Are Cracked Games Safe to Download?

It’s 2022, and still, we are living in times where internet piracy is still a thing. We have come from times when these games and internet collectibles were too expensive to own by common people. But with time, games are getting affordable and more enjoyable to play. Cracked games or pirated games do have a negative impact on the game industry as well as developers. The truth is that game piracy is a very complicated topic with multiple strings attached. But it is not just an offense, and it is an un-moral thing to do. But there are countless unreported cases where people upload and distribute pirated or cracked games. So the question begs, are cracked games safe to download?

When it comes to cracked games, these games are specially tweaked to bypass the game registration window. Whenever a new game is launched, the developers make sure there is some sort of mechanism that verifies the authenticity of the game However such authenticity is not present in cracked or pirated games. Since these games are easily available and just a google search away, some players would find it easy to pirate a game rather than purchase it with a valid license key. But cracked games have issues of their own as well.

Are Cracked Games Safe to Download

Are Cracked Games Safe to Download?

When it comes to the safety of cracked games, nobody knows who is the distributor of these games. Hence players are unsure about the piece of software they are installing on their PC. The first thing first is that downloading such cracked games is illegal in many regions of the world. Second of all, it increases the chances of computer issues like ransomware attacks, data theft, or cyber stealing.

Dangers of Downloading Pirated Games

Online video game piracy is a serious matter which can even land you in legal trouble. Even if you think that downloading cracked games is no big deal, here are some undeniable security risks that will make you think otherwise.

Inject Your PC with Malware

Pirated or cracked games are the primary sources of viruses or malware in most gaming PC. These malware and virus are designed in such a way that even antivirus software cant detect them. In some cases, the cracked game file setup specifically says to disable the antivirus in order to install the game. These are some major red flags and you’re most likely to be infected with a virus or malware sooner or later.

The Game Might Not Even Work

Most cracked game websites list nonworking setups of new games just to get that free organic traffic from users. Such games will not work as it takes a lot of effort to crack these setup files and most of them will not work 100%.

Get Banned from the Gamer’s Servers

Many games which deal with Open world RPG or multiplayer battle games have started to ban users who are fond of cheating and playing with an unlicensed version of the game. Once you are banned from a game’s respective servers, then there is no way of uplifting that ban.

Might Land You In Legal Trouble

When you are downloading pirated or cracked games from online resources, you are committing a crime. When you use torrent to do the same, it becomes even more severe as you partially become a distributor of the game on the torrent network. Appearing in court for copyright infringement or piracy is the last thing you want to do in your teen years.


So as you see downloading cracked games is not really good for the developers as well as you coz they have confirmed tickets to jail time. So make sure to purchase the game from a reliable source, such as the game’s official website or Steam store.

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