Fix: Acer Aspire 5 and 7 Bluetooth Missing or Not Working

Bluetooth is one of the most basic and useful functions on any laptop. Whether you want to connect your wireless devices such as a headphone or speakers, or a wireless mouse/keyboard, or want to share files from your PC, Bluetooth is required. There are hundreds of use cases of Bluetooth on a laptop. You would not want the Bluetooth function to fail on your Acer laptop. But, like any other laptop, the Acer laptops also have their fair share of problems.

Many Acer Aspire 5 and Aspire 7 owners are going through the pain of not being able to use Bluetooth. While some say Bluetooth is not working on their laptop, some users do not even see the Bluetooth icon. If you use Bluetooth devices frequently, the problem could be frustrating. Using a Bluetooth mouse for work could hurt your productivity as you’ll rely on the built-in trackpad.

If the Bluetooth icon is missing in the Action Center on your Acer Aspire laptop, it’s likely that the icon is hidden. If you have found the Bluetooth option, but can’t use it, you should restart the Bluetooth service. Sometimes a corrupted or outdated Bluetooth driver also makes the Bluetooth unusable. In that case, you’ll need to update the Bluetooth driver. If it does not work, you’ll have to reinstall the driver.

Let me take you through the list of practical ways to fix the Bluetooth missing or not working issue on your Acer Aspire 5 or 7 laptop.

Is Acer Aspire 5 and 7 Bluetooth Missing or Not Working? 10 Ways to Fix It

In this section, you’ll find many ways to fix the Bluetooth issues on your Acer Aspire laptop. You may not need to try all the solutions. Just work your way down until you find the one that works for you. Without further ado, let’s begin our troubleshooting.

Fix 1: Pin Bluetooth to Action Center

Most Windows users use Bluetooth via the Action Center located in the bottom-right corner. When the Bluetooth icon does not appear there, it gives an impression as if Bluetooth is missing or is not working.

You can easily add the Bluetooth icon to the Action Center on your Acer laptop using the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the Action Center on your Windows 11 PC. For this, tap on the section containing Wi-Fi, sound, and battery icon. Or, press “Windows + A” to open it.
  2. Click on the pencil icon.
  3. Tap on the “Add” button.
  4. Select “Bluetooth” and click “Done”. It will add Bluetooth to the Action Center.

Once you’ve added Bluetooth to the Action Center, press Windows + A to check if it has been added or not. You can now easily use Bluetooth on your Acer laptop.

If Bluetooth is not working via Control Center, go to Settings and tap on Bluetooth & devices in the left-side menu. Enable Bluetooth and connect your Bluetooth devices.

Fix 2: Make Sure the Device Is Connected

Simply turning on Bluetooth on your Acer Aspire laptop won’t automatically connect to your Bluetooth device (headphones, speaker, etc). If you haven’t paired your Bluetooth device to the laptop before, you’ll need to pair it before use.

Here’s how to pair a Bluetooth device:

  1. Right-click on the Windows logo at the bottom and select Settings. Alternatively, you can press “Windows + I” to quickly open Settings.
  2. Tap on “Bluetooth & devices” in the left-side menu.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth.
  4. Click “Add device”.
  5. Select “Bluetooth”.
  6. Make sure your other device is in pairing mode.
  7. Now, tap on the Bluetooth device name on your PC to pair it.

If you have paired your Bluetooth device, but the laptop still won’t connect to it, then you’ll need to manually connect the device. Manier times your PC won’t automatically connect to a Bluetooth device. In such a case, go to the Bluetooth settings, tap on the Bluetooth device name, and click Connect. Within seconds, the device will connect.

Fix 3: Restart Your PC

Software glitches are common on Windows laptops. It can happen due to many reasons and cause issues on the device. Restarting the PC is a quick remedy to fix minor software issues on a Windows laptop. Do this on your Acer Aspire laptop and check if it can fix the issue.

Here’s how to restart your PC:

  1. Click the Windows icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap on the power icon.
  3. Select the Restart option.

Fix 4: Check if Airplane Mode Is Turned On

When Airplane mode is turned on, all radio devices including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are disabled. Make sure that Airplane mode is not enabled on your PC. If it is, turn it off and you should be able to use Bluetooth without any issues.

Here’s how to turn off Airplane mode on Windows:

  1. Open the Action Center on your PC. If you’ve Windows 11, press “Windows + A” to open it quickly. Or, go to “Settings” and tap on “Network & internet” to find the Airplane mode option.
  2. Turn off Airplane mode.

After disabling the Airplane mode, turn on Bluetooth and connect your Bluetooth device.

Fix 5: Make Your PC Discoverable by Other Bluetooth Devices

Even if you have enabled Bluetooth on your PC, other Bluetooth devices might not find the PC if the device is not set to be discoverable by other devices. If you’re trying to connect your mobile phone to set up the Your Phone app, you have to make sure that Bluetooth is enabled and is discoverable. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your PC. For this, right-click on the Windows logo at the bottom and select Settings. Or, use the “Windows + I” shortcut.
  2. Tap on “Bluetooth & devices” from the left sidebar.
  3. Enable “Bluetooth” and tap on “View more devices”.
  4. Scroll down to “More Bluetooth settings” and tap on it.
  5. Enable the “Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC” option.

Fix 6: Restart Bluetooth Services

If you still can’t use Bluetooth on your Acer Aspire 5 or 7 laptop, restarting the Bluetooth services can fix the issues. It will restart all Bluetooth processes on the device.

Follow these steps to restart Bluetooth services on your PC:

  1. Press “Windows + R” to open the Run dialog box.
  2. Type “services.msc” and hit the Enter button. This should open the Services window.
  3. Scroll down until you see these three Bluetooth services: Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service, Bluetooth Support Service, and Bluetooth User Support Service.
  4. Double-click on “Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service”.
  5. Change the “Startup type” to “Automatic”.
  6. If the Service status is “Stopped”, click “Start”, and then click “OK”.
  7. Repeat steps 4, 5, and 6 for the remaining two Bluetooth services.

Once you have restarted Bluetooth services, restart your PC once and check if the problem is fixed.

Fix 7: Check for Missing Bluetooth Driver

If Bluetooth is missing on your Acer Aspire laptop, you can install the Bluetooth driver to fix the issue. Windows offers a quick way to scan for missing drivers. So, you do not have to worry about it. If missing drivers are found, the computer automatically installs them.

Follow these steps to check for missing drivers on Windows:

  1. In the search box, type “Device Manager” and hit Enter. This should open the Device Manager window.
  2. Click the monitor icon to scan for hardware changes. If the Bluetooth driver was missing before, it should have been installed.

Fix 8: Update Bluetooth Drivers

Probably, Bluetooth is not working on your Acer laptop because of older or outdated Bluetooth drivers. You should update the drivers to the latest version. For this, connect your PC to your Wi-Fi and follow these steps:

  1. In the search box, type “Device Manager” and hit Enter. This should open the Device Manager window.
  2. Expand the “Bluetooth” options.
  3. Find the Bluetooth adapter and double-tap on it. It should be Realtek or Intel.
  4. Select “Update driver”.
  5. Tap on “Search automatically for drivers”. Windows will look for the latest Bluetooth driver and install it.

After you have updated Bluetooth drivers, restart your Acer laptop and Bluetooth should work fine.

Fix 9: Reinstall the Bluetooth Driver

If Bluetooth is still not working on your Acer Aspire laptop, this could be a result of a corrupted Bluetooth driver. To fix it, you will need to reinstall the driver.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open “Device Manager” on your computer.
  2. Expand the “Bluetooth” options.
  3. Right-click on your Bluetooth device and choose “Uninstall device”.
  4. Click “Uninstall” to confirm.
  5. To install the Bluetooth driver again, you just have to restart your PC. Windows will automatically install the driver for you.

Now, you should be able to use Bluetooth without any issues on your Acer laptop.

Fix 10: Run Windows Troubleshooter

Windows has a built-in troubleshooter which does a good job of fixing common issues. You can use it to troubleshoot the Bluetooth problems on your Acer Aspire 5 or 7. Don’t know how to use it? No worries! Just follow these in the same order:

  1. In the search box, type “troubleshoot settings” and hit the Enter button.
  2. Tap on “other troubleshooters”.
  3. Click the “Run” button next to “Bluetooth”.

As soon as you hit the Run button, Windows will start scanning for Bluetooth issues on your computer. It will automatically apply the changes or suggest some actions to fix the issue.

Wrapping It Up

Bluetooth is probably one of the fastest ways to connect other Bluetooth-enabled devices. But when it stops working, it could be frustrating as most of us do not like to play with wires. In this guide, we talked about many ways to fix Acer Aspire 5 and 7 Bluetooth missing or not working issues. We hope one of them did the trick for you. If the problem persists, you can use a PC repair tool software or take the device to a service center.


  1. Thank you for the instructions. Altough I have done all the steps you detailed but my laptop (A515-56) still cant connect any devices via bluetooth. The service has just disappeared after using a laptop for 15 months. At least I got the bluetooth icon back, even that one was missing for a day and I was not able to get it back despite reinstalling the drivers many times. Any other idea? Some users hailed bleutooth reset (60 sec pressing power button), but it did not work for me either. I tried to connect an external bluetooth device also but it had the same issue, it discovered devices but could not connect them to the laptop. I have no more ideas to be honest.

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