Is There An Among Us Movie Coming in 2023?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Among us? The among us game, right, but what if we say you can expect a full-fledged movie based on the game? Among us is one of the most popular games. As of the rumours, there’s a high chance of a movie release in 2023 named by a game among us. The news entailed an option when the information met that Kenneth Branagh and James Wan would direct the movie and write it.

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Is There An Among Us Movie Coming in 2023 – What’s in the news?

There’s no official announcement from trusted sources that a full-fledged movie will be released. But fans have made their assumptions, and there could be an announcement of the film very soon.

Many youtube videos say that the movie will be a horror movie with some fantastic twists and turns. You can watch some short films and fan-made trailers that have hyped the audience waiting for the movie. Fans have been making theories about the movie, its plot, and who’ll be the movie’s cast. With some recent updates, the film will lead to HBO Max in the US, and Ridley Scott can be the movie’s executive producer. You can watch many edits and news on YouTube of big names as casts.

Many fan pages list some random cast, directors, distributors, and production on the team. But no official announcement contributes to this news. All this news is assumptions and some inside information that doesn’t have any social proof.

What’s in the movie?

The news says it will be a horror and suspense movie about a group of people where an impostor is killing the people while they’re on the mission. The news said that the game gained massive popularity then. So, the movie rights were sold to a company that would release a movie based on the game. The film will include a suspenseful plot, and the storyline will be entirely based on the game.

There will be some famous faces as they create in the team and some engineers sharing a suspenseful story and a breaking plot. The news says the movie was about to be released in October 2022, but due to some issues and the cast replacement, the film is set to be released in February 2023. The movie’s theme will be the same as the game, but the characters will bring the game to life, offering an impactful experience to the audience.

News about sequel

The news further tells us that there may be a sequel to the movie, which will be released in 2025. The film is separated into two parts, and the sequel will be Among us: Impostor rising. There’s a strong possibility of the movie launching in February 2023, but there isn’t any official and confirmed news.

The game sets realistic expectations, and the fanbase wants to see the movie on a big screen. There might be a massive surprise for the Among us players, and a vast audience is willing to watch this movie.

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