How to Become a Billionaire in Yakuza: Like a Dragon Management Mode

Yakuza: Like A Dragon is not an easy game to understand since it does not guide you much. But you will go a long way if you can completely understand the Ichiban Confections management mod.

Furthermore, the game gives you a lot of options and ways of earning money. Here are important tips for you to make a maximum profit in Yokohama’s Ichiban Confections in the game. Most of the players are in a dilemma on how they can become a Billionaire in Yazuke in Lika, a Dragon Management Mode.

How to Become a Billionaire in Yakuza: Like a Dragon Management Mode

How to Become a Billionaire in Yakuza: Like a Dragon Management Mode

Here the best ways by which you can easily become a Billionaire in Yazuka. Moreover, continue reading and don’t skip anything in between.

Hiring Best Practices

In the management mode, you can hire people of various types as your employees. These differ in terms of their statistics in the categories of Product, Service, and Notability. You want enough employees in all of these categories. This is to improve the sales volumes of your business.

Every worker can fill only one statistic requirement. The manager is capable of using all three of the statistics categories. The best option is to employ that worker for a given job, who specializes in that statistic.

Bonuses and Care

For getting the best out of your employees, you have to keep them motivated. For that, provide Bonuses, and don’t forget to perform auto-care on your employees at the end of the day’s work. Although this might seem wastage of money, it will eventually earn you more money than what you spend on your employees.

Promotions and Training

How to Become a Billionaire in Yakuza: Like a Dragon Management Mode

Promotions are a little tricky. It has benefits, but you need to handle it carefully. The employees have to be promoted from their initial level cap, but you have to make sure that you have enough employees to work at the lower ranks also.

You will have to increase the salary of the promoted employees and have to arrange for their training. This is going to increase their efficiency, which in turn will earn you more profit.

Make sure that the employees who can best benefit you are promoted. This, e.g., would include the SSR-UR workers. The maximum level is 30. An alternative to promoting employees frequently is to have the most efficient workers that have apt specialization. These can achieve the targets even without a promotion.


At later stages in the game, you have the option of buying and selling properties. This will also help you earn more yen. At the time of buying a property, take care of two aspects: the current expected profit and the sales volume potential. These will help you calculate how much profit you can earn in the future at the time of selling the property.

Upgrading Properties

How to Become a Billionaire in Yakuza: Like a Dragon Management Mode

Upgrading the brought property is a good option if you have all its requirement bars in blue. Another important thing is that you need to have sufficient cash for upgrading a property. Once you upgrade your property’s sales volume, you should upgrade other stats, i.e., the product, service, and notability.

Loans and Special Events

Loans are again a very tricky thing to opt for. If not handled properly, it can backlash. You need to take care of yourself before opting for a loan because you are taking a loan for a property that is high in earning a good profit. To minimize the interest on the loan, you should always take a loan via a bank.

If you have considered all the pros and cons well, then a loan is going to earn you a lot of yen once you pay back the loan payments, although it will immediately reduce the profit considerably.  Don’t compromise with the staff payments and upgrading while you are paying back the loan premiums. That can be harmful to the Ichiban Confections.

Well, that’s all we have for you with how you can become a Billionaire in Yazuka like a dragon. For more gaming updates, subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Also, check out our Gaming GuidesWindows GuidesSocial Media GuidesiPhone, and Android Guides to know more.

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