Ulefone Android 13 Update Tracker | Supported Device List

Ulefone is known for its top-notched rugged smartphone. The company created the world’s first 5G rugged smartphone with thermal imaging in 2010. In addition to being a Chinese manufacturer, Ulefone also makes rugged phones. But, as we know, Google recently released a new version of the Android 13 for their Pixel devices, and big brands like OnePlus, Samsung, Asus, Oppo, etc., have already started rolling out the Android 13 based on their custom skin.

While waiting for the Android 13 update, many rugged smartphone users remain eager to know whether they will receive it. Henceforth, the Ulefone users are one of them. That’s why after researching various forums, we are here with this article to help you guys know whether or not your Ulefone rugged smartphone gets the Andriod 13 update tracker. So, if you are excited to know that, make sure to be with us until the end. 

Ulefone Android 13 Update Tracker | Supported Device List

Ulefone Android 13 Update Tracker | Supported Device List

The latest OS update might take a while for users to get their hands on it, even though Ulefone is one of the world’s largest and most popular rugged smartphone brands as far as we have concerned about the updated Google IO event.

A number of features will be included in the upcoming OS update, according to Google’s I/O developers’ event. In addition to Photos, Maps, and others, these features have the potential to reshape daily life for users.

It seems, however, that Ulefone users may have to wait longer to get Snow Cone (Android 13) OS. This might seem harsh, but there is no plan to address this as of now. As of now, there has been no official confirmation of which devices are running the latest OS version.

Fortunately, after examining various Ulefone devices, we have found that Ulefone secretly started working on some devices to roll out the Snow Cone Android 13 update. So, as soon as they provide any information, we will update this Android 13 update tracker article. 

However, there was several information concerning the new OS gathered by our team, and guess what? We have mentioned all those details right here in this article. Thus, let’s take a look at that list and see if your device is there.

Ulefone Android 13 Supported Device List:

Listed below are some speculations about the upcoming Android 13 update for Ulefone, but this list may change based on the official announcement. This list is based solely on rumors and our own research, so please do not comment about why your device is not on it.

  1. Power Armor 14 
  2. ProPower Armor 14
  3. Armor 12 5G
  4. Power Armor 13
  5. Armor 11T 5G
  6. Armor 11 5G
  7. Ulefone Armor 10 5G
  8. Ulefone Armor 7
  9. Ulefone Armor 9E
  10. Ulefone Armor 9
  11. Ulefone Armor 8
  12. Ulefone Armor 8 5G
  13. Ulefone Note 11P
  14. Ulefone Armor X10

We believe these Ulefone devices will get the latest OS update soon. Nevertheless, we have yet to receive official confirmation. It would be better to wait until developers announce something about this. So, if you want to experience the Snow Cone based on Android 13, then it also offers a range of new features that can be experienced through custom ROMs based on Android 13. So, you can try that.

Update Tracker Ulefone Snow Cone Android 13:

Unfortunately, right now, there is no such information about when Ulefone will start rolling out the Android 13-based OS for their newly launched rugged smartphone. But, we are sure that they will soon give some good news to its users regarding this topic.

However, until then, we advise you to bookmark this Ulefone Android 13 tracker page because, in the future, we will update this guide once there is any official confirmation coming out from Ulefone regarding the Android 13 Update.

So, that’s all on Ulefone Android 13 update tracker. We hope that you find this guide helpful. However, if you have any questions that you want to ask us, feel free to comment below and let us know. 


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