Fix: Android 13 Screen Flickering Issue After Update

Recently, after the latest Android 13 update, many users started complaining that after installing the update, the smartphone screen started flickering, due to which they could not use their phone. Various forums are continuously flooded with complaints from users disappointed by this issue and hoping for a resolution.

There is probably something wrong with the update itself since the problem occurs not only on a subset of Android phones but on almost all Android phones. It is hoped that with the next update, we will be able to fix the problem if it’s a problem with the new updated version.

You may find these tips helpful; however, if you are experiencing the issue and are hoping for some temporary solutions until the next update. Throughout this article, you will find practical solutions to the screen flickering issue after updating Android 13.

Fix: Android 13 Screen Flickering Issue After Update

Why is The Screen on My Phone Flickering?

System caches are similar to app caches in that they store the data your phone needs to boot up and function properly. In some cases, flickering can be caused by damaged or mishandled GPU data. You can resolve this issue by deleting the cache in this scenario. So, let’s check out the fixes that have the potential to resolve the Android 13 flickering issue after the update.

How To Fix Android 13 Screen Flickering Issue After Update

It may be possible to try some fixes to resolve the Android 13 screen flickering issue after the recent software patch update. So, if you are facing this, you are not alone as many users are suffering from the same error, but nothing to worry you just perform these fixes:


Method 1: Quit All Apps in the Background

Many CPU and GPU resources are consumed by apps that run in the background, particularly heavy applications. Therefore, if you have a lot of background applications running, your device’s performance may be affected. The long-term consequences may also include various issues, including screen flickering.


Close all the active apps in the background if you are experiencing such problems. By doing so, you’ll be able to free up CPU resources and clear out many temporary glitches. Therefore, if the flickering issue on your device results from a glitch, it will solve the problem.

Method 2: Force Your Device to Restart

It might be smart to force restart your device if the first method doesn’t resolve the issue. Different methods exist for forcing a device to restart on different Android devices. Thus, you can find information on how to force restart your device. Screen flickering issues on your device can be easily fixed if a simple glitch causes them.

Method 3: Check for Suspicious app

You may think this is silly, but many pranks or suspicious apps available on the Android Market can flicker your screen, make fake calls, or play fake sounds. In recent years, such apps have become less harmful and do not cause serious system problems but are simply entertaining to play. 

You may have had them installed on your phone by your friends or siblings. Navigate to the All apps section of the settings menu to eliminate such prank apps. You can uninstall any suspicious or prank apps.

Method 4: Factory Reset the Device

It always comes as a surprise when we hear about a factory reset because we are scared of losing our data. However, the screen flickering issue should be fixed if you are experiencing it due to a firmware issue, in which case a factory reset should solve the problem.

If you are factory resetting your device, ensure all your important files are backed up to your SD card, Cloud, or another device. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings of your device.
  • Select Backup & Reset under System.
  • Choose to erase all data from the erase option.
  • Lastly, select Format Phone Storage and click Clear Now.

Nonetheless, if none of these options work, we have a few other options. Several users have already reported that these solutions have been helpful to them, and they recommend them to others.

Method 5: Change Screen Resolution

It has also been observed that the screen flickering issue occurs when the HD screen resolution is used. There have, however, been many cases in which changing the resolution from HD to FHD has proved to be an effective solution. Therefore, it can also be an extremely effective solution for Android’s screen flickering problem.

Method 6: Check for malware and virus

There is a probability that your device has malware or a virus causing this flickering problem if there isn’t a serious fault. You may experience such instances of your screen flickering when you are infected with viruses or malware. Check your device for potential viruses and malware by downloading a free antivirus app from Google Playstore.

Method 7: Wipe Cache Partition

The most effective way to resolve such issues is often to wipe cache partitions. The method has already shown to be effective for some users. To wipe the cache partition, you must reboot your device to the recovery screen. In addition, make sure you select the option for repairing apps. You can cure all the infected apps on your device using this program.

Method 8: Check Hardware

Possibly, some hardware fault in the screen component itself could be causing the screen flickering problem. Your screen must be replaced through the authorized service center if there is a hardware fault.

So, that’s how to fix the Android 13 screen flickering issue after the recent update. We hope that this guide has helped you. Meanwhile, if you have any questions regarding the topic, comment below and let us know. 


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