The Forest How to Drink Water and Collect Clean Water

The Forest is a survival game where a player is only left in the jungle after the plane crash. The player who survived the plane crash is now looking for his child, who was also travelling with him. But the forest in which he landed was full of cannibalistic monsters. Now, he has to survive and search for his son in The Forest.

When searching for his son in the Forest, he must survive by eating food and drinking water. But how will he do this if there are no resources? So, the players are searching for a guide by which they can know how they will survive after drinking clean water and how they will collect it. Keep on reading this guide till the end to find out about it.

Why Does The Player Need To Drink Clean Water in The Forest?

In the Forest, the player named Eric needs to save his son Timmy from being killed by cannibals. Eric will have to survive to find his son. If he is not able to survive, then he will not be able to find his son. Thus, to survive in The Forest, the player will need to eat food and drink water. However, you will have to get back to the plane to find food, as the food respawns there after a set period.

The Forest

But those who are going to explore the island will need some other sources of energy which will be Water. Yes, Water will be one of the efficient ways for you to survive in The Forest. You can also kill animals or eat berries in the game for survival but this gonna not work for a long time survival. Thus, you will need to drink clean water in that case. There are various ways through which you can collect the water which is listed below. Make sure to check them.

How To Collect and Drink Clean Water in The Forest?

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If you want to collect water and make it clean for drinking in the game, then there are various ways available for it. Below we have listed the ways, so make sure to check them.

1. Rain Water 

The first way through which you can collect the water is Rain Water Collector. In the game, you will need to create a collector for which you will need to collect four sticks and a turtle shell. Yes, the Turtle Shell will work as a collector and the four sticks will be there for putting the turtle shell on it.

For the Turtle Shell, you will have to find a turtle and kill it. Once you have killed it, then you will have to remove its shell. After removing the shell, you will be able to make the Rain Water Collector. One of the best benefits of the Rain Water Collector is that you will not need to clean it. But for the other ways, you will have to clean the water. By this rainwater collector, you will be able to get the proper amount of clean water for your survival.

2. Polluted Water

In the game, you will be able to find Polluted Water everywhere. You will need to find the location of the polluted water which is generally on the northwest of the yacht in the abandoned campsite.

Once you reach there, you will be able to find the Polluted Water. When you have found the polluted water, then you will need to clean it. It is because if you drink the polluted water directly, then it will affect your health and there will be less chance of you surviving.

To clean the water, you will need to boil it. But how? To boil the water, you must take it near the basic fire or fire pit. Once you have found any location where any of them is available, you will get an option with the icon of boiling. Press the key for it and the water will start boiling.

Once the water is boiled, the toxin and bacteria will be removed from the water and now it will be clean water, thus you can drink it without any problem. Also, it will not affect your health. So, this was the other way through which you will be able to collect and drink clean water.

3. Lake 

Another way to drink clean water is Lake. The Lake is a good source of finding clean and natural water for which you will not have to do extra things to clean it. It will be already cleaned and you will only need to press the key to drink the water from the lake.

4. Energy Drink

This is the last way through which you will be able to drink clean water. Yes, the Energy Drink is one of the efficient ways through which you will be able to drink clean water. It is because when the plane crashed, there were some energy drinks on the plane which are still available there.

You will have to find it on the plane, suitcase and floor. We know that energy drinks will be not in high quantity, but you will be able to find them and kill your thirst with them. So, this was another way to drink water.

Wrapping Up

The Forest is a horror survival game. The players are excited to explore the all-new gameplay that the developers have published. In the game, the players need to do various things like killing enemies, and animals, finding different water sources, building bases, etc. And doing all of these is very exciting for the players.

Many players were excited to learn about collecting and drinking clean water. However, they were confused about how they will do this. That’s why we came up with this post and listed all the ways above. We hope with the help of this guide; you were able to collect and drink clean water.

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