The Best Dota 2 Heroes of Patch 7.32d

Dota 2 is one of the most popular games on Steam. It has more than 440.000 average concurrent players and a community of around 10 million people Several times each year, the game is changed radically by a new patch. This changes the meta and the strength of each professional team. If you bet on Dota 2 tournaments, you probably know this from personal experience. The heroes that you can pick can be buffed or nerfed, which forces you to adopt new playstyles or learn new heroes.

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Here are some of the best heroes of Dota 2 patch 7.32d.

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Razor is currently picked in around 13.5% of all games played by the Dota 2 community. His win rate is 54.8%, which clearly shows that you’re much more likely to win with this hero than lose.

Razor’s main strength comes from his ability to bully his opponents during the laning stage and then neutralize a key physical damage dealer from the enemy team during massive team fights.

Razor’s Static Link puts him at a huge advantage against any melee hero that doesn’t have a way to blink away or create a big enough distance to break the link. Often, people pick Anti-Mage, Slark, or Morphling against Razor because they all have ways of doing this. Drow Ranger is also a decent counter because of her Gust.

One of Razor’s greatest powers is his movement speed. If you buy Boots of Travel, and you absolutely should, you’ll move at incredible speeds during the early stages of the game, which basically means that nobody can escape your wrath.

When you want to play Razor, it’s a good idea to pick either 4th or 5th. That way, the enemy team will not be able to heavily counter you. It can be very frustrating to have a hero that excels at destroying melee enemies with poor escape mechanisms, only to be required to play against ranged heroes or blinking ones.

Ask your teammates to pick before you and then hope that the enemy side doesn’t pick Razor before you do.


Spectre is highly picked at the moment and her win rate is close to 54.4%. The KDA ratio of this hero at the community level is 4.4, which is absolutely huge.

Spectre’s popularity and win rate have exploded after the last few subpatches, mainly because of the Blade Mail buffs. The item is naturally good on Spectre and the buffs made it even better. At the moment, even without using its active, Spectre will deal around 50% of the damage dealt to her as passive return damage.

When you play Spectre, you need to be prepared for a tough laning phase followed by a lot of bullying between the 10 and 20 minute mark. If you can survive this stage of the match and not lose all of your tier-2 towers, your odds of winning increase dramatically.


This hero thrives in the mid and late game, when the battles take many seconds to conclude and every bit of reflected damage makes it more likely for the enemy team to lose the big fights.

In the past, people used to buy Radiance on this hero. But nowadays, going for a Manta Style and a Diffusal Blade seems to be a much better idea. Of course, you should buy these items after purchasing your Blade Mail and perhaps something that gives you health regeneration.

A big mistake made by Spectre players is to invest early on in a Black King Bar. This is a bad idea because your goal should be to absorb as much damage as possible. Don’t buy evasion and don’t buy magic immunity. Buy stats and resistances and you will be unkillable.


People used to completely ignore this hero, especially above the Legend level. And that’s because his farming abilities were terrible. But now that his toolkit got buffed and his favorite item, Diffusal Blade, costs only 2500 gold, Riki is a terrifying hero to play against.

When you play Riki yourself, seek to make optimal use of his invisibility and Smoke Screen. If you can use his abilities well, Riki is a very broken hero that simply cannot be countered in the early game. Teams often need to coordinate really well to bring you down and even then it’s difficult.

At the moment, Riki is picked in 11.4% of the games and his win rate is 54.6%. The KDA score is amazing: 4.0. All of these statistics indicate that Riki is a great choice for the carry role. You can also play it in a different role but the effectiveness is not that great. Being a physical damage dealer, this hero is much stronger if your networth is high.

Other games, such as League of Legends, have their own share of broken heroes. Dota 2 has its own and Riki ranks high on that list, at least for now. He can transform a regular match into a game of Vampire Survivors.

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