Warframe Tier List 2023 (September 2023)

Even if you are not into games and you see Warframe, you will end up playing. This game is free to play and has more than 40,000 players online daily. Warframe has already broken many records and is becoming everyone’s favorite. The game story has a humble beginning that everyone likes. In the Warframe story, you will play the Tenno, a race warrior stuck in the middle of the Wireframe and has to fight biochemical machine warriors each one has its abilities and powers.

If you are already playing this game or you have just started playing this game, this article is going to be very helpful. In this article, we are going to mention each of the characters with their tier list, Where you will also find your favorite character in the game. This Warframe Tier list will start from tier S. Characters in the S tier are the most superior and have many abilities whereas the tier list will have the lowest tier characters and they will be in the C tier. They are not as powerful as the other characters, but you will end up putting them to some use while you progress in the game.

Warframe Tier List 2023

Warframe S Tier List

The Warframes in the S tier are the best of the game. The S-tier Warframe provides you with lethal power and a variety of moves, and also you will get to access the high-level content of the game. The characters in the S-tier are the best in the game. Characters that have found their place in the S tier are the following.


Saryn is the absolute queen when it comes to the mass destruction of the multiple Warframes, which is why she is in the Top tier. Toxin and viral damage can affect enemies from dozens of meters of her. She is equally dangerous in even her normal version.


Wisp floats between the ethereal and the material. She has access to multiple dimensions to support the allies. The best ability about the Wisp is, she becomes invisible to the enemies while in the air.


She is a rime Warframe and she has a deadly steady hand with every shot dealing high damage. Mesa can shoot dual-wielded sidearms faster than anyone and gain 50 Bonus health while not using the Melee weapons.


Music is her power. Octavia turns this bass, beat, and melody to the symphony of the devastation. She can Replenish 30 energy for 30 seconds for the allies within 15 meters when her abilities are activated.


An electrified armor is what makes the Voidrig special. With electrified armor and explosives, Voidrig can make the battlefield devastating for enemies.

Warframe A Tier List

Characters in the A-tier are going to suit the players who love playing with characters that are not top-tier, but they are equally good, and they are very useful.  However, they can be easily outperformed by the S-tier character. Here are the characters that fall under the A-tier.


A Warframe Nova is made up of antimatter. The Nova uses antiparticles to provide crowd control when needed and can even deal damage. After getting knocked over by the enemies she emits a 6-meter defensive burst that can deal 250 damage.


If you have Sevagoth Warframe you have the power of two. Sevagoth and his shadow deal heavy damage and can survive anywhere. When the Sevagoth dies, you can play as the shadow of the Sevagoth, and you get a chance to resurrect him too.


Warframe which have heavy armor, and that is why it has high survivability, and it can do crowd control too. Even while falling from a great height, it can deal 100 damage.


As the name suggests, you can use the Volt to bend the electrical damage. He can shock enemies with high damage. When the Volt is grounded it can generate building 1000 damage per meter, and that can be unleashed in the next attack.


Working together with the Kavat companion, Venari and she can deal with high damage and also you can use her for crowd control. Using her is like having two bodies and one will.


Nidus can provide crowd control, and it also helps you with survivability and deals high damage. Nidus is adaptive and it is a deadly plague and nobody has any cure for this plague.


The amount of strength it holds it can even be called the mountain. Wukong has high survivability and also deals heavy damage. If Wukong is hit by critical damage it automatically uses its mastered survival techniques. However, this survival technique can be used only three times per mission.


A supportive Warframe. You can use the Trinity to get the best of support with health and other things. She can Revive fallen allies 25 % faster. She doesn’t destroy the enemies but she restores them.


Do you believe in magic? If you don’t Mirage will make you believe it. Mirage can deceive any enemies with the skills she has. Mirage sliding lasts 85% longer and acrobatics are 50 % faster.


Gara is the glass warrior she helps herself and her allies with survivability and she deals high damage. She can make anyone radial blind for at least 10 seconds when exposed to bright light.


A Warframe who can manipulate time. Protea is that good variety on the battlefield. She has a vast selection of arsenal that helps her and her allies on the battlefield.


A destroyer on the battlefield. Barrruk can disarm any enemy, and it can become 50% more resistant to damage. Baruuk has one of the best crowd-control abilities.


Speed is what differentiates it from others. Gauss is fast and deals great damage with strong survivability. Movement is what charges it and you should not stop while using Gauss.


Equinox has two forms, from day to night although she is a supportive Warframe. Her night form gives her allies defensive support and the day form of the Equinox can deal damage.


Nezha protects the innocents, and it has a high survivability rate. His fire is the hope for the allies. Nezha can slide 60% faster and can go more than 3% farther.


Nekros can make allies from the dead, and Nekros provides deadly crowd control. Once any enemy is killed within the 10-meter radius, Nekros restores 5% of health.


Lavos can deal elemental damage. He used for 10 seconds the Toxin, Cold, Electricity, and heat to deal damage. Lavos can get immunity by consuming Energy and orbs.


Revenant deals very high damage and has a strong survivability. Revenant can produce knockdown waves when it smashes any enemies within 7.5 meters of the range. This knockdown wave has 100 damage.


Chroma gives elemental damage to the enemies. Heat, electricity, toxin, and cold damages can destroy enemies while maintaining survivability. Has a special ability for the bullet jump.


Harrows can be a good support to the allies. It can increase the damage and it starts any mission with 100% energy. The over-shield capacity is doubled.


Sudden attacks are her power. She can deal damage to the enemy while being sneaky. She can sense the enemies nearby within 20 meters.


The power of fire is in the Ember. She can deal high damage to enemies with the heat. She can keep her head cool while in the battle.


A Warframe that looks like a fairy but she can deal high damage while providing crowd control. Every time she cast an ability she generates health for herself and for her nearby allies.


Xaku can deal high damage and works best with allies. Xaku has the special power to reduce the damage by 25% on the AOE attacks. And also it can avoid the incoming damage.


Oberon is a great Warframe. He can pet an Allie and can give 25 % of his health. being with him is a boon for the allies and a bane for the enemies.


Perfectly made for crowd control. Vauban provides crowd control and can deal 25% extra damages to incapacitated enemies.


A Warframw which can play with the time-space. He uses the time-space to provide crowd control. He can dodge to enter and exit the rift


Sand empowers the Inaros. His survival abilities are best among all the Warframes. He can revive himself by draining the life forces of the enemies and allies.

Warframe B Tier List

The characters in the B-Tier are decent. They do not possess the power you need and but they are very good for beginners. But when you move forward in the game, they are harder to control and they feel so weak. Here are the Warframes that you will find in the game.


A martial expert, Excalibur can deal 10% increased damage and 105 faster too while having a sword.


Mag means magnet. Mag is the Warfram which possesses magnetic powers, she can alter the magnetic field to provide crowd control and she can also strip enemy defense. Few can not resist her attraction.


Hildryn has a shield that helps her in dealing with high damage. Her shield can be recharged with energy and she proves that the attack is the best defense.


A survival expert. Ash has a deadly blade and the edge of that blade can be very destructive. The bleed effect of the Ash gives increased damage by up to 25%.


Valkyr’s best weapon is the battle cry which can strike terror into anyone who hears it. She can recover 50% faster after being knocked down.


A heavily armored Warframe, Frost can deal good damage and can even defend itself from enemies. The striking force of the frost melee attacks deals a 10% chance to freeze the attackers for 20 seconds.


The Trickster. Loki uses stealth to sabotage enemies and create confusion among them.  Loki is able to hang from a wall 10x longer than normal.


Bonewidow can grab the enemies and can deploy a heavy shield for personal defense. it can shear through the opposing rank with a massive Warblade.


Banshee maintains crowd control and identifies the weak points of the enemies with the sonic boom. Only a few of the enemies can hold their positions when she uses the sonic attacks. Her weapon noises are so low that no one can hear them.


The Queen of Gore, Garuda’s damage increases every time she kills an enemy and that is to a maximum of 100%.


Literally a Warrior. Atlas is immune to knockout attacks while on the ground.

Warframe C Tier List

Warframes in the C-Tier are not very useful but they can help you in some situations. They are the weakest of all the Warrames and they don’t even stand a chance in front of the S or other top-tier Warframes. You can use them for fun but they are not good for any missions.


Grendel is the C-Tier Warframa and the only thing he is good at is Survivability. Enemies will be eaten and with each enemy consumed Grendel will get 50 bonus armor.


A dangerous Foe, she gets into the enemy’s consciousness to provide crowd control and she can even turn the attacks back on them. Enemies are likely to miss the Nyx while attacking her as their aim will be inaccurate up to 20%.


Zephyr cyclonic abilities deal very high damage. and she moves faster and falls slower while airborne. Her weapon hit chances are increased by 150% while in the air.


Hydroid is made for the enemies who fear the Ocean depth. Hydroid provides crowd control with the aqueous attacks and leads to the enemies’ watery demise.


If you have just started the Warframe game, you will find that the game is much more than a shooter game. When you move ahead in the game you will find that the game has much more variety than just being a shooting game. Just go and play the Warframe by choosing any of the above given Warframes. I hope that this article has given you an idea about the Warframes and in what tier they all are in.

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