Fix: Wallpaper Engine Black Screen on Startup

Wallpaper Engine is an animated and interaction creation tool that is available for both Windows and Android devices, similar to the defunct Windows DreamScene. However, although this is a great wallpaper application, there is some bad news.

Yes, many users started reporting that the Wallpaper Engine was showing a black screen issue on Startup. However, although the reason behind this annoying issue is still unknown, but there are some basic causes that have the potential to resolve this issue.

And guess what? Here in this guide, we have mentioned some of the basic reasons and their fixes. Therefore, if your Wallpaper Engine is also showing a black screen issue, make sure to perform these fixes and check if you are able to resolve this or not.

Fix: Wallpaper Engine Black Screen on Startup

How To Fix Wallpaper Engine Black Screen on Startup

So, here are some fixes to resolve the Wallpaper Engine black screen on the startup issue. Therefore, if you are also encountering this problem, make sure to read this guide all the way to the end.

Fix 1: Restart The App

Initially, you must try restarting the Wallpaper Engine app as there are chances that your app may have some cache data stored, due to which it shows a black screen issue. However, when you restart your app, it automatically removes those cache files and starts working properly.

Fix 2: Check Your Connection

A router that is outdated and interfered with can affect WiFi connectivity. This type of problem can also be caused by slow internet connections, which is extremely frustrating.

Your internet speed may suffer if you have a number of devices connected to your WiFi. In addition to this, there are also plenty of other factors to consider, such as when your router fails or when your bandwidth isn’t enough.

If that is the case, you may also experience Wallpaper Engine black screen on startup issues. Hence, you should check the speed of your internet connection first. To measure your internet speed, simply use Ookla’s speed test, and if you find that it is not good, then you need to fix it.

To fix this problem, simply power cycle your router. However, if the issue won’t get fixed even after that, contact your internet provider to get your connection fixed.

Fix 3: Make Sure The Steam Client Servers Are Working

As the Wallpaper Engine works with the Steam Client app, there are chances that Steam servers may be down due to which you are getting this type of issue. So, you must first have to make sure that the Steam servers are live and not under maintenance.

Therefore, to check that, you must hover to the DownDetector and check if you are the only one who gets this issue or if there are other users who reported the same. Also, if you want, you can follow them on Twitter to get all the latest information.

Fix 4: Restart Your Device

Suppose even after fixing the internet issue; you find that the Wallpaper Engine black screen issue still appears. In that case, there are chances that some bug files are stored on your device, which prevents your device’s application from functioning properly.

Therefore, in that situation, rebooting your device will help you fix this problem. This is because rebooting will flush your device’s RAM, which gives your device a fresh new start to working properly. So, try this and check if it helps.

Fix 5: Verify The Files

It is worth mentioning that your Wallpaper Engine files may get damaged or corrupted, due to which it shows a black screen issue. Therefore, in order to fix this, you first need to verify the files using Steam’s in-built feature. However, you can use these steps in order to verify your application files:

  1. Initially, open your Steam Client app and navigate to the Library section.
  2. Afterward, make sure to select your app and tap the Properties option.
  3. Then, go to the Local Files section.
  4. Finally, hit the Verify Game Files Integrity button.

Fix 6: Update The Wallpaper Engine

If, even after verifying your Wallpaper Engine files, you are getting this issue, then chances are there that your Wallpaper Engine has any pending updates due to which you are getting this error. Therefore, you must check out these steps in order to update your Wallpaper Engine on your PC:

  1. Go to your Steam Library.
  2. Choose the Wallpaper Engine from the library page. Click on the Manage, followed by the Properties.
  3. Click on the Updates tab and select the Automatic updates.

Fix 7: Make Sure Your OS is Updated

Sometimes, due to an older OS, this type of issue occurs. Therefore, you should update your OS as often as you update your apps. So you can check if you have any new pending system OS updates on your Windows or mobile device. If so, make sure to update it and check if the issue has been resolved.

However, the new system updates can be found in either the System Info or About section of your PC or mobile device. Meanwhile, Windows users can find the update using the path: Windows Settings > Windows Update > Check for Updates. 

Fix 8: Reinstall The App

Suppose none of the mentioned fixes work for you on your device, and you are still showing a black screen on startup error. Then, make sure to reinstall the app as many users previously reported that this helps them to resolve this error.

Therefore, you must try reinstalling the Wallpaper Engine app. But, don’t forget to uninstall the app that is already installed on your device. So, simply try this out and check if the issue gets resolved or not. 

Fix 9: Ask in Steam Community

It is regrettable if the black screen error on the Startup of the Wallpaper Engine hasn’t been resolved. Nevertheless, there is one more potential solution to your problem. To resolve this issue, you must contact Wallpaper Engine’s support team. However, they will investigate whether the issue is caused by you or by the developer. If necessary, they may also suggest more fixes.

So, that’s how you can resolve the Wallpaper Engine black screen on the Startup. We are hoping that you may find this troubleshooting guide has helped you. However, in case you have any suggestions or queries, comment below and let us know. 

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