Why is Brazil Not in FIFA 23?

The latest installment of FIFA, i.e., FIFA 23, has disappointed fans by not including the national Brazil team. Brazil’s national football team, also popular as Selecao Canartinha, is not available in the standard mode of FIFA 23. Since the legendary history of Brazil’s football team is world-famous, its absence in the game is disheartening for the players. Moreover, the reason behind Brazil’s team not being in FIFA 23 also remains unknown to many.

The nation had been missing since the release of FIFA 23. And for every Brazil fan, it’s a huge loss to not being able to play with their favorite team. Although the game brought some updates addressing this issue, Brazil will still miss out on the standard mode. However, if you are still unaware of the reason behind its exclusion, here is everything you need to know. In this article, we will discuss the challenges that caused Brazil not to make it to the list of national teams in FIFA 23.  Also, there are various ways through which you can fulfill its absence.

Why is Brazil Not in FIFA 23

Why is Brazil Not in FIFA 23?

Soccer lovers are greatly familiar with the history of Seleceo and their exquisite achievements in the game. Even after being the world’s best team and yet not a part of the FIFA 23 kick-off is extremely disappointing. But what made EA Sports exclude the Brazil national football team from the game?

Well, a simple answer is licensing issues. EA lacks licenses over image rights which majorly made them exclude the team from FIFA 23. Without these licenses, EA doesn’t have the authority to create the football team or use their logos, kits, footballers, and other licensed images in the game.

Players still have access to the Brazilian heroes in their original club games. You can play with Neymar for Al Hilal and Daniel Alves in FC Barcelona. However, you won’t find the Brazil national football team in the exhibition mode.

FIFA 23 Updates (World Cup Mode)

As licensing issues over image rights turned out to be a huge moment of disappointment and speculation for Brazilian fans, FIFA 23 rolled out an update. This update introduced the World Cup mode which could be the game changer for all players.

Although the FIFA 23 exhibition mode still doesn’t include the team, the World Cup mode fortunately allows you to select the Brazil national team and play with their official squad. This has been possible only because FIFA owns the rights to the World Cup tournament. It works like an alternative allowing players to witness the magic of their favorite Brazilian superstars on virtual grounds. You can play with popular stars and compete against other teams just like you would do in a real-life football tournament. Additionally, the FUT World Cup mode in FIFA 23 allows you to control the official Brazil squad. Thus, you can immerse in your gaming and enjoy every single moment unleashing your best soccer game.


So, now you know why Brazil is not in FIFA 23. Although it is a big missing in the game especially for every Brazillian fan, the World Cup mode can finally compensate for that to some extent. More importantly, it gives us a reason not to look for other mod applications. Even if you cannot access the Brazil national squad in exhibition mode, you can at least play an entire tournament. So, do you think the access to the Brazil squad in the World Cup mode would be enough? Or do you support that EA should make a deal with the image rights and include them in the standard mode too?

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