Fix: Trading 212 Couldn’t Load Data Error

Trading 212 is a London based fintech company that works with financial services like trading of equities, Forex, commodities, and more. Interested people or traders can easily use the mobile app to trade in stocks, EFTs, CFDs across plenty of assets via online brokering. As Trading 212 is authorized and regulated by FCA, it’s a legitimate digital stockbroker with a zero-commission fee. Meanwhile, Robinhood, Trading 212, and some other trading platforms go down due to the dramatic hike in the GameStop and AMC stock market in a couple of days at the time of writing this article. Now, several users are experiencing issues with the Trading 212 that says ‘Couldn’t Load Data’ Error.

If you’re one of the victims then make sure to follow this full article to know more about it and try to fix this error too. This specific error is basically preventing the Trading 212 users from accessing the mobile app. That means users are unable to open the app and other stock-related tasks as well. The affected users can’t buy stocks, accessing their portfolio, etc. Both the iOS and Android devices are users are getting the same error which is frustrating a lot.

Fix: Trading 212 Couldn't Load Data Error

Fix: Trading 212 Couldn’t Load Data Error

Now, as the GameStop or AMC or BlackBerry stocks have been spiked a lot in a couple of days, the interested traders or investors are missing out on this opportunity to buy some of these stocks right now. This isn’t good news at all for the stock investors at the point of this time. According to the Trading 212 subreddit, this particular error isn’t a new one for the Trading 212 users. So, if you’re encountering this problem, check the steps below to fix it.

Starting off, Trading 212 is currently getting a lot of interest from the people due to the spike in GME stock prices. Now, the Trading 212 servers are getting hit very badly by the increased number of active users in a very short time just like the Robinhood platform. So, the app servers are struggling a lot to handle the overload once at a time these days.

Therefore, it seems that the couldn’t load data error is one of the server issues and can be fixed soon by the developers. They may have to optimize the servers or increase the server size depending on the situation. We just need to wait for a couple of days more with patience to get things back to normal again.

1. Check Server Status

You can follow the official Trading 212 Twitter handle for further info or updates. Additionally, you can visit the third-party IsTheServicedown website to check the Trading 212 server status. However, if you’re continuously getting the particular error on your Trading 212 app, make sure to use the ‘Retry’ button multiple times repeatedly to check if that helps or not.

2. Stay Logged into Account

Another thing we need to mention that some of the users are saying logged into the app basically prevents them from being kicked out of the queue. Therefore, if you’ve already logged into your Trading 212 account in the mobile app, don’t try to log out until the problem gets fixed. Otherwise, you may not be able to log back again during this server issue.

3. Check your Internet Connection

Meanwhile, you should also check out whether your internet connection is troubling you or not. In some cases, an unstable or slow internet connection can trigger such issues. If in case, you’re using the mobile data on your handset to use the internet, make sure to try using a Wi-Fi connection (if possible). You can also try using a mobile hotspot from another device to check if there is any problem with your mobile data or saved Wi-Fi network.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.

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