Which Mods are Working With Cities Skylines Patch 1.13.0-f8 [DLC Sunset Harbor]

Cities: Skylines- Sunset Harbour brings in a whole set of changes with the new patch. However, with the new patch, you will also encounter issues with your existing custom mods. Most players use custom mods while building and maintaining their cities, and if you are one of them, then you will surely have many difficulties if you try to load your city.

The ideal solution here is to wait for all the mods that you use to be updated. Normally it takes a while for the modders to push out the update, but they eventually do get released. So here in this article, we will take a look at how the popular custom mods for Cities: Skylines are holding up after this new patch. We will list out the ones that have been updated or broken. We will even put the list for the ones that are not broken but has some issues along with a final list of completely obsolete ones, that are no longer needed from now on.

List of mods that have been updated and are working again with the new patch:

  • More Asset Tag
  • Customize It Extended
  • Fine Road Anarchy 2
  • Loading Screen Mod Test
  • Ticket Price Customizer
  • Train Converter
  • TM: PE v11.1.2 LABS
  • Extended Game Options
  • Network Extensions 2
  • Quay Anarchy
  • Real-Time
  • Improved Public Transport 2
  • Loading Screen Mod
  • 81 tiles
  • Advanced Vehicle Options
  • Service Vehicle Selector 2
  • Stops and Stations
  • More Network Stuff
  • More Vehicles
  • Extra Train Station Tracks
  • Favorite Cims
  • Metro Overhaul Mod
  • Environment Changer
  • Transport Lines Manager 13.2

List of mods that are broken:

  • Dropouts: It is now broken, and a replacement for it is now there. So as a fix, use Dropouts Sunset Fix.
  • Toggleable Whiteness: The tours are now invisible.
  • Transport Line Rendering Fix: It is broken now and no longer works. So just go ahead and remove it. There is no replacement so far.
  • Fine Road Anarchy: This also does not work anymore. However, the replacement Fine Road Anarchy 2 is out now for use.
  • Traffic Manager: President Edition(STABLE): It does not work anymore, and no update has been pushed out either. There is a replacement for use now, and it is out there by the name TM: PE V11 STABLE.

List of mods that are not broken but has some issues:

  • Customize It: It works fine, but there are no settings for the new DLC features. It is better to use the replacement Customize It Extended.
  • Tree LOD Fix: Shows up error for some people, whenever it is launched.
  • Building Panel Already Exists Icons Fix: Fix for when it shows up that service buildings can only be built once, like a unique building. But it is no longer required as the new patch fixes it. You do not need to keep this mod anymore; you can remove it.
  • Advanced Vehicle Options: It works, but it has no support for the new DLC feature. It is better to use the replacement Advanced Vehicle Options (Sunset Harbor).
  • Sub-buildings Tabs: The positioning of the tabs is not accurate for the new transport hubs.
  • Extended Building Information: It works fine, but there are no settings for the new DLC buildings.

List of mods that are now obsolete:

  • Pause on Load: It has been added to the game with the new patch.
  • Transport Line Rendering Fix: It is no longer needed.
  • Building Panel Already Exists Icons Fix: It is also no longer need as the issue now fixed.

Hopefully, this article will help you identify which are the mods that you require for your city after the new patch update. For more information on Cities: Skylines-Sunset harbor, feel free to comment down below. And check out our iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricksAndroid Tips and Tricks, and other sections with similar articles, so be sure to check them out too.

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