How to Bypass FRP on Unisoc / Spreadtrum Using Infinity CM2

In this guide, we will show you the steps to bypass the FRP Lock on Unisoc and Spreadtrum devices using Infinity CM2. While the aforementioned two chipsets aren’t as popular as the likes of Snapdragon or MTK, but they still have managed to capture a decent market share. Likewise, there are a plethora of devices having them as their underlying chip.

Moreover, these devices have also seemed to have checked mark all the required security measures. These include the PIN, Password, Pattern, and the FRP Lock as well. However, some users seem to have stuck with the FRP and aren’t able to access their devices. If you also are on the same page, then this guide is here to help you out. Given here are the detailed instructions to bypass the FRP Lock on Unisoc and Spreadtrum devices using Infinity CM2. Follow along.

bypass FRP Unisoc Spreadtrum Infinity CM2

What is FRP Lock

FRP or Factory Reset Protection is a stringent security feature put in place by Google. As soon as you sign in to your device using a Google ID, the FRP locks get introduced. Then upon doing a factory reset, this lock gets active. As a result, until and unless you enter that Google’s account credentials, you wouldn’t be able to access the OS. This is definitely a helpful feature that prevents the device from getting accessed by unauthorized users.

But what if the rightful owner of the device ends up forgetting their account details? Well, it would then translate to their inability to access their own device, which is the last thing that they would want to happen. On the good side though, there exists a method to bypass this lock and this guide shall make you aware of just that. So without further ado, let’s start off with the instructions to bypass the FRP Lock on Unisoc and Spreadtrum devices using Infinity CM2.

Bypass FRP on Unisoc / Spreadtrum Using Infinity CM2

Before starting off with the instruction, there are a few requirements that you need to get through. Make sure to checkmark all these prerequisites and then only proceed with the steps.


  • First off, connect your Infinity CM2 dongle to your PC via the USB port.
  • Next up, you will have to install the Spreadtrum USB Drivers onto your PC so that the latter is able to identify the connected device.
  • Likewise, download the Infinity Box CM2SPD application on your PC. For that, head over to our CM2 Dongle Setup File guide and download the CM2_Dongle_install_CM2SPD_v1.27 Tool.

That’s it. These are all the requirements. You may now proceed with the steps to bypass FRP on Unisoc / Spreadtrum using Infinity CM2.

Instructions to Bypass FRP Unisoc Spreadtrum using Infinity CM2

  1. To begin with, double-click on the Infinity Box CM2SPD EXE file to launch the setup.
  2. Agree to the Terms and Condition and proceed with the on-screen instructions to install it.
    install infinity box cm2spd
  3. Once the installation is complete, head over to its directory and double-click on the CM2SPD file to launch the tool.
    launch Infinity CM2 bypass FRP
  4. Now click on the CPU menu and select your device’s chipset from the drop-down menu.
    Infinity CM2 select chipset
  5. After this, go to the Service section and click on the Format F5/ Reset Phone / Clear FRP button.
    FRP Reset format data
  6. Now when you see the Wait for Phone message in the tool, then it’s time to connect your device.Infinity CM2 wait for device
  7. For that, power it off. Then press and hold the Volume Down button and connect it to your PC via USB cable.
  8. Wait for the tool to recognize your device. Once it does, the FRP removal process shall automatically begin and shall take up to a minute or two.
    FRP Reset complete
  9. As soon as the process is complete, you shall get the Reset OK, Done! message. So you may now unplug your device from the PC and close the tool as well.

That’s it. These were the required steps to bypass FRP on Unisoc / Spreadtrum using Infinity CM2. If you still have any queries concerning the aforementioned instructions, let us know in the comments. Rounding off, here are some iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Tricks that deserve your attention as well.

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