How To Add A Watermark On Any Image Using PicsArt

Having a watermark on your image will ensure you as its rightful owner/creator. No one can blatantly copy and use your image anywhere if you have the creative rights. This is important if you are a professional photographer who sells images to your clients. Also, if you have a business that deals with photography, the watermark of your photos will help promote it. Your watermarked images will uniquely identify you and your photography work. In this guide, I will tell you how to add a watermark on any image using the PicsArt application.

First, to apply a watermark using PicsArt, you must install the application. The app is free to download and is available on the Play Store. You have to follow the steps as I have mentioned. As watermark is all about originality, you can modify your watermark as per your choice.

How To Add A Watermark On Any Image Using PicsArt

Add A Watermark On Any Image Using PicsArt

Here are the steps.

  • Download and Install PicsArt
  • Launch PicsArt
  • Then Open a new blank page for editing your watermark
  • Set the background color to something dark, preferably black.
  • Now, to create a text which will serve as your watermark, create another layer
  • To create contrast, try to use white color or any other color that can be noticeable.
  • Once you are done creating the text, tap on the tick mark to confirm the design
  • In another separate layer, use the shape tool to add any shape to your watermark design
  • You can also use the brush tool to personalize your design
  • Now, for the watermark, you have to remove the background color which you created in the first layer.
  • Tap on the tick mark to confirm the change
  • Next, save the image as a PNG file(ideal file extension for the watermark purpose)

Adding the watermark

Now, after creating the watermark, it’s time to use it on your images.

  • Insert any image through Add Photo Option at the bottom of the PicsArt editor
  • Then again tap Add photo to add the watermark image you created earlier
  • Adjust the placement and the size of the watermark as per your need.
  • Then save the final image as JPEG or PNG.

So, these are the steps you need to follow to create and implement a custom watermark on any image using the PicsArt editor. It is important to save your image from getting plagiarized by others.

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