How To Find Out Who Super Liked You On Tinder

Since you are expecting a match, you might be looking for a spark in your conversation with some stranger. Suppose a random person super liked your profile on Tinder, it is obvious to drive you crazy to visit their profile once. But here’s where Tinder asks you to purchase from their several plans to unlock these features. Without their plans, you cannot even see the image of the person who just liked your profile. And that is really annoying, so here we are with some alternate ways through which you can find out who super liked your profile on Tinder.

Tinder is the world’s largest dating and hook up platform. It is widely used by people to find their perfect match across the world. Finding a match is as easy as swiping left and right. Once you create an account, it will show you the profiles of other members. You can simply swipe to the left to ignore them or swipe right in case you like them. So, the process seems really simple, right? Now interestingly, Tinder also provides you with options such as like, super like, send messages, and more.

How To Find Out Who Super Liked You On Tinder

How To Find Out Who Super Liked You On Tinder

Here we have mentioned some of the most efficient ways through which you can view the pictures of those who super liked you on Tinder. The methods are very simple and are not much time-consuming.

Method 1. Upgrading to Tinder Gold

Well, it is most obvious that since you are looking for an alternate way, you would not have expected this on the list. However, it is the only genuine way to know who super liked you on Tinder. The Tinder gold allows you to access all premium features of the app. Every time someone reacts like to your profile, and you just make a rush to see who the person is, you generally come up with a blurry picture.

Now that must be annoying, but by upgrading to Tinder Gold, you are able to see their pictures and start a conversation right away. But the Gold does come for a price, and you have to pay around Rs 330 for that. So, if you are serious enough to find a perfect date no matter what it costs, this might work for you.

Method  2. Using Element Inspector

Element Inspector is a third party app from VIPAPP. You can find it in the Google Play Store or simply download it from the link below. Now, follow the steps below to find out who super liked you on Tinder.

  • First and foremost, install the app on your phone.
  • On opening it, you will be redirected to a web browser.
  • Now search for on the browser.
  • Simply log in to your account with your credentials.
  • Next, move to the likes section, represented with the star symbol.
  • Here, you can find all those who have liked your profile. But the images will appear blurred.
  • In order to see their pictures, click on the menu, and enable “Code Element”.
  • Now, click on the picture you want to view. This will open a code window.
  • In the written codes, find the “Blur” option and change the predefined number to zero.
  • Finally, hit the save button, and you can see the clear picture of the person.

Method 3. Using a Browser

How To Find Out Who Super Liked You On Tinder

The method is very much similar to Element Inspector or maybe even easier. For this, you need to simply open your Tinder account on a browser that allows you to manipulate the data, for instance: Chrome browser. Next, click on the like section to find out who liked you. Right-click on the picture you want to see and click on the “Inspect” option. It will further open you a tab full of codes. Now, just find the Blur option again and change it to zero. Hence, you can finally see the picture of the person who liked your tinder profile.


Things like this are really sensitive and are somehow connected to our sentiments. Hence, not being able to see the persons who just liked your profile is very frustrating. Now, if you are willing to spend some real money to leverage all features of Tinder, you can surely go for the gold plan. And if you are someone who is just wandering around and is curious to see the other person, they can go for the alternate ways. Let us know which trick you really liked the most.

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