Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cheats and Codes

Grabbing our Nintendo and getting into Animal Crossing New Horizons is like falling into a whole new world. Although the game is somewhat far from reality, the influence Animal Crossing New Horizons have over our lives is extremely big. It’s essentially a whole other world, visually appealing and satisfying. In short, Animal Crossing New Horizons is the ultimate mental treat for many players out there.

While the game has its own ecosystem and as it is a hugely different world of its own, reaching our personal milestones in the game can be hard. This is why we often go about looking for cheats and codes that will help up get around the hard things. In this guide today, we’ll take a look at similar matters and we’ll find out more about the Cheats and Codes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cheats and Codes

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cheats and Codes

Before we dive into the main points, there’s something that the readers must acknowledge. Animal Crossing New Horizons sadly do not contain any codes that will help you make the game easier. However, you can still take advantage of the exploits and cheats in the game, which are all ultimately tips and trick to get ahead in Animal Crossing New Horizons. With that acknowledged, we’ll get right into the cheats available for players in the game.

1. Time Traveling

Time Traveling is one of the most basic cheats one can use in Animal Crossing New Horizons. The game runs on Nintendo Switch’s internal clock time. This means that the changes in your Switch’s date and time will affect the game as well. That being the case, you can change your system’s date and time to travel backward or forward in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Time Traveling will benefit players in many ways and most of the advanced cheats in Animal Crossing require the need for Time Travel as a basic step. Effectively Time Traveling in the game will help you restock your island with new resources, fossils, shop inventory, as well as speed up or finish the construction of buildings. 

2. Art Museum Time Travel Cheat

The process of completing the Art Wing of the Museum is one of the most tedious tasks you can engage yourself in Animal Crossing New Horizons. This is in fact an extremely prolonged process where you wait for Redd to appear in order to pick art from him for the museum. However, we do have a cheat that you can use to speed things up. Simply follow the steps below and you get the Art Wing of the Museum done in no time:
  1. In order to do this, the first thing you need to make sure is that Redd is on your island. If you see him nowhere, time travel one day ahead in the game by changing your Nintendo’s system clock to one day ahead. Make sure you only time travel one day at a time. However, keep doing this until he appears somewhere on your island. While you’re at it, make sure the Synchronize Clock via Internet option is off
  2. Once you have Redd on your island, go to him and shop for art. Make sure to pick the real art from the fake ones. After buying art(don’t buy if all art are fake), simply save the game progress, exit, and completely close the software
  3. Next, time travel again one day ahead. Open the game and you’ll find Redd gone. The art that you bought from him will be available in the mail. Simply go get it and donate it to the museum
  4. When that’s done, save the game and close the entire software. Then, go back to your system settings and time travel to the previous day. Open the game again and you’ll see Redd respawned with new inventory
  5. You may keep repeating the above steps until you get the Art Wing of the Museum finished.

– Do not time travel too far ahead in time

Before you try anything of your own, please bear in mind that time traveling more than one day forward or backward will make Redd no longer appear on your island. If that happens, you may have to wait a couple of days or even weeks for Redd to appear again. The bottom line is to be careful when using the Time Travel cheat as it can sometimes mess up your entire game!

3. Unbreakable Tools 

We all know that the tools available in Animal Crossing New Horizons aren’t unbreakable and they will all burst into air when dealt with serious damage. However, you can actually get around by keeping the tools just as it is by making use of the couch co-op mode in the game. As of Nintendo Switch version 10.0.0, you have the ability to remap the Switch buttons. This means that you can set up custom button mapping that will ultimately let you control 2 characters at once (one on each joy-con).

 The key point to note here is that the tools of the Follower player will never break as long as they’re not switched to as the leader. Although the Follower player can only catch fish and bugs and are not able to enter buildings or pick up items, this is still a useful cheat if your main concern is to utilize tools that won’t break.

4. Turnip Selling Cheat

Selling Turnips is a great way of making a lot of bells in Animal Crossing New Horizons. But sadly, we won’t always witness a good deal that falls in our favor. This is because Timmy and Tommy’s turnip buying prices are random every day. In addition to this, basic time-traveling won’t work as the prices are randomized again if you turn back time to buy more turnips and return. As the Stalk Market is sometimes a headache for a lot of people, here are the steps you can take to crack it:
  1. The first thing you need to do is find a friend online and ask them to monitor their turnip prices. When they find a great deal available, ask them to give you access to their island
  2. This process requires you to Time Travel. So please keep in mind that the turnips you currently have will be lost upon traveling time backward
  3. Next, go into your system settings and time travel to the previous Sunday. Simply change the date and time settings to the previous Sunday but make sure you set the time anywhere between 5 am and 12 pm
  4. Then, purchase as many turnips as you can
  5. Next, head over to your friend’s island that has the best deals on turnips
  6. Finally, sell your turnips and make plenty of profit easily
5. Get an In-game Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch

For those of you who didn’t know, Animal Crossing New Horizons has a special Nintendo Switch edition with which players can get an in-game Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch item. If you’re one of the few players that owns this special edition, then you’ll receive a message in the mail along with the in-game model Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch.

This is, however, isn’t exclusive just for the owner of the special edition. Any player without this edition can actually buy it for a whopping 35,960 belles, which will appear in random in the game. Because of the fact that it’s extremely pricey, not everyone would be willing to spend their hard earned bells on it. If you’re one of them, then there’s happily a workaround that will get you the item for absolutely free!

To do this, all you need is a specially colored Joy-Con. This is something that the owners of the special edition will get. So if you have such a friend, just borrow it from them, connect it to your system, and play the game, and you’ll get the model for free.

6. 8 Resources per Rock Cheat

There’s actually a cheat that you can take advantage of in order to guarantee eight resources per rock. To do this, simply find a rock and dig two holes facing against it. Make sure you dig the holes in a way that you have space to stand in between the rock and the holes. Once the holes are done, position yourself between the rock and the holes and use your shovel as fast as you can.  

7. Bell Rocks – How to Score Free Money

Every Animal Crossing New Horizons player will know that the game contains rocks in random locations and hitting them with a shovel or an axe will provide resources. However, what most of the players don’t know is a best kept secret of Animal Crossing New Horizons. What it essential is that, each day, one random rock will contain bells instead of minerals. This being the case, you should find that particular rock on your island and then keep hitting it to earn more and more money.

While you try out this cheat, we suggest that you also apply cheat 6(above) along with this in order to ensure the best result. Just hit the rock as fast as you can for eight time and you’ll secure a total of 16,400 bells every day.

8. Glowing Spots 

Glowing spots are something that you’ll find in the ground on your island, which appears at a random location every day. If you’re lucky and manages to find this spot, then simply dig it up and you’ll get 1,00 bells for free.

In addition to this, you also have the option to plant the bells you got for free in the same glowing spot. If you choose to plant the bells in the same glowing spot, it will sprout into a tree, which is capable of returning an x3 amount of bells when it’s fully grown. You have the option to do this with either 1,000 or 10,000 bells, which makes it a great investment method in the game.

9. Borrowing Villager’s Furniture

Just like your home, villagers also have their own furniture that support their living. If you’re far away from your home and you need to use some kind of a furniture, then you can always rely on your Villagers. Some things you can use from other Villagers are their workbench to craft something you’re in desperate need of or their mirrors if you want to quickly change your appearance. In addition to this, if you find a villager currently using their workbench, you can shoot your shot by talking to them and they’ll give you the recipe for whatever they’re currently working on with the workbench.

10. Terraform Your Own Bridges

This one is another effective cheat if you’re looking to build bridges effectively and efficiently. Please keep in mind that in order to do this, you first have to progress enough into the game to where you get the ability to terraform and create or remove rivers. If you don’t already know this cheat, then the only way you can build bridges is by requesting Tom Nook at Resident Services and the price he usually proposes is pretty high. Also, this takes a day to build the bridge.

A workaround to this is building efficient and effective bridges. To do this, you’ll have to buy the Water Tool permit after learning the Island Designer App. When that’s done, you’ll get to put dirt into rivers, which essentially creates bridges of land. If you wish not to block the river’s flow, you can choose to create small blocks of path through which you can hop over and get across the water.

11. Friends in Other Hemispheres

Animal Crossing New Horizons differs according to two different locations. These are the Northern and Southers hemispheres. When we start the game, they’ll ask us which hemisphere we live in. The hemisphere that you choose out of the two will pretty much impact a hell lot of things in the game. For example, the month of March will look very much a spring environment in the Northern hemisphere, while it looks a lot more like Summer in the Southern hemisphere in the same month.

This difference extends even further and the hemisphere you’re in will determine the types of bugs and fishes you’ll find. For example, players in the Northern hemisphere will find assorted butterflies in the month of March while players in the Southern hemisphere will find crickets instead. However, if you wish to cash a species that doesn’t appear in the current month in your time zone, then you can simply visit any of your friends that’s in the other hemisphere and catch the particular species from there.

12. Secret Photo Op Locations

Using the camera app on your in-game Nook Phone is a fun thing to mess around with. With it, you can capture some of the most amazing and cool scenes that you find in the game. The camera app on your in-game Nook Phone is something that you can use anywhere in the game and capturing stills from the secret photo op locations is one thing you should consider trying out. The Secret Photo Op locations in Animal Crossing New Horizons are the special spots in the game, from where you’ll be able to get a wider and more unique angles when taking photos. For example, the Museum contains several Secret Photo Op locations. Simply open up the camera and you’ll understand if you’re in a Secret Photo Op location as the camera will automatically focus in or provide a wider angle in such spots.

13. Item Duplication cheat Glitch (Single Switch Co-op Only)

The final cheat we have is actually a glitch in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Before any of you go about applying this trick, please bear mind that this glitch will only work in Single Switch Co-op mode for players that haven’t yet updated to Patch 1.1.1(release date – March 26). So if you have the unpatched version, then this glitch will certainly make you a wizard Animal Crossing New Horizons.

The first thing you need to do is invite a friend over and play the game on Single Switch Co-op mode. To start with, bring over the second player using Call Resident. Then, place an item(low or high selling) on top of a tabe or stool. Once you have the item placed on either of the latter surfaces, make the second player(the player without the ability to access inventory) hold down to grab and spin the table or stool. At this point, the first player should press and grab the item as soon as you see it start rotating.

If you get the timing right, the first player will manage to get the particular item inside their inventory. Meanwhile, the copy of the item will continue to spin on the table or stool with the second player. Doing this right, you can get as many duplicates as you want.

With that, we’re entriley through the different cheats, tricks, and tips available for players in Animal Crossing New Horizons. That said, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.Also, check out our iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Tricks if you’ve got queries for it or want help. Thank you!

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