4 Tips to Video Recording with an iPhone

There’s a saying that the best camera is the one you have right now with you. So, if searching in your pocket, you find an iPhone, then be it. 

If you have been using Apple’s iPhones for quite some time now, you probably understand how its photo and video-capturing technologies are mind-blowing. These days, shooting a video with an iPhone seems even better than buying video cameras at extravagant prices. 

Over the years, Apple has primarily focused on enhancing the software capabilities of their phones to record stunning videos with impressive dynamic range, saturation, or audio clarity. But it’s always better to walk the extra mile, isn’t it?

Read some of these tips to take better videos from now on – on your iPhone.

1-Set White Balance Manually 

This might not be on your list when shooting a video with your Apple device. So, it can be a strange habit to get used to, but it’s completely worth it. Although iPhone’s default camera app does the necessary formalities – regardless, manually adjusting the whites is going to be beneficial. 

It will guarantee –

  • The recorded video gets the right colors.
  • The video footage doesn’t appear artificial, with unnatural color tones.


2-Use Gridlines 

This is another essential practice, following which you can ensure that while shooting the video, the subject stays in its desired place. With the gridlines, you can better understand whether the subject is shifting from the frame’s center, right, or left side. 

Therefore, if you want to have an easy way of framing a subject, object, or background, gridlines will help you. It gives the videographer a better idea of the vertical and horizontal balance of the video.

3-Manually Set and Lock Auto-Focus and Auto-Exposure 

Apple’s phones’ default camera application has automatic settings for object focusing and exposure controls. Although the latest iOS versions offer decent auto-correction of focus and exposure levels, if you want to have exactly how you want it – then setting them manually is the best way.

So, what are the advantages of doing that? 

  • Placing the auto-focus tool on a subject/area lets the device know that you want to focus specifically on that. It prevents the camera application from refocusing on something else.
  • The same applies to the auto-exposure tool. Setting the exposure for the subject makes it stay the same all throughout the video.


4-Always Shoot Horizontally

Always prefer shooting videos in a horizontal way on your iPhone. The landscape mode is a better way to shoot videos for prolonged periods for these reasons –

  • Handling the phone in the landscape is way easier. 
  • Better handling means the video will look more stable.
  • You will most of the time watch the recorded video on a landscape screen – computer or TV.



Apart from the tips mentioned above, you should also use a proper mic when shooting a video with an iPhone. After all, a well-shot video should also be audible transparently. The terrible sound output will ruin the video experience. Although the latest iPhones – 12, 13, and 14 have excellent audio input quality – it’s always better to have a dedicated mic.

A dedicated microphone will keep away noises when shooting the video. It will also make the subject’s voice sound crystal clear. 

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