Tips To Dominate Over The DND System In Baldur’s Gate 3

When you want to dominate the DND system or any other tabletop role-playing game, it is not about exploiting the system but understanding it. Knowing the rules and strategizing them will provide you with a successful experience. However, players new to these series or only familiar with DOS and DOS2 find it pretty challenging. 

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However, of course, you should not draw direct parallels between the world of igaming and cube dnd, since at their core they are created for different purposes.

For now, let’s explore some combating tricks and techniques you can use to dominate the DND system in Baldur’s Game 3. It will also help players understand how to face the challenges of this game, which is totally different from casino games. 

Using your actions 

Well, here is the thing. You need to understand some terms first, like Action, Extra Action, and Reaction, if you are still getting familiar with operating Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. The Actions include things like casting spells, activating light sources, or using weapon abilities. 

Extra Action is nothing but additional actions you can use as a character. It includes things like jumping, drinking Potions, or shoving ability. Reactions are the special abilities that get activated when you get certain conditions. However, you can use these for a limited number of times. In short, never leave any actions on the table if you can use it. 

Know your environment 

Unlike other tactical games, the environment used in Baldur’s Gate 3 is not just a decoration but functional. You can do a lot of things here, like shooting down the lanterns, destroying the statues and bridges to reap some advantage, or facing massive damage. So, always remember every action you take against your enemy; your enemy can do the same thing if you approach without understanding your surroundings. 

Fighting a poisonous teleporting spider in a dark cave is a perfect example of using your surroundings strategically. There is a lot of environmental difficulty in the early access build right now, making winning difficult if you are not prepared enough. 

Exploring the other alternatives

This is the most important factor that will help you succeed in this game. You don’t need to always fight to win the game; instead, you can turn your enemies against each other or simply try to solve one problem with another. Fighting should always be your last weapon to use. 

There are lots of spells and abilities that you can use beyond combat, like setting up schemes or breaking down doors. In some cases, the right ability can even make traps and beasts work by using them against enemies. So whenever you get a new task, try to explore all your options and study your environment before chasing it. Moreover, talking to everyone will give you cues to solve critical solutions.  

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Composing your parties 

Baldur’s Game 3 features a lot of characters, and choosing them wisely will help you succeed. If you only select characters based on favorites, that will not do any good. Instead, try to have a balanced group that contains some healthy mix, like a spell caster, a damage dealer, a healer, and a tank. Having one to two healer characters will be amazing and highly recommended.

And there is no need to worry about characters falling behind. Also, the characters’ level changes equally, so there will be no difference between characters. You can, however, reset your character’s skill at camp if you think you made a mistake somewhere along the way.

Check some other tricks to dominate DND in Baldur’s Gate 3 

  • Combating strategies: Here, you need to focus on the targets wisely. The enemy that poses an immediate threat should be eliminated, as should the enemy that has the power to heal or buff the allies.
  • Manage your spells: You must know when to use the spell slots. Try to reserve them for difficult encounters ( considering the surroundings and vulnerabilities of your enemies) and use cantrips when needed. 
  • Rest when needed: Take benefits from short and long rest to recover your health and abilities. Rest is limited in this game, so use them carefully. 
  • Choose dialogue carefully: Choose your dialogue carefully and the role-playing characters. It can lead to significant change, like affecting the allies, or may change the overall story.
  • Always read & adapt: Read all the information provided in the game. Go through the quest logs, item descriptions, and tooltips. You can plan your strategy on the basis of the information you acquire. 


Baldur’s Gate 3 is a game full of challenges, and you may encounter the most enjoyable experience by discerning the unpredictability rather than trying to dominate the DND system. It is just as rewarding as getting success in combat to role-play and indulge yourself in the story.

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