Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How to Find Yellow Painted Longship

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is not just a fun-fun game. It is a game full of deceits and deception. You will see that the protagonist of the game Eivor, has to face trickery and fight traitors. The allies turn into enemies. The trickery comes into play in the Grantebridgescire region during The Song of Soma phase.

After regaining Grantebridge from The Order of the Ancients, you will see that Soma pulls Eivor aside. At this point, Sheh tells the two of them why The Order of the Ancients could run away from them. According to Sheh, they had found a tunnel that helped them to escape.

The trio then ponders about who could have informed the enemy about the tunnel. The only people who knew about the tunnel are Sheh and her three advisors, Galinn, Lif, and Birna. So the traitor could be one of the three advisors. Evior is given the task of finding out who among the three it was and one of those tasks involves finding the Yellow Painted Longship.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How to Find Yellow Painted Longship

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How to Find Yellow Painted Longship

Tracing the Yellow Painted Longship

It is known that the traitor had signaled at the tunnel using yellow paint. With the paint, he had drawn a cross on a rock close to the tunnel entrance. When you walk through the tunnels, you will see the yellow paint. There are yellow paint stains seen running from the yellow crossed rock.

You have to use Eivor’s Odin Vision to spot this yellow trail down to the shoreline where the trail stops. From these trail marks, Eivor concludes that the traitor ran off from the tunnel after marking a cross in the rock. He had run to the shore, painted their longship yellow, and sailed down the river.

Finding the Yellow Painted Longship

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How to Find Yellow Painted Longship

The appropriate spot to begin your hunt for the Yellow Painted Longship is the Grantebridge. From here, go northeast straight to the Great Ouse River. Then move in the north direction up to the Utbech. From here, you can either move straight ahead or else stop to raid the place.

The raid will help you amass some wealth and is not really needed for finding the Longship. However, during the raid, you will find a note about the yellow Longship in a hut. The note has been written by Wigmund, which is an Order of the Ancients’ leader. The Wigmund had led an attack on Grantebridge. The note hints that this order is an ally of the yellow Longship bearers. The note only proves that you have selected the right way to reach the yellow Longship.

Once you have passed the Utbech, you will reach a fork. From here, take a right turn and sail ahead. The way ahead would be really foggy, which is apt to hide a Longship. Navigation from truthiness points will become difficult. Take a left turn a little ahead. You will spot two islands, and it is between these two islands that the yellow Longship is located.

Additional Info

Once you have found the Longship, fight the enemies who are guarding it and Get onboard the Longship. Inside the Longship, you will find an inscription. A poem is inscribed on the right side of the ship. It is a known fact that Lif, the shipbuilding expert of Soma, is used to inscribing unique poems for his clients. The poem that is inscribed in the yellow Longship was written for Galinn. This hints that it could have been Galinn who informed the enemy about the secret tunnel.

However, you cannot effort to make a wrong guess. Interview the people of the town and the three advisors of Sheh. You can go to Soma to take help in decoding the clues.

If you have decoded the things right and made a correct guess about the traitor, then The Song of Soma Chapter 5, Part 2 will end with a character choosing to join Eivor’s settlement. Otherwise, you have made a wrong guess. The price for accusing a wrong person is that Soma and Evior will remain distant and angry with each other for the rest of the campaign.

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