How To Add Badges On Bumble Social Media App

Social media apps are more useful when users have put up correct info about themselves. If we talk about dating apps, then users have to be very specific about themselves. All those personal details may not fit into a bio of few words. So, the social network app Bumble has this unique feature called Badges. It represents a particular trait of the user. So, if someone else on the dating app has the similar badge, they can connect to you. People always look for companionship with compatible people who have the same taste like themselves.

In this guide, I will tell you how to add Badges on Bumble. Maybe those who are experts in the field of online dating know this already. However, newbies on social media-based dating can find this guide helpful. Why only dating, if you are looking for a casual friendship, then also badges will help to define your persona.

How to Add Badges On Bumble

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Add Badges On Bumble App

Badges will bring clarity in searching for a friend or date that matches your expectation. Seeing the badges you get to know instantly if the person is the one you have been looking for. If someone visits your profile, they will see the badge you have put up.

Most people these days use smartphones to browse social media. So, let’s see how to add badges to the Bumble app on Android or iOS phones. A process on both the platform is the same. Here is all you need to do.

  • Go to your profile
  • Tap on the grey pencil to open edit section
    Edit Bumble Profile
  • Next scroll down to My basic info. Under this, you will find badges for various personality traits.
  • Select the badges you think will define your personality to the other Bumble users. It mostly includes your habits, political thinking, religious beliefs, etc.
    Go to Basic info to Add Badges On Bumble
  • After that when someone searches for your profile the badges will appear to them like the screenshot I have put up below.
    Add Badges On Bumble


Make sure that if on a smartphone, you should install and use the most latest version of Bumble. The badges feature has been available for a long time now. Avoid installing APKs from third parties which may be of older version or full of bugs.

If you use Bumble from the PC/laptop, then the process to add badges is pretty much same the same. You get to edit or select them under the Edit Profile section.

So, that’s all about how to add badges to the Bumble profile. A better and well-curated bio with simple yet straight-forward info always gets the attention. So, happy networking on Bumble.

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