How to Get Infiltrator Spiderbot in Watch Dogs Legion

In Watch Dogs Legion a Spiderbot is called the Infiltrator  Spiderbot Tech Gadget. This is one of the many gadgets that you can keep adding to your loadout as you progress in the game. Different gadgets are of use for your various missions in the game. The Spiderbot gadget however cannot be unlocked by default, unlike many other gadgets. To get this gadget you will have to purchase it.

In Watch Dogs Legion, each recruit has some unique and useful skills. A beekeeper, for example, can control bees that can be used to attack the guards. A game developer has the skill to summon a drone which can be used for keeping an eye on the enemy. A Spiderbot is one such infiltrator and it is capable of doing a lot of things ranging from entering secure cabins and rooms, hacking, knocking down enemies.

How to Get Infiltrator Spiderbot in Watch Dogs Legion

How to Get Infiltrator Spiderbot in Watch Dogs Legion

Throughout the UK city in the game, you can see a green glowing icon. This icon is the Tech Point, wherefrom you can buy or upgrade the gadgets in Watch Dogs Legion. The Tech Point is the currency that you use in the game for purchases. In the DeadSac base, you will get the first 10 Tech Points. This is at the beginning of the game when you connect the AI with the server.

Open the Tech Point. There on the controller press the Change View. This will open the game menu. From here go to Tech Tab. In this tab, you will find the Spiderbot that you need. You can purchase it at level 1 against 10 Tech Points. Later you can upgrade the Spiderbot to higher levels, using more Tech Points. There are various Infiltrator Spiderbot upgrades, which are enlisted below.

Infiltrator Spiderbot Level 1 –It costs 10 Tech Points to unlock this level. At this level, the Spiderbot is a Stealth bot. It can perform non-lethal takedowns.

Infiltrator Spiderbot Level 2 – It costs 20 Tech Points to unlock this level. With this level, you unlock the skills of Double Jump and Sprint power.

Infiltrator Spiderbot Level 3 –It costs 25 Tech Points to unlock this level. With this level, you unlock the Cloak feature. You can activate it manually to hide bodies.

You can Unlock these levels from the Tech Point. Every new level of the Spiderbot in Watch Dogs Legion, adds new features and capabilities to it. As you go ahead in the game, the game gets tougher, and you will need these features to accomplish difficult missions. One must add here that besides Spiderbot you can also get a lot of other useful gadgets etc. from the Tech Point. The Tech Points can be grabbed from the first base at the beginning of the game.

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