How To Add A PDF Into Google Slides

Google Slides is one of my go-to media while creating presentations because this way I can collaborate with people. The medium for making presentation because it is free and easy to use. Google Slides provides users with flexibility with cloud-based solutions. However, there is always something that is an issue with Google Slides. One of the failures is in uploading PDF files. Yes, there is an insert option but it cannot handle the PDF files request. But, when it comes to Microsoft PowerPoint, this feature is available. While using Google Slides this thing can be frustrating.

Well, you don’t need to worry too much because there is a way you can insert PDF into Google Slides. Keep reading to know more about it.

How To Add A PDF Into Google Slides

Well, you cannot bypass Google, as they don’t allow you to add a PDF into Google Slides. But, Google allows you to insert images in Google Slides. You can also link that images to online address. This means you will need to convert PDF files into images files. Well, this may not sound fun, but yeah this is one of the lesser frustrating ideas. Let’s talk about how to do this in detail:

Solution 1: Inserting one page of a PDF at a time.

Step 1: Converting a PDF file to JPG

Well, you are here, this means you need a solution eagerly. So the easiest way to do is convert a PDF file to JPG. You can do with any of the free online software available. The common steps will be:

  • Upload your PDF file after going on any free tool.

  • Click on convert from PDF to JPG.

  • Once the conversion is done, you can download the converted file.

Now you have your JPG file, so let us jump to the next step.

Step 2: How to add the JPG into Google Slides

You can insert one page at a time easily to improve visibility. Just do the following steps to do it conveniently.

  • You can use the Snipping Tool to insert one page of the PDF at a time.
  • Take screenshots one page at a time.
  • Now, go to Google Slides. And go to the place where you wanted to place the PDF.

  • Go to Insert and select the JPG you snipped.

If you need more pages from the PDF, then repeat these steps. Well, that sounds kind of irritating, so if you can check the method below for an easier method.

Solution 2: Insert a PDF as an image using one link

This can be easily done with free versions online. You can either link one image completely or the pages one at a time (use Snipping Tool to snap a single page).

  • Go to Insert into Google Slides and insert the image.

  • Choose the JPG file you want to upload.
  • Select the link, and this way you can insert the link to the PDF.

That’s it this is how you can insert a PDF into Google Slides. I hope this solved your issue. If you want any other help, tell us in the comment section.

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