World of Warships Best Submarines Line 2024

Are you looking for the best submarine line in World of Warships for 2024? World of Warships is an online game that simulates naval warfare. Players can battle randomly or co-operatively, making use of tactical gameplay and a slow pace to enjoy naval warfare in groups of three. The game offers a variety of historical vessels, allowing players to choose their preferred ship. In this guide, we’ll show you the best submarine line in World of Warships for 2024.

To lead your team to victory in World of Warships, you need to carefully choose your ship. Developed by Wargaming in 2015, the game is now available on various platforms. It’s a free-to-play and multiplayer game that offers exciting combat missions, challenges, campaigns, and more. The game has a meaningful line of progression where players can build more powerful ships. To gain an advantage during gameplay, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the different types of ships available. So, let’s find out which is the best submarine line in World of Warships for 2024.

What is the World of Warships Best Submarines Line in 2024?

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Submarines were introduced into World of Warships with the 0.11.9 update as stealthy hunters that players can keep submerged to surprise their opponents. In World of Warships, you can choose from six submarines available in the game. These are three German and three American. Below, you will find the list of the World of Warships Best Submarines Line in 2024:

Balao – Tier X

Balao is one of the best American submarines in the game, and thus it comes at the top of our World of Warships Best Submarines list. It has 14,300 HP with 16 to 25mm armor, making it a good sub for absorbing damage and attacking opponents. Balao features 533mm 10 torpedo tubes with which you will be able to fire 1.3 shots per minute. The shots can travel up to 12km and hit the enemies with a force of up to 89 knots. The tubes can turn 180 degrees within 15 seconds and reload in about 46 seconds. Balao is the best submarine if you want to destroy your enemies.

U-2501 – Tier X

The German U-2501 submarine is ideal for close to mid-range combat. With 13,400 HP and 16 to 25mm armor, the tubes can fire 533mm x 6 torpedoes at a rate of 0.8 shots/min and can reload in 77 seconds. The torpedoes have a good range and speed as they can travel at 82 knots and reach up to 14 km. Thus, it deserves a spot at the second rank in our World of Warships Best Submarines list.

U-190 – Tier VIII

U-190 has all the distinctive qualities for firefights. It has a total HP of 9,900 along with 16 to 25mm armor for utmost protection. U-190 has 6 torpedo tubes that are 533mm in size. It can fire torpedoes 1.03 times per minute with a range of up to 12.501 km and a speed of 77 knots. The torpedoes can cause a maximum damage of 22,748 HP.

Salmon – Tier VIII

When considering the World of Warships Best Submarines, Salmon is different because it features torpedo tubes along with a secondary armament. The main offensive machine comes with 533mm x 8 tubes and a stunning fire rate of 1.25 shots/min, while the second one provides one 102 mm/50 Mk.9 on a single mount with a fire rate of 10 shots/minute. The Salmon has 12,500 health points and armor between 16 and 25 millimeters thick. The submarine can be seen on the surface from up to 6.14 kilometers away and detected from the air up to 2.2 kilometers away.

Cachalot – Tier VI & U-69 – Tier VI

Cachalot and U-69 are both subs made for new players. Cachalot is better for long-range battles, while U-69 is better for close-range battles. Both subs have similar configurations.

That concludes our guide on World of Warships best submarine line in 2024. Now that you know which subs are worth it in the game, you can go ahead and pick the one you like the most. We hope that this guide helped you in selecting the World of Warships Best Submarine Line for yourself.

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