Common Vernee T3 Pro Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

In life, sometimes things change all of a sudden. The same can have favorable or unfavorable consequences on the life. However, technology has always played a significant role in enabling humans coping with such situations. Everyone knows that technology has become so portable that we can even carry a whole world in our pocket. Yes, this is true and for this, all we need is a smartphone. You can simply keep up the pace with this gadget under any situation. There are no strict restrictions on using the same. Even those who are not deeply familiar with technology can simply make use of a smartphone without doing much. There are several options available actually in the market and the Vernee T3 Pro is one among them. You can read the common Vernee T3 Pro problems and fixes in this post.

If you think this phone has some of the advanced hardware problems reported by the users, you are wrong. Well, this is not the case. The phone is simply the best. The common problems can be there in any gadget and therefore it is not a reason to worry if you face them or have recently purchased this phone. The good part is you only need to know some basics about the Vernee T3 Pro problems and this can definitely help you in solving the concern you are facing in your gadget. The same information has been provided in this post keeping in view the needs and understanding level of one and all.

Vernee T3 Pro problems

Reasons to buy Vernee T3 Pro

In case you really don’t have any idea about this product, you need not to worry about anything. It has been provided to let the users perform all their basic tasks. The device assures quality. In addition to this, it can be used without worrying about anything. Moreover, there are all modern features available in this phone that a user basically need to have. It is because of no other reason than this you can simply go ahead and can buy it from your nearby authorized store simply. Now check below the Vernee T3 Pro problems and their solutions.

Common Vernee T3 Pro Problems and Fixes

Any basic guide about troubleshooting the problems in a smartphone needs you to be very careful while taking the mentioned information into the consideration. You need to keep this thing in your mind while following this guide as well. This is really important to avoid the additional problem that can arrive if the attention is not being paid by you post which cannot be blamed directly or indirectly. You can now simply read all the information you need to know about the common Vernee T3 Pro problems and how they can be avoided in the simplest possible manner.

Connectivity issues

Sometimes users don’t even come to know that most of the issues they are facing in their gadget are because of no other reason than connectivity related glitches in the phone. Of course, a whole set of features and the overall functionality of any Smartphone get affected with connectivity related problems. Therefore, the prompt actions must be taken whenever they are reported. The Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi connectivity related Vernee T3 Pro problems are spotlighted below.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • Sometimes Bluetooth get disabled automatically when the phone RAM is engaged in other tasks. Therefore, simple restart your phone and check the status of this problem again
  • Simply make sure that the problem in your phone is not because of data bugs, errors and virus presence in the same
  • Do check the working condition and the bugs in the default Bluetooth app carefully
  • Make sure to update the phone and clear the cache data of the same
  • Make sure the Bluetooth in the phone has not been disabled
  • Simply check and make sure if the problem is there just because the phone hardware is having any kind of problem in it
  • Always run your phone in the general mode and not in any other as you may face this problem
  • Check if the Bluetooth antenna is working fine
  • Erase the Bluetooth device you are trying to connect and add it again
  • Make sure the problem is not there in the other device you are connecting yours with
  • If your phone doesn’t have free space available, you need to erase some data from the same
  • Do check if the problem is actually there just because your phone is already communicating with another device through Bluetooth
  • Don’t send so many files in one attempt
  • Check and make sure your phone is having some kind of restrictions on connecting with other gadgets
  • Close all apps running in the background

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • Do check if the problem is related with the Wi-Fi antenna on the phone or the modem
  • Make sure the problem is not there due to any other hardware issue in the phone or in the modem you are using
  • Next is to check and make sure the software domain in any of the devices is not causing the problem
  • Sometimes the internet services are not available and you need to face this issue because of the same reason
  • Don’t make any changes to the network settings
  • Check if the Wi-Fi connection is in working mode and services are fully applicable on the same
  • Check if the Wi-Fi drivers are updated and is not causing the problem
  • Do make sure that the password you entered to connect your phone on the network is correct
  • Fulfill all the conditions required to connect your phone on the network
  • Check in case the phone security is disabled. Sometimes this can be the reason to this problem
  • Make sure the domain you are trying to open is actually up with the network
  • The modem might have a lot of devices connected with the same. Disconnect a few and check again
  • The slow speed of the internet connection can also be the reason to this issue

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

  • Make sure to check if the earpiece has been connected with the phone properly. Do check the necessary conditions
  • Before connecting, make sure they are compatible with Vernee T3 Pro
  • Don’t make use of an earpiece that actually don’t belong to your phone
  • You might be facing this issue due to missing sounds driver or if the sounds are disabled on your phone
  • Do check if the problem is just because of low quality of sound or music which you are playing
  • Make sure the problem is not there in your phone just because the earpiece jack is having a fault in it
  • Use your earpiece with another phone to check whether they are in working condition or not

Doesn’t recognize Windows PC

  • The phone might have any kind of problem in the USB connector or with the USB drivers. Check and take appropriate action. Update them if required
  • Always make use of a connecting cable that is compatible and can easily be used with both the devices together
  • The Windows on the PC or the Android on the phone might have missing drivers to detect the other gadget
  • Do check if there are security related restrictions on any of the devices
  • Simply make sure to select the MTP mode on the phone after connecting the same
  • The problem might be due to the reason that you are not running the phone in the safe mode
  • Check if the connections are loose and this is causing the problem
  • The data which you are transferring from or on the phone might have multiple issues associated with the same

Apps not functioning properly

  • Update all the apps in your phone if they are yet to be received the latest updates and check if all the necessary permissions have been given to them
  • Do check if the phone OS is having any kind of problem associated with it causing the improper functionality of the apps
  • You might have changed the recommended settings of your phone and this could be causing the problem
  • Do check if the phone doesn’t have the necessary criteria fulfilled to run the apps smoothly
  • Make sure no app has been installed in the phone from any other source than Play Store
  • Check if the problem is there just because there is no enough memory available in your phone. Apps often needs the same to run and perform their tasks smoothly

Overheating problems

  • Something might not be good with the phone hardware. Check properly
  • Make sure the problem is not because you were continuously using another charger that doesn’t belong to your phone for charging its battery
  • Do check if the apps are not blocked in the phone which can cause this problem in many cases
  • Make sure not to install the apps from the third-party sources
  • Avoid using the portable power banks not suitable with the phone
  • Simply make sure and check if the RAM is not completely utilized by the phone due to any random reason
  • Update the phone OS if a new version is available
  • Don’t run multiple apps in the background while performing any activity or the task
  • Make sure not to keep so many games in the phone memory as you can face this problem
  • Check and make sure the phone doesn’t have safe mode enabled which can sometimes cause overheating of the device
  • The problem might be due to failure of ventilation system
  • Check if a simple restart can solve your concern

Performance issues

  • Analyze the performance barriers in your phone for a specific time period and note them down. Try if you can eliminate them easily
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because the phone memory is completely filled
  • Do check if closing the background running apps can solve this problem when they are closed
  • Make sure the phone RAM is in proper working condition
  • You may experience this problem due to no other reason than presence of any kind of virus in the phone memory
  • Performance related problems are observed when the OS or the apps installed fails to perform their task properly
  • Don’t allow any data to enter your phone directly
  • Do check if some of the features on the device are running unnecessarily
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have any kind of missing drivers in the same
  • The last method is to factory reset your phone

SIM/Network related problems

  • Check if the problem is due to network downtime
  • The SIM services might be suspended temporarily on your number. Check and make sure of this
  • Insert the SIM card properly in the phone and check if the phone is compatible with the network frequency
  • Make sure there are no restrictions on inserting the add-on SIM in your phone
  • Check if the problem is there just because you haven’t selected the network automatic selection option ON
  • Don’t change the default SIM settings in the phone
  • Make sure to check if the SIM slot is having any kind of problems associated with them
  • Do check if the SIM card is physically damaged
  • Turn the SIM card OFF and then again turn it ON
  • Disable the Airplane mode on the phone and check again the status of the problem
  • If your device is changing its location continuously and if you are at any remote location, you may face the problem
  • Select the home network manually

Bad camera quality

  • Disable bursts mode first of all and change the screen brightness. Check if the problem is solved
  • Make sure you are not facing the same just because the device screen and the camera lens needs cleanliness
  • Select the appropriate shooting mode and focus on the object you are capturing to get the best possible quality
  • Don’t open the camera from any other pp than the default one
  • The problem might be due to the screen glass guard poor quality
  • Select the HD mode from the camera settings and make use of the flashlight if the nearby visibility is low
  • Sometimes the things can be restored with a simple restart. Try the same
  • Make sure the camera lens is not faulty and is working properly
  • Make sure to remove the pre-installed transparent cover from the camera
  • Do check if the camera default drivers in the phone are having a problem related to them

MicroSD card not detected

  • Do check if the problem has been caused by the data present in the SD card.
  • Make sure your SD card is not locked or have any password imposed on it
  • Sometimes when the data present in the SD card is corrupt or phone doesn’t have required permissions to access the same, you can face this problem
  • If your memory card has been left used for a long time, you can face this problem in it
  • Simply make it sure that the problem is actually not related with the SD card slot which might not be functioning properly or have a serious damage caused to it
  • Make sure to check the SD card you own is free from any kind of hardware issues
  • Do check if the same memory card works perfectly with another phone
  • Format the card and insert it again in your phone to know if the things are back on track
  • Check if the problem is there just because you are using a low quality card in your phone
  • Re-insert the memory card in the phone and restart your phone

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

  • Make sure the problem is not there just because the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hot spot are turned ON all the time
  • Do check if your phone is having the problem in its charger or its battery
  • Don’t connect your phone with another gadget for long time period
  • Check and make sure there is no specific app which is consuming more juice from the battery
  • Simply make it sure that your phone is not facing this problem just because the notifications lights are permanently turned ON
  • Check if the apps in the phone are faulty and needs to be updated
  • Turn OFF the phone GPS simply and check if this solve the problem
  • Any kind of accessory which is not based on quality if used with your phone results in this problem
  • Limit the overall number of apps you install in your phone and use at the same time
  • Impose a time limit on the screen automatic OFF
  • Do check if the problem is there just because you have installed a very large number of games on your phone

Screen Related Problems

  • Do check if the problem is out there just because the screen needs cleanliness
  • Make sure your phone is not facing this problem only because the problem is associated with the OS
  • Make sure to check if there is any damage on the screen or there is any internal damage is causing this problem
  • Don’t operate the screen with bare hands or when you are wearing the gloves
  • Simply make sure that the phone performance is not slow which can also make you feel as if your phone is having a problem with its screen
  • Remove the glass guard from the screen and check if the things are under your control now
  • If a new version is available for the OS, simply update the same
  • You may face this problem if you use a power source to charge your phone which has fluctuation problem with the same

This information simply let you keep up the pace with everything and without worrying about anything you can eliminate all the Vernee T3 Pro problems. If you find what you were looking for is not available above, you are free to let us know about the same. For this, you can make a comment below.



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