Adopt Me Ocean Egg – List of All Pets, Chances, Sharks and Octopus

Adopt Me is a dominant multiplayer game developed by Uplift Games on the popular game development platform “Roblox”. Being a multiplayer game, Adopt Me has all the attributes that it should, but it also has some special flaws that make it special among the group. It offers players the chance to build and customize a home, take care of pets, and make friends with other players here. And that’s all it offers.

Initially, the player needs to start as a parent or a child who adopts and cares for different virtual pets. This is so that they can be traded with other players. It is not easy to adopt a pet. Ocean Egg allows you to hatch a water-based animal you can care for. Even most players know about Ocean Egg but don’t know the available pets, so their chances are great. In this article, we will tell you all about pets, chances, sharks, and octopuses.

Adopt Me Ocean Egg - List of All Pets, Chances, Sharks and Octopus

Adopt Me Ocean Egg – List of All Pets, Chances, Sharks and Octopus

Being an adoption-focused game, players may rank uplift based on how they take care of and which pet they adopt. Especially, when it comes to water animals, it matters a lot. For that purpose, developers introduced the Ocean Egg and later replaced it with Mythic Egg. Currently, ocean eggs can only be traded from the Nursery on Adoption Island for $750. Simply approach the Gumbail Machine from there and get your ocean egg. Now that you have learned how to get an Ocean egg, check out the pets, chances, sharks and Octopus list below.

Note: Before looking at the ocean egg pets, you should check rarity chances. Due to the fact that each pet has a different rarity, you need to know the rarity chances before buying the best pet for you.

  • Common: 20%
  • Uncommon: 35%
  • Rare: 30%
  • Ultra rare: 10%
  • Legendary: 5%


Pet name Rarity Chances Egg chances
Stinggray Common 20% 1 each 5 eggs
Crab Uncommon 17,5% 1 each 6 eggs
Dolphin Uncommon 17,5% 1 each 6 eggs
Narwhal Rare 15% 1 each 6 eggs
Seahorse Rare 15% 1 each eggs
Clownfish Ultra-rare 10% 1 each 10 eggs
Octopus Legendary 2,5% 1 each 40 eggs
Shark Legendary 2,5% 1 each 40 eggs

From the above analysis, it can be safely conclude that the ocean egg has the highest chance of hatching a legendary pet. Nevertheless, each pet of the same rarity has the same chance of winning. But in any case, you want to unlock a new pet, then you can unlock it through 40-60 eggs or $30,000-$45,000. Now I hope you’ve read all the information about Ocean Eggs in Adopt Me. By doing so, you can give yourself a better start to your game. Even after that, if any users have any questions, please ask them below.

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