Is Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Waterproof Device?

One of the most critical questions people ask nowadays on Google is the latest Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra waterproof device or not. Mi fans are eagerly waiting for this new beast; at the same time, they are also worried and want to know whether the phone is waterproof or not. Currently, this has become a demanding feature for many smartphone enthusiasts. In our view, there is certainly no need to put your smartphone to water – we always recommend, to keep your smartphone as far away as possible from the water.

It is good to examine that whether the Mi 11 Ultra is water-resistant or not. We are always choosy, especially when going to buy a smartphone. In case you are afraid that whether this phone is waterproof or not, it is good to test it to know that it will “survive” such kind of tragedy or not. Hold on! We have something along with us. Yes, you guessed it right. Today, especially for you guys, we are here to test the Mi 11 Ultra in various conditions find out whether Xiaomi Mi Ultra waterproof device or not.

Is Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Waterproof Device

Is Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Waterproof Device

Mi 11 Ultra is a super high-end device from Xiaomi, with up to 12GB LPDDR5 RAM, best in class 256GB storage option, accompanied by an excellent curved 120Hz QHD+ display setup with a 120Hz refresh rate. Further, the triple-rear camera layout teamed with a 20-megapixel front-facing camera makes it an eye-catching option for photoholics. Let’s see the features in detail.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Device Specifications

Mi 11 Ultra features a 6.81-inch curved 120Hz QHD+ Super AMOLED display. Further, the smartphone has a punch hole bezel-less display and a 20 MP selfie shooter capable enough to click stunning portraits.

The device has an impressive triple-rear camera setup with a 48MP Wide Angle Primary Sensor. This time Xiaomi did a tremendous job in their camera segments and offered various modes like Continuous Shooting, Autofocus, HDR Mode, Auto Flash, Digital Zoom, Touch to focus, and Face Detection.

Mi 11 Ultra runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Chipset, powered by an Octa-Core processor setup that makes this phone a beast that makes a smooth gaming experience. The device derives its power from a 5,000mAh battery non-replaceable, Li-ion battery that supports 67W Charging technology (wired and wireless).

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Waterproof Test

After many requests for this feature, Xiaomi is finally decided to launch a phone that is a proper waterproof device. So, we decided to check whether it is correct or not. We tested this device in various conditions so that we can find out the durability of this device.

Dipped The Device in Water for 10 minutes:

After dipping this device in running water for 10 minutes, we surprised by the results.

Display Finely Worked
I/O Ports OK
Speakers  Working well
Mic OK
Volume Button OK
Power Button Working Well
Camera Finely Worked

Dipped The Device in Water for 20 Minutes:

This time, the result isn’t surprising us, so let’s look over the results.

Display All Good
Volume Button Finely Worked
Power Button No Problem At All
Camera OK
Mic Worked Well
Speakers Worked Well
I/O Ports Finely Worked

Dipped The Device in Water For 30 Minutes

I have to say that Xiaomi really worked well. If you are planning to buy this phone, then go for it. It’s IP68 waterproof, and water-resistance is safe for water exposure or any accidental water splash. Well, let’s look at the result.

Display Worked Well
Camera Finely Worked
Speakers OK
I/O Ports All Good
Mic No Problem At All
Power Button Worked Well
Volume Button Worked Well


The waterproof test results are purely based on individual/team observation. These tests will only give an idea of whether a device is waterproof or not. We recommend users not try this test at home, as it might damage your device.

Officials have announced that the Mi 11 Ultra will be the first IP68 rating device from Xiaomi. The manufacturer announced that this device would be water-resistant up to 1.5 m and for 30 minutes. It’s great to see that Xiaomi has now entered the waterproof smartphone market, which extensively increases your Mi device’s life span.

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