Best 5 Vumoo Alternatives to Stream and Download Movies

In this article, we are going to mention five Vumoo Alternatives that you can use to Stream and Download movies. Since online movie streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney + Hotstar have arrived, watching your favorite movies is no longer a hefty task. You can watch any movies you like with just a dew tap. Watching movies is not a new thing, people from older generations were also fond of movies and these days only the way of watching movies has evolved.

All the platforms mentioned above charge you some money for the subscription to give you your favorite content. If you are someone who does not want to spend money on streaming services and still want to watch movies without any restriction. This article is just made for you. If you have heard of a streaming service like Vumoo, you know you don’t have to pay anything to watch your favorite movies. But if you don’t find your favorite movies on Vumoo, there are some alternatives that you can use that work exactly like Vumoo.

Best 5 Vumoo Alternatives to Stream and Download Movies

Best 5 Vumoo Alternatives to Stream and Download Movies

If you’re unable to locate your desired movie titles on Vumoo and desire to watch films without any cost, there are five other options that operate similarly to Vumoo that you can explore.


This is a very old website and it is very famous for storing all your favorite movies. You just have to go to the Putlocker website and you can start searching for your favorite movies. But you have to create an account with Putlocker just to keep track of your watch history, and rate your favorite movies, the best part of Putlocker is the website is always updated.

A-Z Movies

You must have heard about this website. The concept of this website is to store movies starting from the alphabet A to Z to provide you with all kinds of movies. However, you will not find any television shows here as this website is only for movies.

A-Z Movies also allows you to arrange the movies by year so that you can find your favorite movies if you know the time of the release. This is one of the best alternatives to Vumoo.

Peacock TV

Owned by NBCUniversal, Peacock TV is a well-known website and one of the alternatives of Vumoo. Peacock TV provides free movies just like Vumoo but it only provides original production movies.

There are a variety of genres to choose from, that includes Action, comedy, drama, entertainment, etc. There is also a premium service if you are willing to pay 2 dollars per month. You can also find applications for the Peacock TV in the app store and play store.


TUBI tv is yet another alternative to Vumoo. Just like the other alternatives, it also allows users to find their favorite movies including the television series/show. The best thing about the TUBI is that it has all the legitimate content on its website that is fully licensed and you are not breaching any law by going through them.

While the Vumoo can only be accessed through the websites, Tubi gives you an upper hand as it can be used on any device, including iOS and Android. There are unique Tubi originals that are also present on the website that gives you different content than what Vumoo offers.


Crackle TV is one of the oldest streaming services that is completely free. This streaming service started in 2004 and since then it is known by almost everyone who has some knowledge of free streaming websites. However, you won’t find the most up-to-date movies on the website but there are enough materials on the website that can make your weekend wonderful.

Just like the other alternatives in the list above, Crackle won’t charge you a penny to watch any movies or Content. There is also a feature to create a watch later list on the website that gives it a premium feel.

There is an option to watch movies on the Crackle website or you can go through the Android or iOS platform. The unique thing about the Crackle is, it supports smart TVs too so that you can stream your favorite content on your Television directly.


If you are considering the Vumoo alternative, you can not miss Popcornflix. You can watch all your favorite programs and movies just on your mobile device.

Popcornflix is not available on the web like Vumoo but there is an application provided that can be used for watching your favorite content. Popcornflix has more than a million downloads on the play store. The bonus point of this alternative is that it is available on the Xbox series as well.


These were the five best alternatives to the already feature-rich Vumoo. You should know that Vumoo already has loads of content but to know the alternatives are always good as it allows you to create options for you. You can not find every movie on Vumoo which is why you can go for these alternatives to stream your choice of movies.

There is also a drawback of Vumoo and that is it can only be accessed on the website which can be avoided by the above-mentioned crackle or the Peacock TV. Hoping that this article has provided you with what you came for.

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