Animal Crossing New Horizons: Fix You Can’t Join At This Time Because Destination Locale is Full

Animal Crossing New Horizons is the latest life simulation video game from Nintendo for Nintendo Switch under the Animal Crossing series that players are loving so much. However, as always, New Horizons also comes with plenty of errors and bugs which Nintendo users can’t deny. Meanwhile, some of the Animal Crossing New Horizons gamers are encountering ‘You Can’t Join At This Time Because Destination Locale is Full’ error message. If you’re one of them, check this troubleshooting guide.

To be very specific, this particular error message appears whenever the maximum number of players joined in a multiplayer session online. To recall, one island is capable of holding a maximum of seven players once at a time and one host means a total number of 08 players. But if the total maximum number exceeds then it’s bound to happen this error. If you’re also facing the same issue then check the possible solution below.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Fix You Can’t Join At This Time Because Destination Locale is Full

So, as we’ve mentioned that due to an increase in the maximum limit of the players in the multiplayer session, this particular error message occurs. In that scenario, one player needs to leave the island to fix this issue. Unfortunately, the host can’t kick out any player from the island during the gameplay.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Fix You Can't Join At This Time Because Destination Locale is Full

We don’t know whether the maximum number of players on the island under multiplayer sessions will be increased or decreased in the future, it seems that right now players need to compromise their sessions. So, if the host doesn’t want to completely close the session and re-host the session with new players, then the host can wait until any player leaves the island to free up space.

It’s quite obvious to set a limit for the player count in the multiplayer session on ACNH as there are already plenty of errors or bugs available in the game. Therefore, reducing the player count will definitely reduce the server load as well as server connectivity issues.

  1. The Animal Crossing New Horizons “You can’t join at this time because the destination locale is full” error seems to occur when more than 08 players are present on the island under an online multiplayer session including the host and it can be fixed when at least one player leaves the island.
  2. The host can’t dismiss any player from the island once joined in the multiplayer session. So, the host has to wait further or request any player to leave the session.
  3. Otherwise, the host can simply exit and completely close the multiplayer session. Next, the host can create a new multiplayer session with new players.

That’s it, guys. We assume that you’ve fixed the said error on your Animal Crossing New Horizons game very easily. Feel free to ask in the comment below for further queries.

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