The Biggest Mobile Esports

Whilst it may not be the ideal gaming platform, mobile gaming has been growing from strength to strength with an audience that shows no signs of slowing down as the largest gaming market in the world. It brings gaming to our hands and opens opportunities that aren’t always available on standalone platforms like PC or console. 

Mobile esports has continued to grow from strength to strength with both online and offline events being more common, with large events, bigger prize pools, and growing developer support too. We’ll take a look at some of the biggest mobile esports games on the market to help you find which are the most exciting to play, how you can bet on esports at Cloudbet in the mobile market, and what makes these mobile esports titles so popular too.

PUBG Mobile

Player Unknowns Battlegrounds was once the biggest battle royale game in the world on the PC market with, attracting huge streamers at the time like Shroud and DrDisrespect and becoming a huge competitive game in its own right. After being backed by the gaming giant Tencent, and ported across to mobile devices, the game generated a second wave of interest amongst mobile players and quickly grew to become the biggest mobile esports title in the world.

Whilst the majority of the audience for the mobile game is focused on the Asian audience, a $5 million prize pool is on offer for anyone who’d like to explore this enormous opportunity, and this enormous game.

Call of Duty: Mobile

 As another of the worlds biggest gaming franchises, it comes as no surprise that the developers have leant into the mobile market – Call of Duty is a mainstay within the first-person shooter genre and Call of Duty have been able to bridge this gap onto mobile too. Drawing out a huge audience for the CoD Mobile World Championship, it holds itself towards the top of the list as one of the most popular esports titles on mobile, and one that boasts a very competitive market.


 Battle royale games were all the rage for a few years, and whilst their popularity has waned somewhat in recent years, the biggest titles have managed to keep growing and Fortnite is one of these games, the juggernaut BR title still has a huge audience on PC and console platforms but is just as popular on mobile too whilst hosting simultaneous events. With both solo and team-based options for mobile players, it’s easy to see why this is still one of the biggest games in the world, and why it has managed to find a safe home on mobile too.


Based on the Warcraft universe developed by Blizzard Games, Hearthstone brings the classic card game experience to the mobile platform. As a turn-based card-game, the 1v1 aspect brings a lot of competition, and also offers unique options for collectors too. The game popularity has shrunk over recent years, but there’s still a huge market particularly on mobile to support Hearthstone and the chosen fans who still compete. 

With a wider demographic than ever being attracted to mobile gaming, and devices becoming more powerful to allow for more complex and complete games too, the future for mobile esports continues to look more and more exciting. As big events are now possible once again with offline events opening up, fans will once again be able to see some of the biggest events in the world open up and the best mobile esports players competing once again.

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