Android 10 Problems and their Possible Solutions

Google ended the month’s old speculation of what and how and when, by unveiling their latest Android OS, the Android 10. This time around Google ditched the dessert name and has decided to from now, go on with the simple numeric name to the Android OS. Apart from that, they have also changed the logo of the Android 10 and have adapted the new shade of green with half of the head of the Droid bot. The latest Android 10 was rolled out for a handful of smartphones and it does packs in a lot of features and enhancements for the users. However, with great features and enhancements, comes great issues (sounds familiar?). In this post, we have listed down Android 10 problems and their possible solutions.

Users who had the privilege to use the stable version of the Android 10 have reported quite a few issues in the latest Android OS. In this list, we have jotted down all the reported problems and issues with some possible solutions and fixes to them. Note that not all the users are facing the problem so, feel lucky if you miss out on the problems with the Android 10. So, without any further ado, let dig right in;

Android 10 Problems and their Possible Solutions

Below is the list of Android 10 problems and their possible solutions along with it. You can always jump to the specific problem that you are facing, if that is in the list, and check for the possible solution.

Difficulty in Answering Calls

Some of the Android 10 users have reported that they were facing difficulties in answering calls on their devices after the Android 10 update. They have reported that it takes about a minute or more to connect to the call even if they have the full network on their mobile. On the other side, while answering the calls, it takes more than a minute or does not connect at all. This is a major issue as the smartphone’s basic functionality is hampered on devices running on Android 10.


Though there is no concrete solution to this issue, you can always go ahead and clear the cache data of the Phone or the dialer app and restart our device and check whether this solves your issue or not. Since this is a major issue, Google will surely roll out an update fixing this issue. So, always keep a tab on the updates.

The inability of switching from eSIM to Physical SIM

Users running Android 10 have reported that they are facing the issue when they enter the physical SIM on their device from one carrier and an eSIM of another carrier then only the eSIM network is shown. This update has occurred after the Android 10 update.


Google has officially given a temporary solution. You can manually switch between the SIMs by dialing the code *#*#794824746#*#* on your Phone’s dialer application. 

Mobile Data Not Working

Another annoying bug the users are facing after the Android 10 update is that they are unable to use the mobile data on their devices. It has been reported that the users are not at all able to get the mobile data working even after toggling it ON several times.


To fix this issue, you need to change the APN on your device. Go to Settings>>Network & Internet>>Mobile Network>>Advanced>>Access Point Name. Then change the APNs from ATT WAP to ATT Nextgenphone. Note that this is not a 100% working solution to this issue however, many of the users have got the mobile data working with this fix.

Not receiving Pop-up Notification

With the Android 10, there are a lot of new features and enhancements that are intended to make life better for the user. However, in any case, these features are obstructing with your notification pop-ups, then you can simply disable them. Moreover, there is a new feature called Adaptive notifications that are meant for enhancing the notifications but, in any case, you can simply disable it.


Go to Settings>>Apps & notifications>>Advanced>>Special app access. Then tap on Adaptive notifications. Here, select on None option. This will probably fix your issue.

However, if not then you can follow our complete guide by clicking the below link to fix this notification issues;

How To Solve Pop-Up Notification Issue on Android 10

How to remove Google Assistant’s Hint Icons

Android 10 comes with the new gesture navigation feature that completely gets rid off the navigation buttons on the screen. And to enhance this feature, Google has added some hints and suggestions at the bottom of the Google Assistant to help you with translations. However, most of the users have found the hints icons very annoying and not useful and want to get rid of them.


There is no official way to get rid of the Google Assistant’s hints icon at the bottom. However, there is a workaround to it that gets rid of them. To turn off the hints icons, open the Google Assistant and go to Home. Do this repeatedly for 4-5 times continuously or even pump up those numbers to 10-15 times. This trick has worked for everyone so, yes this is a solution. What basically is happening here is that when you repeatedly access the Google Assistant while you have the Navigation Gestures enabled, it thinks that you have now become familiar with the translation and do not bother about them anymore.

Another workaround is that you can completely change the launcher to get the hints off the hood on your device as the developers of launchers have not integrated the new navigation gestures.

Lastpass Application Crashing on Android 10

One of the most trusted and used password manager applications, Lastpass is facing trouble to run smoothly on the Android 10 OS. For those who do not know, with Lastpass app you can save all your password and login credentials safely and even Lastpass servers do not have the access to them. Unfortunately, many users have reported this issue that Lastpass is constantly crashing on the devices running on Android 10.


Clear the Lastpass app’s cache data and then restart your device. This is not the 100% fix for this solution but there is no other way to fix this issue. 

Downloads not working after Android 10 update

Both the Essential phone and the Google Pixel devices where the first ones to receive the Android 10 update and these both devices are suffering this issue. However, this issue is more severe on the Essential phone. The Essential phone users have reported random app crashes, mobile internet not working, not able to download anything from the internet, etc. Though we do not know exactly what is causing so many issues on the Essential devices, these issues happened after the Android 10 update. So, the Android 10 is to blame here.


To fix all these issues mentioned above that are being faced by the Essential phone users, you need to factory reset your device. But, note that always make a backup before going ahead with the factory reset on your device.

Outgoing Calls not Connecting

After the Android 10 update installation, many of the Pixel users have reported that they are trying it difficult to connect their devices for outgoing calls. Either it takes a long time to connect or does not connect at all. This is a severe issue as the basic functionality of the smartphone is hampered with this issue.


Verizon Wireless users are the one, affected by this issue the most. So, you can blame your carrier for this issue along with Google. However, to fix this issue check whether you have installed the MyVerizon app on your device. If you have installed the app, try uninstalling the application and then try to make a call. If this doesn’t solve your issue then, try factory resetting your device.

Bluetooth Audio not working for Phone Calls

This issue is more concentrated for the users of the Pixel 2XL. Some of the users have reported that they are facing difficulty in making phone calls thorough Bluetooth on their device after the Android 10 update. De-paring and Re-pairing have also not solved this issue.


You can clear the cache memory of the Bluetooth app on your device. If this does not solve your problem then you can go ahead and factory reset your device. Moreover, you can also consider resetting the Bluetooth settings on your device.

Auto-rotation, Auto-brightness, Active edge, Double-tap to wake, lift to wake, etc. not working

Many of the users on the Pixel forum have reported that they are facing a severe sensor problem on their Pixel devices after the Android 10 update. As a result of which the features like Auto-rotation, Auto-brightness, Active edge, Double-tap to wake, lift to wake, etc are not at all working as they used to do. Besides, the factory reset is also able to solve this issue. Majority of the users that are facing this issue are using the Pixel 3XL smartphone. Moreover, downgrading the Pixel 3XL back to the Android 9 Pie solves this issue and all the sensors are working normally.


As of now there is no fix for this issue. If you have not yet upgraded your device, especially the Pixel 3XL to Android 10 then, you should wait because of this severe issue. Google might release an update fixing all of the sensor related problems. Moreover, if you are keen and do not want to wait for Google to fix this issue, you can go ahead and unlock the bootloader of your device and install a custom kernel using TWRP recovery to fix this issue.

Status Bar not showing Time

We all know that the Pixel devices show the time on the top left corner of the status bar. You can have a quick glance at the time while you are working or using any application, dedicated and cannot go back to the home screen. But, after the Android 10 update, some users have reported that their smartphone’s status bar is not showing the time in its usual position.


A simple fix to this is by downloading and installing a custom launcher, probably Nova launcher. Download the launcher you had in the past and reset its settings.

Fingerprint scanner not working

As we have already mentioned that users have reported that the sensors on their devices are not working properly after the Android 10 update. So is the fingerprint scanner which is not functioning at all for many users after they have updated their smartphones to Android 10.


You can restart your device and see if that solves your issue and if not, you can go ahead and perform a factory reset on your device. Make sure to backup your data before factory resetting your device.

Tap and Pay moved to a new location

One of the most used features, Google’s Tap and Pay has been now relocated to a new location with the Android 10. Previously, it was located under the default apps.


You can find the Tap and Pay by going to Settings>>Apps & notifications>>Special app access.

Issues with WiFi

Major Android firmware updates and WiFi issues go hand in hand and you can find this issue surfacing on your device after every major Android OS update. So, there are a couple of methods that fixes this issue.


  • Method 1: Go to Settings>> Network & internet>> Wi-Fi and tap on the wireless network you are facing issues with. Press the Forget button and add the wireless network again to see if the issue is resolved.
  • Method 2: You can also try resetting network settings. To reset, go to Settings>> System>> Advanced>> Reset options>> Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth>> Reset settings>> Confirm again.

Bluetooth Issues on Android 10

Bluetooth issues are also very common with major Android updates like WiFi issues. If you are facing trouble in connecting and using Bluetooth on your device or car with the Android 10 then follow the solution below.


  • Method 1: Remove the paired devices by going to Settings>>Connected devices>> and remove the paired devices. Add it again and see if this resolves the Bluetooth issue.
  • Method 2: You need to clear the cache and/or storage data for both the Bluetooth app and Bluetooth MIDI service applications. To clear the cache and storage data to go to Settings>>Apps & notifications>>See all apps>> tap on the 3-dot menu on top right corner>>Show system>>search for Bluetooth. Tap on the Bluetooth and then tap Storage & cache>> Clear Cache. Follow a similar process for clearing the cache and storage data for the Bluetooth MIDI services.
  • Method 3: Try resetting network settings by going to Settings>> System>> Advanced>> Reset options>> Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth>> Reset settings>> Confirm again.

Battery Drain

Users have also reported that they are getting a poor battery performance after they have updated their device to the Android 10.


  • Method 1: Use the Android 10 normally as you have done with the Android 9 Pie and Google will probably fix this issue via an update.
  • Method 2: You can perform a power cycle by draining your device’s battery to zero from 100 without interruptions. Repeat this process for about 3-4 times.
  • Method 3: If the above methods do not work then, you need to perform a factory reset which will delete everything on your device. So, make sure to backup all the data on your device. Go to Settings>> System>> Advanced>> Reset options and select the “Erase all data (factory reset)” option. Confirm again to Reset.

So, there you have it from my side in this post. In this post, we have tried to cover each and every issue and problems surfacing after the Android 10 updates and have been reported by users running Android 10 on their devices. Let us know in the comments if there are any other issues apart from the ones in the list that you are facing with the Android 10 update. Until the next post…Cheers!


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