The Cycle Frontier Server Access Key Location

The Cycle Frontier is an online first-person shooter game where you will be subjected in a remote alien island with different dangerous creatures. Your task is to survive against all the dangerous odds and complete the missions without jeopardy. In the game, there are many doors that can be accessed with keys. Today in this guide, we will understand about The Cycle Frontier server access key location & how you can use it to open doors.

In the game, you will come across many keys, either in abandoned habitats or unmanned rockets. Most of the keys don’t have any instructions on what gate they will unlock. And the same is the issue with gates, as they don’t specify which key to use. The key which is quite difficult to find in the game is Sever access key which allows you to open rooms with treasure and other useful supplies.

The Cycle Frontier Server Access Key Location

The Cycle Frontier Server Access Key Location

The game is designed to have multiple doors which can only be opened with the right key. Sever access key also opens a highly secure door with lots of treasure and game supplies in it. Although the game is guarded by many dangerous monsters and is often visited by many players, but you can try your luck as well.

Where To Find Server Access Key

The Cycle Frontier Server Access Key Location

The server access key can be found in the Comms Tower in the game. Sometimes you will find it near the rocks, or bushes. You have to actively search in the area to pinpoint the location of the key.

Note: The game does not have any specified location where you will find the key. The Comms tower is the most probable area to find the key, however, you may find the server key in any part of the game map. In most cases, you will find the key in containers, jackets, briefcases, safes, and luggage. So make sure to check any of the items thoroughly while you explore the game map for keys.

If you don’t find the key nearby the tower, then you will find it on the first floor of the Comms Tower. There is a server room, where you will find multiple advanced equipments, and the key will be there too.

How To Use Keys To Open Doors

Once you find the server key, you can open the server door, which holds many treasures and other essential items for the game’s survival. Usually, the server key can be used in the Comms tower to open the server room gate. You will find this location on the west of Bright Sands map and the specific building of server room on the left side of the Comms Tower compound.

Once you pinpoint the location, you will find the server room on the second floor of the tower. It is a highly sophisticated area, and you might find small or vigorous creatures there, so make sure to keep a high alert.

In the server room, you can open the door which will unlock many cabinets and briefcases with valuable loot. You might also stumble upon some weapon cache or data drives that can give you insights to complete the game missions and other secret key locations.

Note: Although it is safe to open the safe key room/server room, however, there are chances that you will be visited by monsters or other players looking for the same treasure. So make sure you lock all the gates before you loot and organize your bag items.

The sever key can be used only 8 times, and its durability will reduce every time you use it. After 8 tries, the key will break permanently so make sure you keep this in mind. Once your key has been destroyed, then you have to explore the game map for another key.


This brings us to the end of this guide for finding Cycle Frontier Server Access Key Location. Please note that there are multiple keys as such in the game, so it’s quite possible that you may not find them in the location that we specified above. In such a case, please keep the search on as the key location might change, and subtle hints are given on the game’s official Twitter channel.

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