10 Best Figma Plugins for Every UX Designer

Are you a designer and use the Figma tool for your projects.? Then do check out this guide where I have mentioned various best Figma plugins that you can use and enrich your projects? Normally, design projects have to be unique from each other. So, to match with the requirements you need to have a vast repository of resources with you.  Here is where the plugins will come in handy for you.

I have listed out the stock image repositories, stock icons, apps to create unique shapes such as blobs. You can even create animations right within Figma if you have the right plugins. Even for simple things such as sample text holding for your projects, there is the Lorem Ipsum plugin that you can integrate with Figma. Many other such Figma plugins that I have explained in this guide are the best choice for almost every pro designer out there.

10 best Figma plugins for designers

Best Figma Plugins for Every UX Designer

Let’s check out the plugins.


Stock images are required by almost everyone dealing with content, design, marketing, photography, etc. Hence, if they use Figma, then they must try out Unsplash. What makes this plugin special is the images it provides for personal and other enterprise use are totally free.

Everyone can’t pay heavily to the original creators of the photos every time they use their image. So, most people look for free-to-use images that won’t have issues with copyright. As design work requires the use of unique images for each new project, Unsplash will come in handy for providing numerous cool stock photos.


This plugin provides textual strings, icons for various design projects. Using this plugin is pretty simple. You can easily drag and drop these elements into the layers of your project. First, open the layer and then drag the required element.


As much as stock photos are required for design purposes, similarly, icons are also needed. To solve that need you can use the Iconify plugin that packs more than 30,000 icons. So, rest assured that your uniqueness quotient of the design will always sustain.

There is a vast collection of icon libraries that allow the designers to experiment smoothly with their projects. You can even add vector icons to your existing project in real-time.

Figmotion Plugin for Figma

It becomes messy if you have to open multiple intensive apps to create animations for your project. So, to create the animation right inside Figma, you can use the Figmotion plugin.  There is a vast option to export your animation that may be in different formats like CSS, JSON. You can convert your final render into any widely used format like MP4 or you can even create a GIF.

The animation is widely being used in almost all aspects of grass root and enterprise-level designing. So, nothing can beat Figmotion in creating smooth animation right within Figma.

Lorem Ipsum Plugin

When you design you need to test it by putting sample text wherever it is required. Instead of going around typing something random on your own, why not use the popular Lorem Ipsum dummy text representation.

The sample text placement and customization are super-easy. Most importantly, you can save your time by not tying random text on your own. The same time you have, you can utilize it to enhance the design further.

Blobs Plugin

Simple it may sound but this particular plugin can create any form of blob which can constitute an element for any design project. It allows you to design vector blobs as well. The customization process is fairly simple with the Blobs plugin. When you are open to experimenting, then plugin like Blobs keep making your designs unique and cool.

Color Contrast Checker

Colors are the primary element of your design. It is always a tough job to constantly check for color contrast in a design that consists of multiple layers. So, You can use the Color Contrast Checker plugin for that. IT will check for the color schemes for all the layers at a time.

On the go, you can tweak the text color as well s the other points such as background colors. Color Contrast Checker can find out the color schemes that do not comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.


As we are talking about color contrast checking you can also try out the Able plugin for Figma. It can check for color contrast issues within multiple layers on its own.


Palette is a cool plugin that makes use of Artificial Intelligence to create color schemes for unique design projects. Of course, the color combinations are easily customizable by the designer. With every new design, it becomes necessary for the designer to experiment with numerous color schemes without missing the uniqueness quotient. Here, Palette can help in narrowing down the color choices for weaving a smart design.

AutoFlow Plugin for Figma

When you are designing frames in Figma, then you can use AutoFlow to draw lines between the frames. Yes, it is that simple to use and automate something as simple as drawing lines but for achieving that perfection in the designing.

So, that wraps up the 10 best Figma plugin you should try out when you’re carrying out a design project. You may not need all of the above plugins but I’m sure a few of them will make your work easier and unique.

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