Vivo Phones Eligible for Android 15 Update and Their Release Date

Both Vivo and its subsidiary brand, iQOO, offer some best-in-class Android smartphones in the market, which many performance & camera-centric enthusiasts appreciate. Android 14 OS is currently available for most eligible device models, and Android 15 is on its way later this year, 2024. After releasing a few developer preview builds, Android 15 Beta 2 is available from the Pixel 6 series to the Pixel 8 series. Meanwhile, the Android 15 Beta 3 will reach platform stability this June. Now, fans are eager to know which Vivo phones eligible for Android 15.

Talking about the Android 15 Beta build, other popular smartphone OEMs like OnePlus, Nothing, OPPO, Vivo, iQOO, Lenovo, Honor, Realme, Sharp, Tecno, and Xiaomi are also eligible to push the beta program to their specific device models soon after the announcement of Android 15’s stable release. Remember that Android 15 is still in its early beta stage, and we don’t recommend our readers flash on their primary devices without knowing the consequences.

If you have a secondary handset, you can get an early taste of the Android 15 features by flashing the firmware. But the compatibility should be there. As the release of stable Android 15 OS is just a few months away, you may want to know whether your specific device model is compatible with this operating system version. So, here we’ve shared eligible Vivo device models, including iQOO models, which are expected to receive the official Android 15 update.

Vivo Phones Eligible for Android 15 Update and Their Release Date

Android 15 OS: Overview

Android 15 OS is the upcoming major Android mobile operating system release that’s running in the public beta build and will soon be announced with the stable build in 2024. It seems that the Android 15 Beta 2 includes faster app-launch time, improved battery usage, enhanced security & privacy aspects, more helpful user interface, private space, etc. While other minor features were also added such as secured background activity, enhanced PiP mode, AV1 software decoder, partial screen sharing, satellite connectivity, and more.

We’ve mentioned a list of key features of Android 15 below so that you can easily understand which ones will be useful to you.

  • Bluetooth connectivity popup
  • Satellite connection support
  • Partial screen sharing
  • In-app camera controls
  • Keyboard haptics control
  • Notification Cooldown
  • App Archive
  • Audio Streams (Auracast)
  • Improved webcam support
  • Enhanced continuity features on foldable
  • Improved cover screen support on foldable
  • Health Connect
  • Persistent taskbar for large-screen devices
  • Loudness control
  • HDR headroom control
  • Virtual MIDI 2.0 devices
  • Edge-to-Edge apps support
  • Predictive Back
  • Drop-down volume panel
  • Generated previews on widgets
  • And more…

List of Eligible Vivo and iQOO Devices for Android 15

The chances are high that most of the latest generation flagship Vivo and iQOO device models may get the Android 15 update soon. Whereas the mid-range or budget device models will depend on how many Android OS updates they’ll receive. For example; if a model has already received one or two major Android OS updates that means there is less possibility to get the upcoming Android 15 update.

Vivo has officially started the Android 15 beta program for Vivo X100 and iQOO 12 models in selected regions since May 15, 2024. You can read the full press release here.

Vivo X series:

  • Vivo X100 Pro
  • Vivo X100 (Android 15 beta program)
  • Vivo X90
  • Vivo X90s
  • Vivo X90 Pro
  • Vivo X90 Pro+
  • Vivo X80
  • Vivo X80 Pro
  • Vivo X Fold 3
  • Vivo X Fold 3 Pro
  • Vivo X Fold 2
  • Vivo X Flip

Vivo V series:

  • Vivo V40 SE
  • Vivo V30
  • Vivo V30e
  • Vivo V30 SE
  • Vivo V30 Pro
  • Vivo V30 Lite 4G
  • Vivo V30 Lite 5G
  • Vivo V29
  • Vivo V29e
  • Vivo V29 Pro
  • Vivo V29 Lite
  • Vivo V27
  • Vivo V27e
  • Vivo V27 Pro

Vivo T series:

  • Vivo T3x
  • Vivo T3
  • Vivo T2
  • Vivo T2x
  • Vivo T2 Pro

Vivo Y series:

  • Vivo Y200i
  • Vivo Y200e
  • Vivo Y100 4G (2024)
  • Vivo Y100 5G (2024)
  • Vivo Y38
  • Vivo Y18
  • Vivo Y18e
  • Vivo Y03

Vivo S series:

  • Vivo S18
  • Vivo S18e
  • Vivo S18 Pro

Vivo Pad series:

  • Vivo Pad 3 Pro

iQOO series:

  • iQOO 12 (Android 15 beta program)
  • iQOO 12 Pro
  • iQOO 11
  • iQOO 11S
  • iQOO 11 Pro

iQOO Neo series:

  • iQOO Neo 9 Pro
  • iQOO Neo 9
  • iQOO Neo 8
  • iQOO Neo 8 Pro
  • iQOO Neo 7
  • iQOO Neo 7 Pro
  • iQOO Neo 7 Racing
  • iQOO Neo 7 SE

iQOO Z series:

  • iQOO Z9
  • iQOO Z9x
  • iQOO Z9 Turbo
  • iQOO Z8
  • iQOO Z8x
  • iQOO Z7
  • iQOO Z7x
  • iQOO Z7i
  • iQOO Z7 Pro
  • iQOO Z7s

iQOO Pad series:

  • iQOO Pad

When Will Vivo Devices Get the Android 15 Update?

Google has almost reached to the end of Android 15 development as the platform stability stage is imminent in June 2024 and the full stable version will be released around September to October 2024. During the platform stability timeline, Google will resolve common bugs and stability issues with the operating system so that the third-party applications can run seamlessly.

Though there is no official announcement made yet by Google regarding the release date of Android 15 publicly, we’re expecting to receive it somewhere in October 2024 similar to the trend. Last year, Android 14 went live in the first week of Oct 2023. So, the overall release date will be more or less the same.

After releasing the stable build, other smartphone OEMs start adding final improvements and some specific functionalities to their custom skins like FuntouchOS or OriginOS. Then the manufacturer starts pushing the firmware update based on the latest Android OS version on their compatible device models under the beta program. So, it may take a couple of months or even a year to get an official stable update from your OEM like Vivo when everything seems sorted out.

In case, your specific device model from Vivo or iQOO comes under the early beta testing program for Android 15, you’re lucky enough to explore the user interface & key features before anyone else. Usually, early beta access is available for the newly released or latest flagship models from any non-Pixel brand. Moreover, the rest of the compatible device models will gradually receive the beta software update and then the stable update in the next year expectedly.

As the OTA updates do come in batches and depend on specific regions or mobile carriers, you may have to wait further in some scenarios. Sometimes the newly released custom skin might have some issues regarding the bootloop or bricking while installing. In that case, OEMs immediately roll back the update until the problem gets fixed. So, keep all that in mind when it comes to non-Pixel devices.

That’s it, guys. We assume this information was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.


  1. We checked iQOO 12 (Android 15 beta program), found teams Bluetooth not fixed

    Bluetooth audio issue

    Camera quality issue

    sometime touch is not working on Gboard qwerty type

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