All Chest Locations in Royale High

Update 29th Dec 2023: In this article, we have listed all chest locations in Royale High. Royale High is a quite popular virtual game that offers immersive gameplay. The gameplay mostly consists of a magical experience filled with quests, adventures, and, for sure, hidden treasures. The Royale High was released back in 2017. Players can play Royale High on Roblox. Roblox is supported on most of the platforms, like Windows, MacOS, Xbox, iOS, and Android.

Recently, a new update of Royale High has been released, and it has caught the eye of lots of players. Each update of Royale High is packed with many chest locations that are hidden in the game. Among the various collectibles and rewards scattered throughout the game, chests stand out as coveted items that players eagerly seek. Understanding the locations of these chests is crucial for players aiming to maximize their rewards, acquire resources, and progress efficiently within the game.

All Chest Locations in Royale High

All Chest Locations in Royale High

As you know, in Royale High, players can buy the diamonds for real money, but sometimes that’s too heavy for your pocket. One of the best and alternative ways to acquire diamonds in Royale High is by opening various chests present at different locations.

There are, like, multiple chests in the game at different locations. Whether it’s diamonds, accessories, or other exclusive items, each chest holds a promise of something valuable. Some of them are easy to locate in the game, while others require tough exploration. However, here is the list of all chest locations present in the game.

Royale High Chest Location 1

For this chest, first you have to head to the Rainy Woods. Once you reach the Rainy Woods, just turn around, move past the gate, and ultimately fly across the moat. Eventually, go through the diamond wing doors and follow the blue and pink magical mushrooms until you find a tree (probably at the edge).

Once you find the tree, you will see that chest is present behind the tree. In this chest, you will find 500 diamonds. Now you are getting richer.

Royale High Chest Location 2

From the area of the spawn, go to the spire castle on the right-hand side. Inside the castle, you will find a glowing crystal. Now use your powers to reveal the chest from the crystal. The chest from Spire Castle contains a picture-perfect face light accessory.

Royale High Chest Location 3

From the area of the spawn, head left of the campus building. Now, look for the Portcullis gate and go behind it. Finally, you have to go beneath the water to find your next chest. Open the chest, and the treasure is yours. This chest offers 75 XP, which is not bad.

Royale High Chest Location 4

From the area of the spawn, Go to the top of the waterfall and head into the water. Once you head inside, you find a tunnel that looks watery. Continue going to the bottom of the tunnel; once you reach the bottom, you will eventually unlock the chest. This contains a massive 750 diamonds.

Royale High Chest Location 5

This chest can only be unlocked if you have the quest ‘The Head Mistress Will See You Now’ in your planner. If you have this quest, then go to the planner section of your notebook inside the game. Now, head inside the head mistress’s office near the front office.

Upon going inside, you will notice a painting of a lady on the wall. Click on the painting, and it will open a passage. Follow the passage and tackle all the obstacles in the way. At the bottom, there is a chest containing 5,000 diamonds.

Royale High Chest Location 6

This chest’s location is near the previous chest’s location. If you look to the left side of the previous chest, you will notice a secret entrance to a passageway that will eventually lead you to the chest location. This chest contains the Head Mistress’s earrings.

Royale High Chest Location 7

This chest can be found behind vines present near the pond in a rainy wood forest. Once you reach the vines, use your natural power, flowerix shimmerdust; this will make the vines disappear. Eventually, a tunnel will be revealed. Follow the tunnel path to find the chest. This chest has whooping 1750 diamonds.

Royale High Chest Location 8

This chest is located near the front office door and is considered to be the most tricky. This chest only opens with certain four-digit numbers, which are randomly generated. According to the gaming community, 1238 and 8321 work for almost all the players. So, you can give it a shot. This chest contains a paper aeroplane item.

Royale High Chest Location 9

This chest can be found in the teacher’s lounge, located behind the front desk. To unlock this chest, you should have completed the “Teacher’s Lounge Sparkly Star Achievement” quest. Completing this quest will grant you a key card to open the door, where you can find the chest. This chest can be unlocked at levels above 1500, so everyone is unsure of what it contains; however, it seems precious, according to the community.

Royale High Chest Location 10

This chest can be found at the counsellor’s office, next to the two chairs (black and red). Beside the chairs, you will find a door (unlocking the door is required before accessing it). Once you are able to access the door, look for a vault near the desk; there you will find your next chest. This chest contains 1250 diamonds.


It is very hard for players to find all the hidden chests in the game. So, if you are also wondering about all the chest locations in Royale High, then follow the guide above. Over time, various content creators and enthusiasts have dedicated efforts to map out and showcase these locations through videos and tutorials.

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