Best RSS Feed News Reader Apps for Android and iPhone

In case you have been on the lookout for quick ways to check up on all the latest news from your favorite sources, this is absolutely the right place for you! Read on to discover some of the best RSS feed news reader apps available for Android and iOS devices that you can use to catch up on the latest happenings around you!

The year is 2020 and almost nobody relies on newspapers to consume the latest happenings around, not when there are faster and easier ways of doing so. We all have our favorite set of websites that we rely heavily on to stay updated in various fields such as politics, technology, gaming, or lifestyle. It can get quite cumbersome to switch between several websites just to stay updated. Wouldn’t it be much easier if you had all of the news you’re interested in one place?

Well, that’s where RSS newsreader apps come into action. While Google Reader was one of the finest options out there for people to consume news from various sources in one place, it sadly got discontinued by the tech giant. Luckily, there are several other news reader apps that offer the same, if not better feature sets. We have taken it upon ourselves to list out some of the best RSS feed news reader apps available for Android and iPhone. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the read!

Best RSS Feed News Reader Apps for Android and iPhone

Best RSS Feed News Reader Apps

1. Feedly

Kicking the list off is easily one of the best RSS news feed reader services available. Not only is it available for PC, Android, macOS, and iOS, but it also has a highly responsive web app that you can use if you don’t necessarily need a third-party app installed on your devices. There are so many features that Feedly has to offer that it would take us hundreds of words talking about them all.

What we really love about Feedly is its reliability and timely updates that keep the app relevant and free of bugs. It has one of the cleanest user interfaces of newsreader apps which is quite essential for people who read a lot. Feedly has many ways to customize your news feed just the way you like it. Even if you are not a power user, the stock interface with all the default settings provide for a great reading experience.


2. NewsBlur

NewsBlur is an app that we’ve talked about in the past before and is probably one of the best RSS News Reader apps around. It has a feature set that is almost as good as that of Feedly’s and also has a very polished user interface and design. NewsBlur focuses a lot on user privacy and security as well. You can add various sources as URLs and news that interests you will show up in an instance.

NewsBlur also has a few AI tricks up its sleeve. The “Intelligence Trainer” feature makes good use of AI to learn about your reading habits, the things you like and don’t, and curates a list of news/posts that will best intrigue you. NewsBlur also displays all the articles that you open in the original format which is something a lot of the other RSS news feed aggregators usually mess up with.


3. Inoreader

The next app on the list is easily one of the best options for people who want unlimited access to a good RSS feed aggregator but without paying a subscription fee. Inoreader is completely free and offers truly unlimited storage for the number of articles you can save or the news sources you can subscribe to. In contrast, most other news feed readers allow for only up to 100 different sources for free.

Inoreader also has an unlimited amount of cache storage which means you never have to worry about needing to remove older articles to make space for newer ones in your saved list. Inoreader also lets you search through your subscriptions for keywords without any sort of a premium plan. If all of those features and unlimited access wasn’t enough, we don’t know what else could attract you into using this wonderful app. It’s available for Android, iOS, and the web.


4. Bloglovin’

Up next on our list is a slightly different service. Instead of acting as an RSS news feed aggregator, Bloglovin’ works better as a social media platform of its own. It still displays news and all the trendy topics from sources you’ve subscribed to. However, Bloglovin’ also has several features that will let you interact with other people on the platform. You can like, save, and share posts that you find interesting for your friends and family to see.

It quite resembles the likes of Tumblr and Pinterest. The best type of content that you can find on Bloglovin’ is usually lifestyle-related news. However, there are communities and sources from just about any category that might interest you. It’s available for web, Android, and iOS and has a fluent design with a highly responsive interface. You can create your own collection of posts where you can add stuff that you’ve really liked.


5. Feeder

Ending our list of some of the best RSS News Reader apps for Android and iPhone we have Feeder. While it doesn’t have an interface or design as appealing as that of the competition such as Feedly or NewsBlur, it does the job of collecting news from all of your favorite sources and displaying it to you very well. Feeder is available as an Android and iOS app that does a great job of displaying the articles in their original formats.

However, in case you find yourself reading news on your computer or laptop a whole bunch too, then this is where things get exciting. While there is a traditional web app for Feeder that you can load up and then log into your account to read the news, you can also add the browser extension for the same that is available for popular browsers such as Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. The extension is the quickest way to access your favorite news sources and doesn’t take up the entire screen.



That’s all folks! We hope you enjoyed our roundup of the best News Reader apps for Android and iPhone in 2020! Which one among the list is your favorite, and how many of these News Reader apps have you already known or have been using? Know other good RSS feed aggregators that you feel people might find interesting and helpful? Do let us know in the comments section below, we’d be delighted to hear from you guys!

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