What is WPS and How Does it Work?

WPS is the short form for Wi-FI Protected Setup. It is a modern method that is being used to establish Wi-Fi networks, focused mostly on home users. The WPS method of setting Wi-Fi networks was created by Cisco and the first successful connection was complete in 2006. The intention of such a connection method was to make things easier for home users.

By home users, we mean people who knew barely anything about network security and people that hoped to make establishing connections easier and quicker. If you’re having confusion with what WPS is and how it works, then reading through our guide on What is WPS and how does it work will clear up the puzzles for you.


What is WPS?

Wi-Fi Protected Setup, also known as WPS, is a hassle-free method of setting a secure Wi-Fi network at home. Setting up the Wi-Fi network is pretty simple if you find your router with the WPS button. WPS, created by Cisco in 2006, established its purpose to help home users set up their Wi-Fi with minimal efforts.

While you had to enter down SSID and password in order to establish a connect, WPS makes it a whole lot easier by allowing you to successfully pair the devices with a single push of a button. The entire process works swiftly just like pairing two Bluetooth devices. With the WPS functionality, establishing connection just became easier and quicker. Although this is less secure, there are many people using it just for the reason it is convenient.

WPS – How Does it Work?

WPS works by simply pressing a button labeled WPS on your router. So far, we have three different types of WPS connections. Each of them varies from minimal to maximum security that’s possible with a WPS establishment. For a better understanding of these three types, we’ll look into their brief explanatory section:

1. WPS button

This is the most convenient but unsecured method of establishing a WPS connection. With this, all that you have to do is press the WPS button on your router and pair your devices just like you do with Bluetooth. So anyone having physical access to your router can essentially pair with it.

2. WPS button + PIN

This kind of network is protected with a unique PIN with which only someone can establish a connection. Routers that come with WPS + PIN will have the PIN displayed on top of the router. Hence, this is only secure if you manage to keep the router away from other people.

3. Near Field Communication

Near Fiel Communication is by far the most secure type of WPS network connections. Unlike the other two, the network credential that’s used to access the network is directly transferred over to your gadgets. This way, no one else other than you can make establish a successful connection, making it both convenient and secure to some extent.

If someone has physical access to your router, then activating it to establish a connection is a lot easier for them. Since this is the case, WPS functionality isn’t for everyone. However, it will prove to be perfect for those users who prefer convenience over security. That said, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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