Animal Crossing New Horizons Error Code 2219-20152 – Is there a Fix?

Life simulation games let you create a world of your own and be the way you want to go through that virtual life. These life simulation games are also included with several daily tasks and quests that you need to perform to carry on with the day and survive through seasons and years. A new game was released back in March 2020 by the name Animal Crossing New Horizons which has grabbed eyeballs of the life simulation gamers and also the critics for its simplicity yet challenging gameplay.

This game has been developed and published by Nintendo. It is available to play on the Nintendo Switch platform. Notably, it is the fifth title in the Animal Crossing series. In the game, you are deserted on an island where you need to create your own paradise by exploring, surviving, gathering resources, etc. However, recently, the gamers of the Animal Crossing New Horizons have reported a new error, i.e. the error code 2219-20152.

This error has been reported when the players are playing the game continuously, online. The players have no clue what is causing this error. And if you also one of the players that are experiencing the Error Code 2219-20152 then, you can follow the guide to fix this issue, and also know what is the reason behind it. So, that being said, let us get straight into the article itself:

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How to Fix Animal Crossing New Horizons Error Code 2219-20152?

Before we try on any fix for the error code 2219-20152, let us first understand what is causing this error. Notably, this error was surfaced on the Animal Crossing New Horizons game somewhere around May 9. This error code means that the Nintendo servers are experiencing some issues on their end. Point to note is that Nintendo often takes down the server of the Animal Crossing New Horizons game when they are scheduling to deploy new updates for the game. Scheduled Updates are not a new thing for online games and this error 2219-20152 code might be the result of that.

And if you are also seeing this error then, it probably is the Nintendo servers being down at the moment. And to cross-check, you can always head over to the Nintendo official Online services status page to check if the server is facing any difficulties or not. Such errors are usually temporary and will be fixed once the developers are done with the update or the tweaks to the game. And in the meantime, you can go ahead and play the game offline and check once the servers are up to play the game online.

So, there you have it from my side. Although there is nothing much that you can do at the moment to fix the error code 2219-20152 on the Animal Crossing New Horizons game, you will have to wait for it to be fixed from the servers side. Let us know in the comments if you are also facing similar issues with the Animal Crossing game or not? Until the next post…Cheers!

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