration, Android 11 system, a variety of learning and entertainment apps, etc.

Amazon US Buy Box Link: XGODY 8-inch Android Kids Tablet

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