Fix: Bad System Config Info error on Windows 10

Working on your Windows 10 PC and suddenly welcomed by BSOD error saying Bad System Config Info message screen. It is a common error faced on Windows machine as is caused due to bad configuration of one of the system files on your PC. The error bothers many users as it causes failure of unsaved work and causes a lot of trouble on Workstation PC.

In the majority of cases, the BSOD error also comes with a small description where it shows the cause of the issue. Today we will explore the possible reasons behind Bad System Config Info error on Windows 10 and fix them as well. The issue might be seen as alarming and comes, but, in reality, its very simple to handle.

Fix Bad System Config Info error on Windows 10

Fix: Bad System Config Info error on Windows 10

In most scenarios, the BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO error is a temporary failure of some of the software components and restarting your computer can fix it immediately. However, in some scenarios, the issue keeps on re-appearing, again and again, suspecting the complexity of the situation. Down below are troubleshooting steps to find and fix the cause of this issue.

Method 1: Restart your Computer

restarting your PC or workstation can fix a lot of temporary problems. Since Bad system, Config Info error is a temporary error caused due to bad configuration of drivers or RAM reading, and this can be fixed with a simple reboot or restart. However all your unsaved data will be lost if you restart, but as of now, you don’t have any other choice except to restart your PC at once.

Method 2: Run SFC and CHKDSK commands

Although it is very rare, but a system crash is caused due to bad configuration of system files. In such a scenario, you can take help of inbuilt System File Check (SFC) tool to check for any vulnerabilities. At the same time, CHKDSK is also an important tool to use to check for any abnormalities in your hard drive or any other connected peripherals.

Press the “Windows” icon and run Command Prompt. Make sure to run it as admin mode.

cmd admin

Type command sfc /scannow and press enter.

sfc /scannow

Fix: Bad System Config Info error on Windows 10

This command usually takes around 10-20 minutes, and it will find any system abnormalities and fix them automatically.

Once the command completes, run Command prompt again as in Adin mode.

Type command chkdsk and press enter


This command will check your connected hardware components to find any memory-related issues and fix them automatically.

Method 3: Test RAM

RAM is one of the important components for your PC to run. Any abnormality in RAM can cause Bad System Config Info error on Windows 10 which will not be solved by a device reboot. To check your RAM hardware status, follow the command down below.

Open Run dialogue box by pressing “Windows + R” keys and type “mdsched.exe” and press enter.

Fix: Bad System Config Info error on Windows 10

A new dialogues box will open asking to restart your PC. Press yes and wait for the results to come. In case it shows any issues, that means your hardware RAM is not functional anymore and needs replacement. So talk to your PC vendor for new RAM sticks.

Method 4: Repair BCD

If the BCD file on your Windows is corrupted or damaged, then it might cause Bad System Config Info error on Windows 10. If this file is damaged, it may also refuse to give permission to access safe mod which is important to solve such BSOD errors. To repair BCD, follow the step below.

Press the “Windows” icon and run Command Prompt. Make sure to run it as admin mode.

cmd admin

Type command bootrec /repairbcd and press enter.

bootrec /repairbcd

Wait for the command to fix the BCD file. Once the file is fixed, restart your PC and check if it solved the issue.

Method 5: Fix the Windows Registry

Windows Registry is an import part of Windows database system which stores important configuration details for your PC. Since the Bad System Config Info error is caused due to bad configuration, it most likely to arise due to bad Windows registry files.

Press the “Windows” icon and run Command Prompt. Make sure to run it as admin mode.

Now run the below commands one by one.

cd C:\Windows\System32\config
ren C:\Windows\System32\config\DEFAULT DEFAULT.old
ren C:\Windows\System32\config\SAM SAM.old
ren C:\Windows\System32\config\SECURITY SECURITY.old
ren C:\Windows\System32\config\SOFTWARE SOFTWARE.old
ren C:\Windows\System32\config\SYSTEM SYSTEM.old

Now, these commands will save the old configuration files with a different name. You won’t be needing them later, so you can delete them also. Now run the below commands one by one

copy C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBack\DEFAULT C:\Windows\System32\config\
copy C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBack\DEFAULT C:\Windows\System32\config\
copy C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBack\SAM C:\Windows\System32\config\
copy C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBack\SECURITY C:\Windows\System32\config\
copy C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBack\SYSTEM C:\Windows\System32\config\
copy C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBack\SOFTWARE C:\Windows\System32\config\

This will make all the registry entries to default values, and hence it will solve the BSOD issue easily.

Method 6: Repair MBR record

Master Boot Record, also known as MBR, is also a culprit behind many BSOD errors, including Bad System Config Info error as well. MBR keeps a record of your current OS installed on your PC. If you recently have uninstalled or installed any new OS on your PC as a dual boot, then this MBR record needs to be fixed.

Press the “Windows” icon and run Command Prompt. Make sure to run it as admin mode.

Run bootrec /repairmbr command and press enter.

bootrec /repairmbr

Once the command is completed, type bootrec /osscan command and press enter.

bootrec /osscan

This will show up a list of all installed OS on your PC. After running both the commands, restart your PC.

Method 7: Update or Reinstall Drivers

Drivers play an important role in the proper functioning of your PC. For instance, if your PC drivers are not functional or damaged, then it may cause many issues, including Bad System Config Info Blue screen. To fix the issues, make sure to update all your drivers to the latest version.

Click on the search bar present in the taskbar.

Search for Device Manager and click on the option of “device manager” that shows up above the search box.Fix: Bad System Config Info error on Windows 10

In the device manager window, you will see the list of all your devices connected to the system—Right-click on the audio device whose drivers you want to update.

Method 8: Windows System Restore

Windows keeps a copy of system settings so that users can restore to a certain functioning point when available.

Go to Start > Power

Press “Shift” button and click on Reset command.

After your PC restarts in safe mode, Select “Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options -> System Restore.

Choose the recently available restore point and click restore. Wait for your PC to complete the process.

Method 9: Reset Windows 10

Just like you can reset your smartphone to clear any software bugs or issues, the same way you can reset Windows 10 fixes this BSOD error as well.

Go to Windows settings > Update and security.

Here you can go to Recovery Tab and look for “Reset this PC” option.

Fix: Bad System Config Info error on Windows 10

Follow the on-screen instruction to reset Windows 10. Make sure to turn the option “Keep my files and data” to keep your data saved.

Method 10: Hardware Configuration Check

Since the error message says configuration error which states that there might be some system configuration issues which you should check on your end. There might be issues regarding some of the crucial components of your PC such as Hard drive, RAM or other peripherals. So open your CPU cabinet and try to check the connections properly.

Note: Even dust can cause such issues, so make sure to remove all kind of dust particles using a dusting cloth or a vacuum cleaner.

Method 11: Fresh Windows Installation

In case none of the above methods helps you to fix Bad System Config Info error on Windows 10 then there might be some serious issue with the System32 folder. So to fix this problem to its entirely, you should install a fresh setup of Windows 10 installation. This will clear out any third party software or packages which might be causing this issue.


Bad System Config Info error on Windows 10 is a common error faced by many users, so don’t panic if you are facing the same. However, continuously facing such errors might result in bad product and wastage of important unsaved data. So follow these methods above to fix it. And in case none of them works, you can try to re-install a fresh version of Windows on your PC.

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