Fix: ALTBalaji Not Working on Samsung, LG, Sony, or Any Smart TV

AltBalaji is one of the most well-known OTT platforms in India, which Balaji Telefilms Ltd. AltBalaji owns was previously just a film products company, but back on 16 April 2017, they came up in the entertainment sphere to create some original OTT content.

However, now it has around 34 million paid users. In recent years, they have released many new thriller and suspense dramas that users like to watch on their Samsung, LG, Sony, or even on any Smart TV. But, you know what, the thing is not going according to them as they regularly face issues while streaming their favorite series. So, yes, for many users, AltBalaji is not working on their Smart TVs.

However, the reason behind this issue is not clear, but there is some workaround that you can use to get rid of this situation. And guess what? We have mentioned all the workaround here in this article. So, if you are frustrated with AltBalaji not working issue, make sure to perform the fixes mentioned below.

Fix: ALTBalaji Not Working on Samsung, LG, Sony, or Any Smart TV

How To Fix ALTBalaji Not Working on Samsung, LG, Sony, or Any Smart TV

So, here is some workaround that you can use to resolve the AltBalaji not working issue on your Samsung, LG, Sony, etc., Smart TV. Therefore, if you are bothered due to this issue, make sure to perform each fix we have mentioned here:

Fix 1: Restart The App

There are possible chances that your app may contain some temporary bug file due to which the system is unable to read the app files, hence resulting in this kind of issue.

So, when you restart your AltBalaji app, it will remove the app’s cache data and give it a fresh new start to perform well. Therefore, you must try restarting the app on your TV and check if the AltBalaji not working issue gets resolved or not.

Fix 2: Reboot Your TV

Electronic gadgets such as PC, TV, smartphones, etc., are known to run faster after a reboot. By flushing the RAM, you can make your TV run much faster by removing all of the temporary files that have accumulated in your system’s memory.

Likewise, restarting your TV will remove bad data and release memory from a misbehaving app without causing any additional issues with the operating system. Therefore, if just by restarting the app, AltBalaji is still not working, try rebooting your TV as it can resolve this kind of error. So, try this out and check if it helps.

Fix 3: Check If The Servers Are Working

There are huge possibilities that the AltBalaji servers may not work due to maintenance issues. Therefore, you must have to make sure that the servers are not down. So, to do this, you need to hover over to the DownDetector and check if there are other users in this world who reported the same issue or not.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to hit the I have a Problem With AltBalaji button. This will help other people to know that they are not alone in this world who face the AltBalaji not working issue.

Moreover, to get every minute information, you must also follow the AltBalaji on their official Twitter handle because they keep their users updated using their Twitter handle. 

Fix 4: Make Sure Your Internet Is Working

Did you check if your WiFi router is working or not? In many cases, we have seen that a poor internet connection also comes up as the main culprit behind this type of error. Therefore, make sure to check your internet/network speed, and to do so, visit the Ookla speed tester website and test your router speed.

However, in case you find that the connection is poor, then to fix it, simply reboot, or we say power cycle your router and test the speed again. Meanwhile, in case you still find that the router is not giving you proper connection speed, then contact to your ISP and ask them to fix the network issue in your area.

Once the internet starts working again, you will see that the problem with your AltBalaji app gets resolved on your TV. 

Fix 5: Re-login To Your Account

Are you still encountering the error, even after having a good internet speed? Yeah! Possibilities are there that the issue might be occurring because there is some issue with your login credentials or the account that you are using whose password is recently changed.

So, to make sure of these things, you can simply log out from your AltBalaji account and then use your latest credentials to log into your AltBalaji account. Now, you’ll see that the issue will automatically get resolved after performing this. 

Fix 6: Update Your App

If you believe that updating your TV to the latest version is just enough to keep your TV performance up to the mark, that’s not the truth, as keeping all of your apps updated would keep your system safe from malware attacks and give it more compatibility with your new OS to work properly.

So, we suggest you hover to your TV’s app store and check if there is any update available for your AltBalaji app or not. In the meantime, if you find that there is any update available, make sure to install it immediately and check if the not working issue gets resolved or not.

Fix 7: Update Your TV OS

If you haven’t checked if your TV has the latest OS installed or not, then my friend, it is the first thing you need to do as it has equal value to run the programs perfectly.

Therefore, depending upon your TV version and brand, you may check out the steps on their particular official website. Then, once you update your OS, run the AltBalaji app and check if the issue gets resolved not. 

Fix 8: Reset Your TV

Unfortunately, suppose you find that the AltBalaji is still not working on your Smart TV, then except resetting your TV. In that case, no other choice or option is available because there are chances that some installation files may be corrupted.

  1. So, you can hover over to your TV settings app.
  2. Then, tap on the General tab using your TV remote.
  3. After that, select the Reset option and fill the PIN it is asking for (0000 is the default PIN).
  4. Then, again hit the Reset option followed by Ok.

Fix 9: Contact To AltBalaji Support Team

Lastly, you can directly contact the official customer support of AltBalaji and explain this issue to them. After that, depending upon how you explain the issue, they may offer you some new fixes that we may not be familiar with right now. So, if you are still facing a problem, make sure to hover to the AltBalaji help desk. 

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So, that’s all on how to fix AltBalaji not working issue on Samsung, LG, Sony, or any Smart TV. We hope that this article has helped you. Meanwhile, if you have any doubts regarding the topic, make sure to comment below. 

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