What is Poocoin Crypto Token Price and Their Symbol? How to Buy Them?

The Crypto market is the new way of making quick money and millennials are crazy about it. With every day new coin and tokens being launched, it is getting extremely difficult to understand which coins are worth investing in and which ones are just utter trash. As per the famous works – Never judge a book by its cover holds true for PooCoin. PooCoin is a token or lets us say smart contract on Binance Smart Chain.

Smart Chains are automatic pieces of code that can execute independently without any human intervention which makes them so futuristic in nature. The main aim of PooCoin is to improve existing DEX exchanges which are going to be a really big move for the future. So here is a quick analysis of What is Poocoin Crypto, its Token Price and Their Symbol and  How to Buy Them.

What is Poocoin Crypto Token Price and Their Symbol How to Buy Them

What is PooCoin Crypto Token Price and Their Symbol? How to Buy Them?

Before going with the deep analysis, let’s first understand what is PooCoin exactly, and how it is significant for both investors and traders like you. There are multiple Decentralised exchanges that provide anonymity for users to do trading on cryptocurrencies. Although these exchanges are still far from perfect and PooCoin aims to improve its existing infrastructure.

PooCoin is a revolutionary crypto token that brings the benefits of Chart Tracking, transaction tracking, wallet tracing and yield farming tracking in an easy and secure manner. So long story short, it is a token that helps run trading of low cap coins in the Binance Ecosystem. https://freshcasinobonus.com/casino-bonuses/20-free-spins-no-deposit/

Who Are the Founders of PooCoin?

Just like many famous Crypto asset tokens, PooCoin also has an anonymous owner/founder. This means nobody knows who created this coin, who is the founder, what are future aspects of this coin and much more. But this is not a red flag, as many successful crypto tokens or coins are led by anonymous founders namely – Suchi, Pancakeswap and the most famous Bitcoin (BTC) coin.

PooCoin Crypto Token Price and Their Symbol

Before discussing about the token price and other details, it is important that we first check the total amount of supply of these tokens. As the price of tokens is heavily dependent on these features.

So the total supply of PooCoins is 10 million tokens, so this is a limited supply and no more tokens can be minted after this. Around 25% of 10 million is in the deployer wallet and each transaction on the network is charged with an 8% fee where 4% of redistributed to the network and 4% is burned immediately.

And on top of that, no 100000 PooCoin can be traded in one transaction which helps to avoid rug pulls or heavy price manipulation. All of these features help to keep PooCoin stable and profitable in the long run.

PooCoin Logo/Symbol
PooCoin Price $0.5652 (as of 16/04/2022)
Trading Volume24h $14,666.25 41.28%

PooCoin Crypto Token Price History

Before you make a decision to invest in this coin, it’s important to understand the price flow over various timeframes. As any coins go through up and downs, looking at the price charts will help you to make a good financial choice.

PooCoin All Time High

Just after a few months of the initial launch, PooCoin had seen its all time high of 13.76$ per coin which rapidly moved to an average of 2$ after a few months.

PooCoin All Time Low

In March 2022, we can witness the lowest price near to 0$ but only on a momentary basis. The average price traded for this was roughly 0.8$ per coin.

PooCoin Daily Price Fluctuations

When we see the daily charts for this coin, the transaction roughly translates between 0.5$ to 0.6$ and sometimes gets a short spike of up to 0.7$ at max. Currently, the coin is trading at 0.5$ however it has the potential to go up to 13$ as recorded previously in 2021.


PooCoin is a good coin that is based on the Binance Smart chain and has good fundamentals in mind. However, it is not a unique coin as SUSHI & UNISWAP are similar coins with much better market dominance. However, the coin has the potential to go up real soon. Although if you’re looking for investing in this token, do proper research and invest wisely. We recommend you to trade with money that you are prepared to lose.

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